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Friday delights terra-cotta pots.

When to harvest Kohlrabi & How to prepare Kohlrabi! Harvest Kohlrabi when it’s about the size of a tennis ball. When you grow Kohlrabi it’s what I like to call a one and done, this means you get one Kohlrabi vegetable per plant. A lot like a Carrot 🥕 & a Radish are other vegetable that are a one & done.

Friday Delights Garden Favorites! 🌿💚

Planting geraniums in the secret garden. Planting the terra cotta pots with Geraniums. Geraniums are great for repelling mosquitoes! 🦟🦟🦟

Bird Baths. Making sure the birds have plenty of places to stop Whether to get a sip of water or to take a bath! So don’t forget the bird baths in your garden!

Planting up planters in the secret garden! I have five of the concrete planters in the secret Garden on the brick patio to plant up with Lemon Grass, Sun Impatien in white & Dusty Miller! 🤫

The Rose 🌹I got for Mother’s Day over 20 years ago from Cayenne 🐕 & Blitz 🐕! This Rose has been transplanted once. The only thing I do to this Rose is water dead head and cut it back once a year! It’s amazing how well it’s still performing!🌹🌹🌹

Container Planting in the Vegetable Garden. Planting up the containers with a topiary, Viola‘s and moss.

Terrarium/ Green House! How I use my terrarium as a greenhouse. I have Ferns and a Fig Tree planted up in terra cotta pots!🌿💚🪴

May flowers blooming in Miss Kim’s Garden! Garden flowers blooming Irises, Columbine, Baptism& more!

Transplanting Snow on the Mountain. Transplanting Snow on the Mountain from the secret garden to the edge of the woodland garden.

How to harvest broccolini.

How to seal and clean a kitchen sink.

How to install a brick patio. Taking up the patio and reinstalling it permanently. What I used to do the patio was paver base, paver sand,Patio pal, brick, polymeric sand, edging,water, rake, weight, and leaf blower.

Garden Trellises a look at the trellises Miss Kim uses in her garden for her perennial Sweet peas, Clematis and Honey suckle.

Vegetable garden update!

Woodland Garden,

Weeds in Miss Kim’s garden, Dandelion, Broad-leaf, Dead-Nettle,Poison-hemlock & Clover.

Planting Peppers! 🌶🌶🌶 Planting peppers in a 6x6 garden bed. Planting Jalapeño peppers, Mucho Nocho peppers, Habanero peppers, Tabasco peppers,Thai Dragon peppers, Poblano peppers & Serrano peppers just to name a few I planted!

Hydrangea Garden Pruning the hydrangeas in the west garden.

Friday Delights Spring, After Snow fall in April!

Asparagus, Growing and cooking asparagus from garden to table!

April Snow what do you say? April showers bring May flowers! April snow brings I don’t know! ❄️🤷🏻‍♀️❄️

Potato Planting, getting seed potatoes ready for planting. Planting Baby red potatoes, Russet baking potatoes & Yukon Gold potatoes! Planting in raised garden beds six inches deep twelve inches apart in a Premium soil and compost mix.


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