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Salmon Patties! Making Salmon Patties step by step.

Smoked Bean Soup !

McCoy Pottery collection and a little history about the company.

Friday Delights Winter In The Garden!

Friday Delights! Houdini Boudini!

Making Shepherds pie!

Friday Delights! Dog days of winter!

Cloches for garden & home!

Friday Delights! A look back on 2021!

Christmas cookies!

Peanut Butter Blossoms!

Friday Delights Outdoor Christmas!

Christmas Tea Cookies!

Friday Delights Christmas German Nutcrackers & Smokers!

Banana bread with walnuts & espresso chips!

Friday Delights Christmas Decorations!

Friday Delights Thanksgiving!

Making Pumpkin Bread!

Friday Delights Thanksgiving decor!

Apple Salad 🍏🍏🍏!

Friday Delights November Color!

Semi homemade pumpkin pie!

November Flower arrangements!

Decorating Mantle for Thanksgiving!

Friday Delights Outdoor Decor! Halloween


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