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Ms Tess 224



Let's see if we can add 2 more to a number!

You can use a number line from 0-20 and a dice to help you.

Roll the dice and find that number on the number line.
Can you add 2 more and find the answer?

Let's add 1 more!

How much cutlery can you count?
If we add 1 more how many will there be now?

Using small pieces of pasta to count we will add numbers 1 through to 5 to a number.

Let's add and count some pasta!

You can use a number line to help you.
Find the total by counting how many there are altogether!

Here is Sally the Silly sock who will show you how to add 1 more to a number!

Can you count some socks and write the number?
Then add 1 more sock!
How many are there now?

We are going to draw 2 animals. They are very hungry! Can you help to feed them?

What healthy foods do you have at home?
Can you help to feed them some healthy food?
How many will there be if we add 1 more?
See if you can try it at home!


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As a teacher I find it difficult to support a narrative I no longer believe is benefiting our young people and the community. I have been a teacher for 5 years following in my mother's footsteps and am truly inspired by the potential of each little person.

I have always loved the idea of homeschooling even as a child. I knew it goes against my occupation and means of making an income but I have always believed children are the future. We should be nurturing their natural curiosity, not condensing their minds through institutionalisation.

Teachers, managers and parents around the world do their best to follow orders which can often lead to a ridiculous work load and unnecessarily high levels of stress. Some parents who have awoken to the limitations of the education system have begun teaching their children from home long before the Plandemic hit.

I would like to offer some simplicity for parents and young children living in a very complex world. I will be uploading some child friendly activities and videos to try and support those who would like to educate children themselves at home but are not sure where to begin. I hope that you and your children can enjoy what I have made and I hope to bring more smiles into this world in any little way I can.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

From my heart to yours,
Ms Tess.