Dr. Jeffrey Horelick

General Flynn clearly states that Donald J Trump is still the leader of the republican party and the President of the United States.

Our favorite and most effective President ever.

Sharing facts

At 3:16pm Est. Dan Scavino posted MLB requires photo ID to pick up tickets from Will Call, but boycotts Georgia for voter ID law. What you are about to hear has been deciphered by my dear friend. He is in the Navy is a nuclear engineer, astrophysicist holds several other doctorates including American History. The clues in the decode lead us to a big event to happen this weekend.

This 9 minute video will bring you up to date on how much has been done to destroy the evil Cabal.

I explain in this short video what the boring machines have been used for. I hope after watching this video you will share others so they will understand the meaning when Alice in Wonderland is spoken about in terms of Human Trafficking and secret transportation systems globally. This is part of the Great Awakening.

This is a decoded message sent by the US Military via public post yesterday at 6:02PM April 3, 2021.

The real world news something big is happening and you should share this with anyone that doubts anything big is going on.

A behind the scene video of how and what Evergreen is all about

Happy Sunday PATRIOTS
Maybe I don't have the answers that everybody needs, but I do know that I WILL NEVER GIVE UP. They will bury me before I give up!
Share with your Patriot friends and Groups !!

Take a look inside what the human smugglers use to transfer Slades. Evergreen is the codename the Secret Service gave to Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton is a major child trafficker. Look into Haiti and Jessica Sibley.

Enjoy this very easy to understand the plan at work.

This is an historical overview of how the Earth has been run as a prison planet through secret agreements between the Cabal/Deep State and their Reptilian extraterrestrial overlords. The film introduces modern day plans to engineer wars, poverty, disease and genetic modifications that all contribute to covertly fulfilling these agreements. The recent proposal to create techno-governments in the US State of Nevada is shown to be yet another means by which the Deep State minions of these alien visitors can hide their operations and fulfillment of these agreements.

Here is where all the countries money is hidden.

Here you will learn more about the vaccines and the problems that ensue.

The best of the best of the best so laugh you but's off and enjoy.

You have been lied to about the vaccine watch☠️

Jim Jordan - At his best

The time has come to take back our country. The military must step in and the Emergency Broadcast System must be initiated. Many of my parents friends who have taken the shot are becoming deathly I'll. My mother took the shot and she can not even walk and her stomach is bad. The younger people who are taking the vaccines will develop health problems ongoing. What is being hidden from you are numerous cases of of death from anaphylactic shock. If you here me let me know we must change things together. Let's do it!

Deception and tricks to deceive you.

I am 54 Years old and was born with a special gift created by a genetic mutation of my genes. For the betterment of humanity, I hope you will watch this video. I am on many different platforms, but I am only coming public about who I am Today February 7, 2021 Super Bowl Sunday🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿


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