Jessica Fletcher is hot on the case digging not so deeply to uncover the reasons why the news headlines are currently telling us how it's suddenly become easy to die from everyday activities like taking a shower or shoveling snow to wearing socks or falling to sleep in hot weather...

A father speaks frankly with a pharmacist at the pharmacy which vaccinated his son who days later went on the develop Myocarditis.
He drops severe truth bombs here regarding the personal responsibility people have for the consequences they bring into the lives of others when they partake in the evil of order following.

For a deeper ubderstanding about the evil of Order Following check out
The Real Problem in The World - by Mark Passio

The Cult of Ultimate Evil - by Mark Passio

In a recent interview Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director General of the World Health Organisation, said that he will not take the COVID vaccine until most of his home country Ethiopia has also taken the vaccine too in order to "stand in solidarity" with them...

A Drag Queen explains why Drag Queen Shows are an unsuitable form of entertainment for children. He eloquently explains how it is entirely possible to raise children to be tolerant and not homophobic without taking children to Drag Queen shows and explains how doing so actually hurts the gay community. His is a voice of common sense and sanity in the latest divide and conquer of humanity fault line being socially engineered into global society right now to have us all fighting among each other for the convenience of the global parasitic "elite". Spread the word!

Description from The Great Reset Times (

Ouroboros Steak, ( named after the ancient Egyptian symbol of the snake eating its own tail, believes in cutting out the need for other animals by drawing exclusively on human blood and cells which are harvested from the inside of the cheek and fed serum derived from expired, donated blood.

The normalization of cannibalism is very real my friends.

'Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.'

1 Timothy 4:3

Del Big Tree from the Highwire reads an opinion piece from a vaccinated Australian writer about the unofficial control group that are the unvaccinated

Cal from "A Call For A Judgement" formerly known as A Call For An Uprising channel discusses reports this week apparently coming from Russia that they are losing the war because their opponents may have "mutant super soldiers" created in Biolabs. For those new to the idea he features part of an interview with Russ Dizdar who was an expert in understanding this topic and its links to a worldwide Satanic cult whose ultimate aim is to support the rise of the Antichrist.
Link to mainstream news report:

For more A Time For A Judgement/A CAll For An Uprising videos go to:

In this video Ron from Truthunedited talks about CERN, how it impacts all of our lives now and how it is intended to affect our lives in the future- especially on the spiritual level. This is a great introduction into the subject and a good one to share with normie friends and family- and a reminder on what to do to prepare for what may be to come from all this high tech witchcraft and sorcery!

Under the title "Vegan new age end times 1 Timothy 4 nuances discussion" Doreen Virtue discusses how veganism is prophesised to be promoted in the End Times in the Bible.
Is 1 Timothy 4:1-3 an already and not yet end times warning about forced veganism? Doreen Virtue discusses the nuances of veganism in view of her 24 years as a vegan, and exegeting 1 Timothy 4:3 in the KJV and NASB, as well as looking at current headlines about food shortages and the elites.

The commentaries Doreen used in this video are:

New Testament Commentary on the Use of the Old Testament by G. K. Beale and D.A. Carson
Expositor’s Bible Commentary set by Frank E. Gaebelein, available as a used set on eBay and used bookstores

For more Doreen Virtue interviews and shows check out her YouTube Channel here:

Nicole Kidman continues the PR campaign to get you to eat insects in preperation for the "you'll own nothing and be happy" society the social engineers have planned for humanity

Gay men in New York flock to join queues for the Monkeypox Jab...

Pro Abortion protestors believe in the concept of My Body, My Choice...but just not for vaccinations

Throngs of people line the streets of London to wave and cheer on the Queen at her Platinum Jubilee - only to be waving at a holographic image of in her golden carriage

It ain't goodūüė≠
Where I disagree with the speaker here is with his view this is all happening because the western powers don't already know this will be the end result.
Of they course they know this will happen and they want this to happen ūüė≠

Ron from Truth Unedited goes through the different divides being stoked up by the Satanic elite to provoke a new civil war in the United States in order to help collapse that society and via that the world- all to usher in a new Satanic New World Order. He explains the importance of and the way to not be used as a pawn in the game of the elites and get drawn into choosing a side to be used in their fight as ultimately whatever perspective you are coming from the game is rigged so you and everyone else except the Satanic elite loses. He also gives advice and encouragement on what we can do to cope in the perilous times ahead.

For more excellent work from Truth Unedited see below:
From Truth Unedited:
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In March 2021, NTI partnered with the Munich Security Conference to conduct another simulation that causes a global pandemic involving Monkeypox caused by a terrorist attack using a pathogen engineered in a laboratory...
For details on the simulation:

Bill Gates speaks with ex UK Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt about the threats posed by bioterrorism, the need for more vaccines including vaccine patches you can put on your arm and praises the competent way the Australian and New Zeland government's kept infection levels low. For a quick reminder of how they achieved that see here:

Former President George W Bush gets confused over Iraq and Russia in a speech

World leaders repeat the same script to drive home the point that the pandemic and the drive to vaccinate the world like it or not is far from over.
For more on what may be the future learn about the SPARS Pandemic Plan for 2028 and beyond:


Transhumanism is a technocratic system that is being pressed by the global elitists and especially by Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Form (WEF) and driver of the Fourth Industrial Revolution that is bringing about the WEF’s planned and orchestrated Great Reset a.k.a. the New World Order.
Yuval Noah Harari is one of the main spokespeople of the Transhuman Movement whos task is to prep humanity for this transformation and he features in the first part of the film.
In the second half of the film Pastor Keith Malcomson explains how this movement is one that is in line with the ideas that "ye shall be as gods" which was used to deceive Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden event and how it is ultimately an anti human and anti God perspective on life.

Two women experience the horrors of the NWO by refusing to get covid tested in China

Most people practising New Age Movement leaning ideas or in New Age Movement Type organisations believe that they are anti-establishment and helping to move humanity towards freedom and away from totalitarian control.
The ideas underpinning the New Age Movement come from the ideas founded on the writings of two of the mothers of the New Age Movement, Alice Bailey and Helena Blavatsky promoted by the influential Lucis Trust (formerly The Lucifer Publishing House).
The organisation works closely with the establishment United Nations and have their own meditation room in their Headquarters.
How come a movement supposedly promoting a future of freedom for humanity be so closely linked to the upper echelons of global political power frequented by some of the world's most powerful and tyrannical dictators and oligarchs responsible for war and poverty across the planet? And for what ends?
This video explores some of these issues.

Video created by The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction and is available on their YouTube Channel here:

Hugo from Hugo Talks is on fy-ya here calling out the reality that most of the figures we have turned to for information in opposition to the tyrannical mainstream have connections with New Age Luciferian thinking with one actually endorsed and promoted by the elitist Lucis Trust (formerly known as the Lucifer Publishing Company).
Basically the Anti-lockdown forced vaccination movement is being led by Lucifierians-who are supposedly fighting against a Luciferian New Age, New World Order Agenda while promoting a New Age Agenda.
Luciferianism vs Luciferianism equals Luciferianism ūüôĄ

Franchot Pearson explains how CERN is part of giant Satanic Ritual to summon demonic entities (possibly Satan himself) into our dimension. Part of that ritual to summon these entities from the dark matter is create staged racially inspired murders in order to stimulate protests where the protestors repeatedly chant BLACK lives MATTER.
While the chantees innocently believe they are calling for racial justice they are being DUPED by the Dark Occultist Elite into reciting "Black Lives Matter" as a magickal incantation which as it is repeated it helps to raise the spiritual energy to help the demonic entities surface into our reality. The Dark Occultists in the power elite are literally using the protestors as USEFUL IDIOTS to summon up dark energy into our reality which will then with the power of CERN then tap into the inner darkness of humanity to bring hell on Earth.
The message- stop being deceived into unleashing hell on Earth by chanting Black Lives Matter on behalf of Satanists intent on bringing in the Antichrist!!

Original Video From Franchot Pearson's YouTube Channel called CERN Restart available here:

Franchot Pearson's YouTube Channel here:

Mark Windows interviews psychologist Jerry Marzinsky who over his 35 year career realised that the voices in the heads of the schizophrenics and psychotics he treated were not hallucinations coming from their subconscious minds, but were the voices of demonic entities external to the patient.
In this interview they are joined by Anon Omous who himself has suffered from voices in his mind. They started off as a voice telling him he had a divine mission and that he had failed. He now uses various techniques to help himself to manage those voices to free himself from their control.
Another great intro to Marzinky's work is here:

Also check out this interview with Naela Rose and Doreen Virtue to understand how the same kind of phenomenon can be at play in situations that appear to more benign in the guise of New Age Channelling, psychic readings and healing modalities here:

More From Jerry Marzinsky and links to his resoureces:


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