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How you can tell if someone is a good person

An investigation by Dr Eric Berg

An expose by Health Information Titan Dr Eric Berg.
These types of sugars are added to many supermarket products, so please read the products label carefully. Please share

Prolonged fasting is much more beneficial than intermittent fasting, however more caution needs to be taken, especially coming gradually out of the 48 to 72 hour fast.
PF clears up every and all disease, and can get rid of cancers and other chronic disease.
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Promoting her popular and notable 'umpteenth' novel The Yield. Tara lived in NY from 2007 to 2018 after the success of her first novel and now resides in France with her husband and daughter.
The Yield ( in English and in Wiradjuri) is the reaping, the things that man can take from the land, the things you give to, the movement, and the space between things.
Taras first wave of nature poetry and prose won her first place out of 800 entrants in 2004 and so Taras journey began !

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this one minute video.

AU Governmant and Media Whitewashing Palastinian Genocide. AU Female Food Aid Worker Killed.

A primate nearing the end of her life is reunited with her old friend

Leaky gut is caused by the lectins in tomatos, wheat, eggplants and other foods. Microscopic amounts of poop enter the body and flood it causing brain problems, fatigue etc

Go to --> Ink.to/TRCT

Opportunity knocks, but once sometimes...

The pineal gland that is very compromised by the sodium fluoride in tap water and commercial toothpaste. The reputed site of the soul.. when impacted (e.g. calcification) the person becomes docile and non-curious..

This video was corrupted via interception/censorship.
appologies. Please go to Rumble and search for "parasite" "morgellons" or "syn-bio"

Honest government Ad (AU)

This AU resident, I know to be observing a pure certified organic diet, that's how I know the contents of this vid to prove the distribution of Morgellons disease (a weaponised parasite) via air (mostly). Here the parasite appears to react with and to contact with alcohol. Compliments of the "silent weapons for quiet wars" document by DARPA, and Rothschild operated global "geo-engineering"

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These are the videos that artificial ntelligence tried to thwart, discredit or make unshareable, during the C0V1D period (since March 2020)
I witnessed what appeared to be the first censored video of the "pandemic" period of his-story, which showed a whistle-blower at the WHO and his subtitled assertions that "it was revealed to the world, that the criteria for declaring a pandemic were changed (in advance) and at the same time the old guidelines dissappeared from the WHO website " The interviewer then responded "but would you have been able to declare a pandemic using the old criteria and guidelines" to which the whistleblower answered -
" No because the severity and numbers of deaths would have been a factor" (calling a pandemic on "spurious grounds"
This was then echoed by a 20 minute documentary of a speech given by former United Nations Intercommunications Editor, Claire Edwards, called :
The Covid19 Genocide of 2020 (bitchute)

This chanell may grow over time to include other similarly supressed but important information, using the revealing of truth as the method of punishment for otherwise unrepremanded international conspiratorial criminals.