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Probably the last word on the biggest bullshit ever pulled on mankind.

Excerpt from the IDIOGRAM album, by Ash Wanders, featuring audio-kaos by Colin Garland, Ryko Kalinko and Christopher Mahoney LIVE @ @BLU FM in 2010

Game-Changer : Covid Summit agree the WHO seek to usher in a totalitarian state on nations, and that each population must fight this via it's parliament at the national level. Please watch & share.

Lets save a hero and keep journalism honest

From Agent Orange, DDT, Sodium Fluoride, so called vaccines to post-"covid" mRNA-injectable, to strontium and barium in chemtrails, we are seriously jeapodising the future of our genetic fitness by believing current/recent and 20th/21st century elite-led propaganda. However regeneration is possible, break the spell in one & two generations.

The fifth track released online from semi-archival album "Ambience' by Australian composer Andrew Benthe (aka Ash Wanders)

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The fourth track to be released online from semi-archival album Ambience by Australian composer Andrew Benthe (aka Ash Wanders)

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The third online track release from semi-archival album "Ambience" by
Australian singer-songwriter-producer Andrew Benthe (aka Ash Wanders)

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AltruisMusic.bandcamp.com and at

Please see 50 minute video for details

AU Government systematically kills off bee populations by spraying a kill mix of silver iodine, strontium, barium, aluminium etc.
Albert Einstein said " If bee populations all die, the human race will only live another 4 years

🎯Must see 🤣✊

TAKE Down - The BENTS Travis Hackett, Chet Logic-Hands Miller & Ash Wanders.
New Australian Sabbath-like Power trio
Travis ( vox, rhythm guitar, sound production, songwriting)
Ash ( Drums, Lead guitar, video production )
Chet ( Bass, networking )

At Seven minutes and 21 seconds through the video "she" says "_Torture Them_" to the child. the majority of people on social media missed this subliminal messaging Please write Y for Yes in a comment if you can read/hear this said at 7.21 minutes.

Now watch this :


New Music Video
Debut single by Hackett, Miller & Wanders, New Sabbath-like Australian Power-Trio

Travis Hackett (vocals, rhythm guitar, lyrics, spontaneous songwriting, Lights of the Cosmos label)
Ash Wanders (Drumming, lead guitar, video-production, AltruisMusic Label)
Chet 'Logic-Hands' Miller (bass, networking)

Album Out Nov 2023

Fetish sold a Dysphoria with a view to entraping minors with Trans Ideology.


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These are the videos that artificial ntelligence tried to thwart, discredit or make unshareable, during the C0V1D period (since March 2020)
I witnessed what appeared to be the first censored video of the "pandemic" period of his-story, which showed a whistle-blower at the WHO and his subtitled assertions that "it was revealed to the world, that the criteria for declaring a pandemic were changed (in advance) and at the same time the old guidelines dissappeared from the WHO website " The interviewer then responded "but would you have been able to declare a pandemic using the old criteria and guidelines" to which the whistleblower answered -
" No because the severity and numbers of deaths would have been a factor" (calling a pandemic on "spurious grounds"
This was then echoed by a 20 minute documentary of a speech given by former United Nations Intercommunications Editor, Claire Edwards, called :
The Covid19 Genocide of 2020 (bitchute)

This chanell may grow over time to include other similarly supressed but important information, using the revealing of truth as the method of punishment for otherwise unrepremanded international conspiratorial criminals.