Laura covers the details of #ElectionFraud - actually much more than Tucker who unfortunately seems to be bordering on avoiding this topic at all. Laura covers elections fraud hearings (talks to AMISTAD boss) also shows #Trump's speech and has discussion with Matt Gaetz about his ant-war stance.

"This may be the most important speech I've ever made"

Info about the current situation of investigations of immense #ElectionFraud that happened in #2020Election. #StopTheSteal !

Sydney Powell and Loud Dobbs discuss the immense #ElectionFraud

Tucker discusses #ElectionFraud & #VoterFraud, #GreatReset that globalists and bankers prepared for us "untermensch" and also talks about effects of #lockdowns.

Sidney Powell discusess massive #Dominion #ElectionFraud with Maria Bartimoro. #StopTheSteaI !

Tucker looks at #ElectionFraud & #VoterFraud and also looks at #CorruptBiden marxist agenda that he plans for the country.

Laura looks at BLM pushing their radical ideaology on schools, checks Senate races, presents #CorruptBiden marxist plan and covers 2020 #ElectionFraud & #VoterFraud & #BigTechCensorship

Tucker focuses on specific and documented cases of #voterfraud - especially dead people voting. He also looks at #BigPharma helping and colluding with Democrats. Isn't it a coicidence that both Pfizer and Eli Lilly anounced their vaccines and therapeutics (respectively) one working day after MSM declared #CorruptJoe the winner? They don't like Trump as he will cost them billions after signing the "Most favored nation" executive order. You seen all those adds from #BigPharma targeted on Trump? There you go, figure!

Compared to Tucker Carlson Laura looks at wide spread 2020 #ElectionFraud & #VoterFraud.

In this episode Tucker doesn't speak about #ElectionFraud and #2020election at all. He just talks about #DefundPolice. This is really suspicious. Is he bowing down to Fox masters? When you compare the show to Laura Ingaraham's, the difference is stark

Laura looks at wide spread 2020 #ElectionFraud & #VoterFraud & blatant #Censorship of #BIgTech

Tucker discusses the fallout from the 2020 election and what it means for the country. He clearly confirms #ElectionFraud & #VoterFraud and big tech #Censorship helping and colluding with Democrats.

Tucker discusses the ongoing #ElectionFraud & #VoterFraud that is happening in front our very eyes! They even don't try to hide it. Gloves are off now. We need to prevail otherwise USA as we know it will descent into chaos.

Laura focuses on post #2020Election chaos and the wide spread & blatant #ElectionFraud & #VoterFraud

Laura discusses the dire post-election situation in the USA.

Tucker looks at the the dire situation USA got in after the election. This is clear #ElectionFraud & #VoterFraud. What is happening in Michigan, Pennsylvania, etc. is unprecedented! USA becama banana republic when elections are decided by fraud. This has to be dealt with decisively or the whole country ends.

Laura goes through election predictions with interesting guests (e.g.Ron DeSantis), discusses #Trump voter's enthusiasm & brain-dead & #CorruptBiden. Get out and vote! We need to win this or America as we know it (and the whole free world) ends 4 years sooner. #CorruptBiden and radical left would dismantle family, freedom, borders, judicial & police system & lead USA into endless unnecessary wars bringing misery around the globe. Simply put - they would bring USA and free world into dark times & chaos.

Tucker looks at why so many people love #Trump, checks the situation in the key battleground states, has a good laugh at "Kamala" and other stuff. Go out and vote! Let's defeat those crazy left wing hardliners!

Laura Ingraham on #Trump campaign trail, #Biden corruption and lot of other interesting stuff.

In this episode Tucker focuses mainly on blatant mainstream media left-wing bias and big tech censhorship.

Tucker discusses Biden corruption, blatant censhorship of the Big tech and important senate races. He also focuses on the mysterious disappearance of USB drive with Biden corruption info from UPS facilities. Enjoy!

#Brexit hero Nigel Farage supporting Trump's presidency at Arizona #MAGA rally. Pretty good speech worth watching, good stuff!

In this breaking interview Tucker Carlson interviews Hunter Biden's bussiness partner Tony Bobulinski. It is crystal clear that Biden family was involved in influence peddling by which Joe Biden and his family gained millinons of dollars or more while draining America's jobs and wealth to USA's greatest rival - China.
Please, share! This information needs to get out to American people!

This episode focuses on confirming Amy Coney Barret as a Supreme Court Justice. Democrats' heads are spinning! In onether segment Tucker discuses the possible lab origin of the Chinese virus


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