Mitanni Perspective

The Lion of Damascus is UNDEFEATED and has shown us that we can snatch victory from the clutches of the blind raw hate of globalist power.

Zarin and I investigate the Baramuk Clan’s Jestak Han in Anish, Mumuret Valley and discuss possible meanings of the symbols.

August 2019 trip to Rumbor Valley, Kalash Valleys Pakistan.

I’ve recorded this video from YouTube because I feel it is important to preserve it and this content creator doesn’t have a bitchute account to do so.

Part two of the same video describing the phenomenon of reincarnation.

All people must have an appreciation for their homeland, most especially in the deracinated USA.


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Ishpata Yarmoc!
This channel is purposed to educate people about the traditions, culture, history and origins of the Kalash people (a small ethnic-religious minority living in the Hindu Kush mountains of Pakistan). They are European and Middle Eastern in ethnicity and Indo-Iranian pagans in religion. We call this channel “Mitanni Perspective” as the Mitanni people were an indo-aryan tribe who left the same area of the Hindu Kush 3500 years ago and formed a great Empire in the southern Armenian Highlands. The Kalash people act as a living time capsule of how the Mitanni people would have looked and behaved all those years ago. The channel is designed to benefit both the Kalash and non-Kalash audience by comparing the archaeology and written record of the Mitanni and the heritage and traditional arts of the Kalash today. The channel also provides a valuable platform to discuss generally the topics of heritage preservation and pagan reconstruction and how those goals can be achieved today. Hope you all enjoy! Z’owis’au!