Mitanni Perspective

All people must have an appreciation for their homeland, most especially in the deracinated USA.


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Ishpata Yarmoc!
This channel is purposed to educate people about the traditions, culture, history and origins of the Kalash people (a small ethnic-religious minority living in the Hindu Kush mountains of Pakistan). They are European and Middle Eastern in ethnicity and Indo-Iranian pagans in religion. We call this channel “Mitanni Perspective” as the Mitanni people were an indo-aryan tribe who left the same area of the Hindu Kush 3500 years ago and formed a great Empire in the southern Armenian Highlands. The Kalash people act as a living time capsule of how the Mitanni people would have looked and behaved all those years ago. The channel is designed to benefit both the Kalash and non-Kalash audience by comparing the archaeology and written record of the Mitanni and the heritage and traditional arts of the Kalash today. The channel also provides a valuable platform to discuss generally the topics of heritage preservation and pagan reconstruction and how those goals can be achieved today. Hope you all enjoy! Z’owis’au!