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This interview first Aired on Hot Roddin' 2+Nite 10/12/19.
Frantic Vermin call the dog to talk about all that is going on in the wild world of Rock 'N' Roll. They have been smashing the Rockabilly / Psychobilly scene since the 1980's and have recently released some KILLER single tracks. Hit play let's delve into the minds of Frantic Vermin!

Songs include Bundy's Beetle & The Daleks

Hook Up With The Band @ https://franticvermin.com

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The Rock’N Rebels :
Phil Howe Calls the Dog and
explains how The Band became PUNKABILLY
on the far east coast of Canada his views on The Scene The Growth of Billy Music and Much More

songs include – Dooomsday Rising , Psychomania

Get More Music from The Rock'N Rebels Here https://rocknrebels.bandcamp.com/

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Lead Singer and all around Rockabilly guy Jimmy Tremor from the N.C. Band The Tremors joins us to discuss the past present and future of The Tremors and Rockabilly Music Hook UP with Them At http://www.tremorsrockabilly.com Songs included is Invasion of The Saucer Men This interview comes from 2012 http://www.mixabilly.com (formally screaming Dead Radio)

Finnish Band Wanton joins The Sheep Dog Via Skype
to talk about the CRAZY PUNKABILLY music they make
who inspired them and the NEW RELEASE
Harmageddon Get-Together

songs include
Drunkabilly Stomp, Censor This, Bump in The Night

Get the NEW CD https://wantonpsycho.bandcamp.com/

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Randy B. of Punch Drunk Cabaret call in to talk about the Music Scene The New CD Electric Steam Show & HOWL with the Dog about a Whole lot More Song Included : Hightest Hellraisin’ Hook Up With them here : http://www.punchdrunkcabaret.com/

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Ukrainian Psychobilly Band The Troubled Join Rebel Heather Heat From The Road to talk all about the Psycho Scene and their NEW RELEASE “Spacing Away” Get the NEW CD Spacing Away https://surrogaterec.bandcamp.com/album/spacing-away

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DIY Rock 'N' Roll out of Reading, PA. Drew & The Blue have exploded on the scene with a 6 track ep "Surfin On A Surf Board" with throw back sounds that would remind you of The Cramps or The Trashmen. Pure Fun Rock 'N' Roll for any party.

The interview talks about influences, recording the Ep, song writing and more

Grab The CD Here Via Band Camp https://drewandtheblue.bandcamp.com/album/surfin-on-a-surfboard

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