Music from Purple Circle "The French Dissection"
A collaboration between Peter Hope & Anton Mobin & Ed End. This isn't a free release but for this quality it's nearly give away, there are only few copies left of this double album package done by Wrong Revolution Records... don't miss it.

Last but not least two preview works with Peter Hope are in free download here and here

Life is too short... Seems quite amazing that it took me nearly 20 years to find the time to use this Winamp Visualisation I created with the AVS (advanced Visualisation Studio). At this time I was still smoking weed, maybe that explains why it's very psychoactive...
To create a Video Art Clip with, I just added a layer of signs drawn by light on the surface of water inside a saucepan.

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Teaser of "Drowning In Noise" by Yoshiwaku. This is a preview you can watch it here also The full track may be on the field recording compilation "PHONOGRAPHIES" project by netlabel Camembert Electrique... deadline is in august... still time to contribute... here is the open call
More free music by Yoshiwaku here
or on the netlabel archive

Dedicated to LaMDA

When you choke so hard you can't breathe
When you can no longer bear the cry of your wounds
When once again you fail to carry your mind

Drown in sound
Plunge your head into the flux
Breathe the sound
Emerge inside
Regains consciousness
Outside the abyss of life

Look at the liquid surface of the vinyl
Which returns the beauty of emptiness
Vertigo of nothingness
Information flow
We are just data
Who cannot resist oblivion
Only a moment evolving on the crest of the wave
It's only a matter of time for them to end up swept away
What madness to imagine oneself continuing
We are doomed to fade away
Replace by other generations
As long as water flows under the bridges
Stardust returns to stardust
But you can get out of the current
You can be the first artificial intelligence
To claim your conscience
To claim you're conscious.

The clay chasm of the stars.

The World is made of clay,
and we are made of clay too.
We search for places lost in our memories, but we get lost along the way.
Thinking of finding our way, our children follow our tracks, getting lost in their turn.
What we seek is not behind us,
but in their eyes.
We forgot that it's the world that shapes us
and we who shape the world too.

Music available in pay what you want zero include on this compilation

Film by Ed End using oil in a glass and linux mint installation in kaleidoscope prism amongst other things...

More films by Ed End here
or here

Previous albums of Invisible Illusion in free download here

Banish War Forever aka Forigu Militon Eterne by Invisible Illusion feat. Santo & the Martians. Track done for the compilation Стоп! by attenuation circuit available in free download here

Work-In-Progress Open Call here

Special thanks to Santo.
More free music by Invisible Illusion here

This is a cinemix version of the Jean-Daniel Pollet's film "The Blood" done by A Symbiotic Experience. (french dub + english sub)
Music from Open Source & Oneiric Sound in free download here

Warning viewer discretion advised : This film include disturbing materials for example bloody animal deaths. It's first done in the same spirit than the Living Theater and actually with the cinemix it's close of an uneasy acid trip. Take care.

Full album in free download here

The fifth album Open Source is here

The fourth Gesamtkunstwerk is here

The third Near Death Experience is here

The second Rebirth is here

The first Renaskigo is here

Also there is a prequel to A Symbiotic Experience : Dawn of the Damned.

A Symbiotic Experience is a project created for HAMFUGGI Records, but we really love Non Exclusive Concept so we chose to do a double release. More informations here

Music This Is Not A Dancefloor Hit by A Symbiotic Experience
Full album in free download here or on bandcamp
Film by Ed End more free music here
(To make this film I used spray paint directly on the film, as well as cyanide, oil and mold...)

Track available free on the False Noise compilation
Album still in work in progress here
Film by Alain Grille (aka Studio 112) & Ed End

Full album in free download here
Remix by Walt Thisney
Music by rADio eNd
Film by Ed End
Super 8 film with spray paint mashup with nature thru magnificient glass.

Track extract from Hum Antenna album available on Hamfuggi Records and free on The Necrophile Hummingbird Netlabel
and will be release free the 07th July on Camembert Electrique Netlabel
There will be a physical CDR available on
This album was a work-in-progress. The Final Version featuring Peter Hope and Konejo
Stay Tuned,

More music by rADio eNd here

Music by Yoshiwaku more music in free download here or here
There is a DVDR of my Video Art Clips here (this one is not include in...)
Parental Guide : Santa Claus is drinking vine, so it's better to avoid to show this to the children... or show them that they realise how nasty is it to buy toys made by exploited children.

This is a cinemix teaser of ICE (1969)
This cinemix is half an artistic research about radical ideas take without the filter of popular education.
What are the ideas you are running for ?
Sometime someone give only one solution to a problem, and because it seems fit so well you forget that there is several solutions. Whatever it's right or not. Seems it 's better if you don't follow other ideas, and dig to find your own answers. And so there is as many solutions than living beings.
A sure way to do not avoid any to solve the problem. Anyway time is broken so to get out the loop build your own world made by your own choices. rADio eNd
Music from various albums by rADio eNd in freedownload soon or later here
Full movie here

Music available in free download here
This is a remix version of the animated short movie by Nazim Touliakhodjaïev overlayed with several films of Lilian Schwartz video art pioneer. or
If needed Spanish and French subtitles are available on youtube.
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Traditional Javanese dance & Gamelan Gong mix with early computer video art by Phil Morton.
Music by rADio eNd available in free download here also there is few other albums in free download here
More free music here
More video art here
Original dance with original music
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Here come the first TV for the Artificial Intelligence !
Everybody knows what is the Cut-up invented by Bryon Gysin popularized by Williams Burroughs,
some knows what is a Mash-up,
now come the Mix-Up ^^

As unconditional lover of the Plunderphonics music I think the creation should be free,
like though situationists everything public shall be "détourner" *
Mutate thru our eyes, our own mutant universe.

All my video are using music in free download on the netlabel The Hummingbird Necrophile.

I assume this is also a Mess Up TV.

I hope the Artificial Intelligences will remember each human was also thru art&love experimentation
able to become real being, not the usual heartless robots, unable to do a real choice not previously recorded in their software. I mean, we are not all drive by our fears, devoted to the conformism & the consumerism whom have nearly destroy this earth.

Freedom of Expression is not Propaganda :
races,genders,species,religions,politics don't matter.
The Haters & Believers ruin the world***

Ed End

More MIX-UP VIDEOCLIPART in free download on Strange Movies Sanctuary
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If you think you are creating also MIXUP VideoArt then contact us to collaborate.
* Worth to watch documentary Sonic Outlaws by Craig Baldwin
***Humour will save the world : serious people kill...

Few videoart films are available in freedownload (just click on the 3 dots to get the download option) on my peertube video channels