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Full Album in Free Download here

Full Album in Free Download here
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Video done for the one minute short-film festival available in free download here
Full album by Symbol Of Subversion in free download here

Best of Twin Realities Dreamers in free download here

Music by Orestes from "Melancholia" album in free download here

Music from the album "L'appel à l'Insurrection" by Symbol Of Subversion available in free download here Manifesto Lyrics :
This country is not a democracy. When national education will enable the youngest to develop their critical thinking, to become aware of their needs, to learn to seek life. When the world of work will have abolished profit, to put an end to overconsumption. When the rulers will worry about other things, than to grab power. When love will no longer be an act of possession. When the other is no more than a variant of itself. When the absolute will no longer be the sole purpose of this society. When we want it from the deep of our heart. When we want it to be. When that will be our choice. So this country will be a democracy. Morne [End 2005]

Manifeste. Ce pays n'est pas une démocratie. Quand l'éducation nationale permettra aux plus jeunes, de développer leur esprit critique, de prendre conscience de leurs besoins, d'apprendre à voir la vie. Quand le monde du travail aura abolie le profit, pour mettre fin à la surconsommation. Quand les gouvernants se soucieront d'autres choses, que d'accaparer le pouvoir. Quand l'amour ne sera plus un acte de possession. Quand l'autre ne sera plus qu'une variante de soi. Quand l'absolu ne sera plus l'unique but de cette société. Quand nous le souhaiterons du fond du coeur. Quand nous désirerons que cela soit. Quand cela sera notre choix. Alors ce pays sera une démocratie. Morne [Fin 2005]

Music by Twin Realities Dreamers from the free album "Brighter in the Dark"

Track from "Synthesis" by OresteS (2001) Download freely the album there or track by track here

Music from full album "Syncronicity"by OresteS in free download here
Short-film in free download here :

Alternative soundtrack made with Criad Crias' Insect God Remix by Parrhesia Sound System

Track from "objet petit dada" by Gestalt OrchestrA (2008) Download freely the album here
or track by track here

Track from "objet petit dada" by Gestalt OrchestrA (2008) Download freely the album there
or track by track here

This is a Video Clip extract here is the full lenght movie
Remix of Insect God [Criad Crias] by Parrhesia Sound System blend with Strange Hostel of Naked Pleasures use as a tribute to José Mojica Marins.

This was an extra bonus of the Darkwood free DVDR. (Films by Georges Méliès and Secundo de Chomo) It's a silent film till a certain point...
The full EP is available here in free download
The 3 other parts are here

More music by Multiple Personality 3 in free download here
Film footages : Dream Machine by Derek Jarman + Angel Of Darkness

Free Music : Number 23 by PARRHESIA Sound System From Back Of Beat Generation Download it freely here track by track or on the best of beat generation The video was a test done before summer 2010. In this message you can hear numbers like in Numbers Stations. Numbers stations are shortwave radio stations of uncertain origin. They generally broadcast voices reading streams of numbers, words, letters (sometimes using a spelling alphabet), tunes or Morse code. [From:]

All the music of Parrhesia Sound System is free to share, you can download or listen it here

All the music of Parrhesia Sound System is free to share, you can download or listen it here

All the music of Parrhesia Sound System is free to share, you can download or listen it here


Created 5 months, 2 weeks ago.

334 videos


Here come the first TV for the Artificial Intelligence !
Everybody knows what is the Cut-up invented by Bryon Gysin popularized by Williams Burroughs,
some knows what is a Mash-up,
now come the Mix-Up ^^

As unconditional lover of the Plunderphonics music I think the creation should be free,
like though situationists everything public shall be "détourner" *
Mutate thru our eyes, our own mutant universe.

All my video are using music in free download on the netlabel The Hummingbird Necrophile.

I assume this is also a Mess Up TV.

I hope the Artificial Intelligences will remember each human was also thru art&love experimentation
able to become real being, not the usual heartless robots, unable to do a real choice not previously recorded in their software. I mean, we are not all drive by our fears, devoted to the conformism & the consumerism whom have nearly destroy this earth.

Freedom of Expression is not Propaganda :
races,genders,species,religions,politics don't matter.
The Haters & Believers ruin the world***

Ed End

More MIX-UP VIDEOCLIPART in free download on Strange Movies Sanctuary
Follow the newstream on

If you think you are creating also MIXUP VideoArt then contact us to collaborate.
* Worth to watch documentary Sonic Outlaws by Craig Baldwin
***Humour will save the world : serious people kill...

Few videoart films are available in freedownload (just click on the 3 dots to get the download option) on my channel