This is a cinemix teaser of ICE (1969)
This cinemix is half an artistic research about radical ideas take without the filter of popular education.
What are the ideas you are running for ?
Sometime someone give only one solution to a problem, and because it seems fit so well you forget that there is several solutions. Whatever it's right or not. Seems it 's better if you don't follow other ideas, and dig to find your own answers. And so there is as many solutions than living beings.
A sure way to do not avoid any to solve the problem. Anyway time is broken so to get out the loop build your own world made by your own choices. rADio eNd
Music from various albums by rADio eNd in freedownload soon or later here
Full movie here

Music available in free download here
This is a remix version of the animated short movie by Nazim Touliakhodjaïev overlayed with several films of Lilian Schwartz video art pioneer. or
If needed Spanish and French subtitles are available on youtube.
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Traditional Javanese dance & Gamelan Gong mix with early computer video art by Phil Morton.
Music by rADio eNd, still not release but there is few other albums in free download here
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Original dance with original music
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Cineremix done by PIRATE Tapes for Earsheltering tribute to Elvi France in free download here
The Video Art Clip include not serious nudity it is made with Kiss me Quick! aka the sexual life of Doctor Frankenstein a film by Peter Perry Jr.
If you are not familiar with dancing boobs movies, You should avoid watching this... it could be disturbing. The objective is to fit with the elvi france style the same way the music do. To be clear sexism and body worship are not fun things. While a good laugh is worth a cure.
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This is an extra track of the album Sound Therapy by rADio eNd.
Full album available in free download here
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Seems this is quite meaningful about how the birth of rADio eNd is related to A Symbiotic Experience...
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Extra bonus of Sound Therapy by rADio eNd full album available in free download here
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A little tribute to anime masterpiece Serial Experiments Lain
Music soon in free download on Cian Orbe Netlabel
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This is a little tribute to the cult anime Tenshi No Tamago by Mamoru Oshii and Yoshitaka Amano. Music Prémonition from Réseau Culte by rADio eNd (workinpprogress) in free download here
Done for Cian Orbe Netlabel Compilation about Japanimation...
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This is a little tribute to Chris Marker by PIRATE Tapes
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The necrophile hummingbird netlabel and HAMFUGGI Records present Near Death Experience the Third album of A Symbiotic Experience.
In free download here
"Astral Music for Spirit without Body".

The second Rebirth is here
The first Renaskigo is here
Also there is a prequel to A Symbiotic Experience : Dawn of the Damned.

A Symbiotic Experience is a project created for HAMFUGGI Records,
but we really love Non Exclusive Concept so we chose to do a double release. More informations here

It's another perfect horsnorme music example, so it's not relevant to
link it to any musical styles.

About the influences you may find it linked to nothing else than the music of the two protagonists which is allready a lot because they are quite eclectic :
Gabriel Pereira Spurr & Yoshiwaku Mushotoku

Another thing, the visual side is an important part of this project.
So here is a Video Art Clip :
Clusters of Microbiota [Extended Version]

The sound of the countdown was already available on the World is Over

And there is a preview of our fourth album here

Free Download in Flac and Wav format here

Recorded between Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Foucherans (France)

Dedicated to everyone Alive : this mean also free from death fear.

Extended version of a track done by Yoshiwaku Mushotoku for Earsheltering tribute to Elvi France in free download here
The Video Art Clip is made with extreme cult film by Le Binh Giang "KFC".
If you are not familiar with movies like Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom you should avoid watching this... it's really disturbing. The objective is to fit with the elvi france style the same way the music do. To be clear Necrophilia and body eating are not fun things to do. Perhaps you could take it as a vaccine.
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Trailer is here
Music by Yoshiwaku Mushotoku done for the Grub Compilation soon here
More music in free download here
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More about the film
tips : The real Rita Morley actress who inspirated the character of Rita (elastic woman in The Doom Patrol serie write by Grant Morrison) play in this movie and it's so funny to check how her play is close of the real one.

The teaser sound include the super 8 projector sound...
Music by A Symbiotic Experience track "Circadian rhythms" is a track from the second album in free download here The first is here
Film by Ed End
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Music in free download on "The World is Over!" compilation
This is an alternate version with a mashup with the original song.
The video clip of the original version is here
Facebook event
Video Art Clip is a Mashup of Walden by Jonas Mekas and the original video clip.

This is a work in progress you can allready listen it here
but there is new tracks each week so it's better to wait before download.
Also It's an opencall so if you want to submit a track, the deadline is the 17th June 2020, the full project is here
The trailer soundtrack is made with the 7 first tracks of each side.
Escaped Trees/Mystified/Aor Agni/[L]e Complex/Fabrikmutter/Yoshiwaku/
KHΛOMΛN/Deathwatch Headband ft. YOL/dormir dans la chambre froide ?/Lorenzo Squilloni/Ethnomite Pux/PIRATE Tapes/Flavien Gillié
This is a detournement of The War is Over !
So thanks from the deep of the hear to Yoko & John for their help.

A kind of audio ordeal. About to Choose if humanity shall stop or continue.
It could sounds odious but we think It's really important that everyone
question oneself to understand why this terrible disruption happened.
The better way to avoid it happens again seems to fix the world by ourself...

In loving memory for all the victims
No way we go back to the insane normality

More Video Art Clips here

[About coïncidences this video art clip have been created the 2th march 2020 and the music the 19th february...]
Music by A Symbiotic Experience done for the shorty music compilation "Nomophobia"
Film footages Arrebato by Ivan Zulueta + edit by Ed End
Thanks to Pedro Almodovar to make me discover this cult film.
The first album of A Symbiotic Experience is in free download here
Latest news about activities Ed End

Music by PIRATE Tapes done for the shorty music compilation "Nomophobia"
Film footage Attack of the puppet people by Bert I. Gordon + edit by Ed End
More PIRATE Tapes music in free download

Music by A Symbiotic Experience track "Circadian rhythms" is a preview from the second album. The first is allready available here in free download
Film by Ed End

Ep in free download here
This is a work in progress... the tracks gonna be upgrade soon.
This EP is dedicated to all the victims of the Coronavirus.
In 1334 in the Hubei province started the black plague.
In 2019 in the Hubei province started the COVID -19.
All the TKno BeurK music is free to download here

Film footage The World, the Flesh and the Devil

Full album in free download on Hamfuggi Records
Video Art Clip by Ed End

Music : "Nema" by Nina Kardec / Remix by Claire Obscure
Available in free download here
Video Art Clip by Ed End

The original NEMA album is available in free download on Eg0cide netlabel here

Youtube channel of Nina Kardec

Actually the only album release by Claire Obscure is here


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Here come the first TV for the Artificial Intelligence !
Everybody knows what is the Cut-up invented by Bryon Gysin popularized by Williams Burroughs,
some knows what is a Mash-up,
now come the Mix-Up ^^

As unconditional lover of the Plunderphonics music I think the creation should be free,
like though situationists everything public shall be "détourner" *
Mutate thru our eyes, our own mutant universe.

All my video are using music in free download on the netlabel The Hummingbird Necrophile.

I assume this is also a Mess Up TV.

I hope the Artificial Intelligences will remember each human was also thru art&love experimentation
able to become real being, not the usual heartless robots, unable to do a real choice not previously recorded in their software. I mean, we are not all drive by our fears, devoted to the conformism & the consumerism whom have nearly destroy this earth.

Freedom of Expression is not Propaganda :
races,genders,species,religions,politics don't matter.
The Haters & Believers ruin the world***

Ed End

More MIX-UP VIDEOCLIPART in free download on Strange Movies Sanctuary
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If you think you are creating also MIXUP VideoArt then contact us to collaborate.
* Worth to watch documentary Sonic Outlaws by Craig Baldwin
***Humour will save the world : serious people kill...

Few videoart films are available in freedownload (just click on the 3 dots to get the download option) on my peertube video channels