From TV"s Underbelly and House Husbands, same ears, same hands and expert prosthetics used as both the fictional Underbelly serial killer and drug dealer "Carl Williams", and as the current Australian federal treasurer.
The Underbelly books were cowritten by the now ex deputy PM of Australia, known both as Peter Dutton and as crime author Andrew Rule. Several other Underbelly actors hold and have held actual senior roles in Australian Government, religious and charity organisations, with another featuring in a fake missing child story that ran for over a decade.
Mr Frydenberg's current boss is the stated grandson of
Prince Bernard Snr, former proven Nazi party member via shellnazihistory.com who later worked at IG Farben, the company that supplied the Nazi's with toxic gas and used Jewish slave labour is known both as "Scott Morrison PM" and as Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands royals. This is worth mentioning because
Josh Frydenberg is claimed to follow the Jewish faith.
Included from the JoshFrydenbergMP YouTube channel, screenshot of an interview with Dr Anthony Kidman, who oversaw the CIA psychotropic program in Australian and American hospitals. Dr Kidman's ex son-in-law also featured as are other dual identities in the scripted, fake Australian media that are currently pushing the fake vaccine agenda.
#actor #deepstate #australia #israel #netherlands #covidhoax #vaccinehoax #hollywood

Catharina-Amalia, Princess of Orange is aka Rebel Wilson in a mask and body suit. Relatives include the current Australian federal health minister in his Greg Hunt mask, aka Prince Floris, also once known as "Rove McManus", like Ellen, a TV show host. A tweet by Prince Floris as Greg Hunt to the Ellen show included here along with another relative of the current Australian federal health minister, Prince Pieters-Christiaan aka actor Chris Lilley. Special appeatances by King Willem Alexander, aka John Bjelke Petersen and Queen Maxima, aka Lucy Turnbull. Same hands, same ears, multiple names.
#hollywood #ellen #netherlands #australia

Multiple matches shown for ears and hand veins with at least three identities for the ex comedian known as "Rove Mcmanus", aka Netherlands Prince Floris and as the current Australian health minister "Greg Hunt" a profane play on words for c u next Tuesday. His stated mother has faked her death, once known as Hazel Hawke she is aka as Princess Margriet, same teeth, same ears, expert mask.
As "Rove McManus", publicly an associate of the star of an Australian faked media child murder story starring an Underbelly TV series actor, in other words, child pornographic material promoted through Australian media as fact.
Included is my own family's experience with three CIA programs, the long term damage of those programs I mention so your family does not take these fake vaccines that are designed to kill billions.
Because the health minister wears a fake nose, fake teeth and uses a fake name, the vaccine is fake, however it is a real poison. Their fake names are used so that the human under the mask cannot be held liable.
A smoking gun archived in Sydney libraries you are welcome to check - front page of the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper from 1993 falsely promoting the benefits of the violent CIA psychotropic drug program run out of some Sydney hospitals managed by Dr Anthony Kidman that further injured my brother after my family was deliberately lied to that this program would help to care, protect and to keep him safe.
That's what all gangsters say.
Those three programs were operation matchbox, our former neighbour an ex member of the Hitler youth, MK Ultra and the malicious psychotropic drug program. Please share, don't take that fake vax and thank you for watching.

Prince Friso of the Netherlands is also known as Eddie Mcguire, TV AFL football presenter. From media photos released, same hands and same ears and another expert mask. Faked his death as Prince Friso and is the stated biological brother of both King Willem-Alexander, aka John Bjelke-Petersen and the current Australian PM, "Scott Morrison" aka Prince Constantijn. Stated husband of Princess Mabel who is aka Australian politician, Pauline Hanson. Former colleague of "Australia's richest man, Kerry Packer" who is aka AFL footballer and actor Mark 'Jacko" Jackson. (Wikip - "Prince Friso of Orange-Nassau (Dutch: Johan Friso Bernhard Christiaan David van Oranje-Nassau van Amsberg")

Climate change is fake because the actor in the role of the current NSWRF fire chief is wearing a mask. 3 actors/writers/directors consecutively have held this NSW RF (Rural Fire) Government role over several decades that publicly front for the Resilient cities agenda "to keep you safe" from the fictional climate change monster that only more taxes and more Government can fix. Also a link to some of the 56,000 Australian charities included here, already set up to "help in case of natural disasters". #weatherwarfare #australia #resilientcities

From discussing "supplying children" for charity to his law practice with Neville Wran aka singer and actor Tom Burlinson "the man from Snowy river" as in the Snowy hydro project, Malcolm Turnbull has continued to push the climate change lie.
Links also to the Netherlands royals, the Clintons and the Podestas.
Same hands, same ears and the link to falsely claimed natural disasters, such as the 1974 Queensland flood and the 1989 Newcastle earthquake to perpetuate the deadly standover racket called "climate change".
For parents in particular, please check and please share, thank you.

Noosa, in Queensland as in the Queens of the Netherlands. An Australian political candidate and Netherlands royal campaigned for legalizing abortion, euthanasia, nude beaches and for drug laws to be softened.

King Willem Alexander of the Netherlands, stated son of Queen Juliana, aka Lady Flo Bjelke-Petersen. It was the Dutch, not the British that first "settled" - a legal term - Australia.
#actor #australia #netherlands

Same hands, same family, a media created character to justify to the public a need for the continued occupation of Afghanistan, where most of the world's heroin is produced.
Today a channel 7 TV executive in Queensland, Australia, the same state where Queen Juliana of the Netherlands played first lady Flo Bjelke-Petersen for several decades.

The professional driver/rider in broadcast movie files is known both as "Wayne Gardiner" and as "Peter Brock". Same partner, same ears. Alot of oil is needed for motorsports and who owns most of that? 😀

Queen Juliana of the Netherlands played Lady Flo Bjelke-Petersen, former first lady of Queensland in Australia. Her stated husband, Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen also known as the actor Charles Bud Tingwell.
Julianna's daughter is Queen / Princess Beatrix.

The teeth are fake but the ears match. The on TV character was created to discourage people from holidaying in NSW/Australian national parks and I show the link from this story to Resilient cities, specifically Resilience NSW. Media claimed a coronavirus outbreak at the hotel where this fictional serial killer used to drink. Please.

Stated son of the actor known as Jackie Chan from Australian media released images has the same hands and same ears as the fictional murdered drug/ice dealer "Jaimie Gao" and to date, still no obituary. Claimed killer an ABC TV actor in the role of "Roger Rogerson, policeman".

Same hands, same nipples. As Andrew Peacock, publicly a friend of the Hollywood actress known as Shirley Maclaine. Former Australian federal opposition leader and deputy to John Howard, aka Reverend Fred Nile.

From radio and TV programs to Queensland premier, a state named after a fake Queen.
See the link from the actor Bud Tingwell who helped cover up the 1973 Clarence Osborne paedophile scandal to convictions of staff at Bond University, started by adman John Singleton, who played fake Alan Bond in a mask and bodysuit, faked his death and is now a patron for the mental health foundation called RUOK. Through to the GTA Foundation chaired by Mr Palaszczuk that "taps into genetic technology".
Special appearances by the ABC TV actor who played the Lindt cafe fake gunman, former coworker of actress Jane Kennedy and a cast of other bad actors.

Former NSWRF fire chief during the 2019/20 Australian bush fires. From media released under both names, photos show the same ears, same hands, and an expert mask as Shane Fitzsimmons.
Included here are other bad actors involved in the climate change scam across Australia which ultimately go to the Rockefeller foundation mentioned on the Resilient cities website.
I have included media
footage from the 2009 Victorian bush fires amd show the misuse of other dual identities during that deadly event.
Smoke spread across much of the earth from the 2019/20 fires and the corporate media stated that these fires were mostly due to "climate change".
Not suprisingly, you won't find mentioned these dual identities on resilient cities websites.
Please research resilient cities and see how big the climate change lie is, along with their other plans to "keep you safe".
Share and discuss with your family - thank you.

No marriage record for people to check as this unproven story used to justify "lockdowns" in parts of Australia. Unproven groom just happens to have the same name as a qualified plastics engineer and CEO of a consultancy connected to tracking devices according to online articles.

Same ears, same hands and more unproven Covid press stories from a bad, as in untruthful, actor. Same template the Nazis used always claiming their instructions are about "keeping you safe" without stating the rona is a bioterror weapon with a patent number. Aka Alf Stewart from Home and Away.

Actor Robert Morgan was also known as Archbishop, Reverend, Doctor of letters and Australian Governor General, Peter Hollingworth. Hands, eyes and ears comparisons and matches from media released photos. Included are short clips from the Global Foundation advertising which claims to be all about "helping" those less fortunate.

2 masks for this actor, another mask wearing, acting politician.
Why the continued mask wearing, dual or multiple name fakery? This peerage/ancestry from the correct monarch, King John 3rd should explain it:
Lionel Nathan Rothschild fathered Edward 7th.
Winston Churchill father is Edward 7th.
Churchill fathers fake Queen Elizabeth and Bill Rex Churchill Clinton. Elizabeth and Phillip, have Anne and Charles.
Elizabeth and Lord Porchester have Andrew.
Elizabeth and Lord Plunkett had Edward.
The correct monarch King John 3rd shown in this upload too.
Please share and remember the victims of the un "natural" disasters such as the 1974 floods and the bush fires.
As for fake Sir Joh's election results in Fake Queen - not the Queen's - land could they have been rigged?

Same ears, different names. The link to Scytl also mentioned as yet again the people are watching an actor in a mask on a device, a TV, a phone in a movie file. Please check, download, share and discuss, thank you.

The comedic actors known as Flacco and Hannah Gadsby appear in masks as part of this unproven story, Same ears - please see for yourself.

The actors known as Brooke Satchwell and Matthew Newton from the Bali 9 drug smuggling news story star as "Renae Lawrence" in a mask and bodysuit and as "Matthew Norman" - same ears, same eyes. The actor that plays the fictional Schapelle Corby also revealed in this upload from media released photos. So if the Australian media did not report these dual identities for nearly 20 years, what else could they not be reporting truthfully? Reports online claim approx 20,000 Indonesian people die from drug related illness or drug related crime each year, and their surviving family members have the right to know about this as Australian media again provides theatre, not fact.

Wikipedia states over ten names in three languages for the actor best known as "Jimmy Wang Yu". Star of the joint Australian/Hong Kong Shaw Brothers film "The Man from Hong Kong" and co-star with the actor known as "Jackie Chan" in at least 2 films.
Same eyes, same ears in the following photos as "Phuong Canh Ngo, Australian politician" claimed - with no media proof - of organising the first political assasination in Australia of rival "John Newman"", himself with 3 names stated on Wikipedia. "John Newman's" stated wife and claimed author of the book "Blood Price" was "Lucy" Wang.

Motivational speaker and Hillsong Pastor Pasquale "Pat" Mesiti is also known as Keysar Trad, claimed devout Muslim and (1.) "founder of the Islamic Friendship Association of Australia and is the former president of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils."
(1.) Wikipedia. Same ears, different names.


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