"Australia's richest man", a fictional title, played by actor John Mellion aka Frank Lowy. Same teeth, ears and the same "wife", see for yourself 😀

Same hand veins, same ears, same voice patterns, body suit, expert make up. See for yourself.
#auspol #hoax #actors #australia #fake

Gai Waterhouse "was" known as Diana Bliss, aka Mrs Alan Bond. Diana was a theatre owner. Same teeth, same eyes, same nose. You may only get one "Alan Bond", but sometimes, you get two John Singletons.

The Anita Cobby hoax
The actress known as Lynda Carter, aka Wonder Woman, has the same teeth, even the same mother as the media character "Anita Cobby, murder victim."

Former Australian politician Graham Richardson plays "Bruce Morcombe, fundraiser". Same nose, same chin, same voice patterns and yet another foundation "keeping children safe". #auspol #actors #actor #fakenews #foundation #australia #fake

Same eyes, ears, hands and nose. NRL great Steve "Blocker" Roach plays Mick Gatto "Melbourne identity" as seen in this clip. Part of the large Australian media and political group of "actors". Once upon a time in Melbourne....

#auspol #fakenews #australia #fakegangster #nrl #actors #theatre

Biometrically one and the same. Australian media mogul Kerry Packer - we were told - and Australian wild man of AFL football, Mark Jacko Jackson. Please share 😀

Short, self explanatory, hilarious!!

The link between those WikiLeaks emails on Geoengineering and the Port Arthur 1996 story. Please talk with your family about this Australia and take sensible action by raising complaints. We're being sprayed like insects here in Sydney.

Biometric proof of the fictional Australian news victim "Walter Mikac, Port Arthur widower" being played by John Podesta. As in the criminal Clintons' lobbyist for over 30 years.
His Foundation now used as a front to assist in spying on 250,000- Australian children and counting as "Walter Mikac" enters Australian politics last year. Who exactly is keeping Australian children safe from the Podestas?


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Looking at actors in scripted Australian media stories and beyond. Please share and discuss 😀🇦🇺🙏