Turns our that Epstein's Partner in crime, Ghislaine Maxwell, is an inlaw of Jack Parsons Best Friend Frank Malina. Sort of weird that there are less then 6 degrees of separation to occultist like Parsons, and even less degrees of separation in regards to Jagger and his connection to Anger, Anton LaVey and Aquino. At the end of the Video I Show Anger and Jaggers movie "Invocation of my Demon Brother."

Jefferey Epstein had Mick Jagger's number in his contact list. They must have been friendly enough with each other. Evidence that Tavistock, the Government, and MK ULTRA exist in some way shape or from, and were not just left behind in the 60's.

Ancient Castle

Not Ancient, but Modern statue erected showcasing The Cauldron, which is invokedby Modern Withes.


From the true story of the possession of Young David Glatzel, popularized in the made for Television movie "The Demon Murder Case" The Warrens witnessed Levitation. Shirley MacLain's fails to mention the possibility of evil entities. Could the same forces that caused her out of body experience, be the same forces involved in levitation?

Has anyone ever considered that the butterfly effect reported in Dissociative Personality disorder is similar to New Age astral projection? Something to consider. This Movie clip is claimed by Shirley to be real.

Shirley Maclaine is guided to Write New Age book by Alien named Maya. From her Book and television Movie that according to her depict real events.

From her real life autobio "Out on the Limb."

From the TV Movie "Out on a Limb." which was suppose to be a true account of Actress Shirley MacLaine's new age Spirituality. . In this scence Shirley's guru brainwashes her to believe that she is god, so she can brainwash the 1980's America into acceptance of NEW Age Thought control. Also note the blatant heresy, and the distortions that david speaks about the Second Council of Constantinople. True, the Pope did not attend the council, but he did approve of it at a latter date.

Shitley McLain admits that she was in part the inspiration behind Peter Blatty's novel "The Exorcist. What a coincidence, considering her NEW AGe guru status.

Rock superstar Mick Jagger and James Fox star in this stunning reality/fantasy trip set in London's underworld. A desperate, murderous criminal hides out at the private residence of a bizarre rock star (Jagger) and his mysterious and beautiful companion (Anita Pallenberg). Co-directed by Donald Cammell and Nicolas Roeg, Performance remains a gripping, psychological melodrama and cult favorite, as we witness the gangster experience the ready drugs and available sexual pleasures of the rocker's world while he is forced to confront aspects of his personality that have been repressed by his violent tendencies.
"Sounds like Psychological Programming to me"

Lots of MK Ultra style refrences with Mismy. In this one it appears that a handler uses trigger words to put her in an altered state of mind control.
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Film was based on the works of Edgar Allen Poe

Movies like this in the late 60 made LSD "Hip" and destroyed the mind of an entire generation. MK Ultra to the Max

Loosing count all all the Revelations of the Method references that basically follow every movie that Mimsy was in. Most of them foreign, which is strange for an American Actress from the time period.

Mimsy has alot of weird movies like this under her belt.

Lots of Alice and Wonderland Mad Hatter symbolism. Has to be intentional

This Actress I Made a few videos concerning her Work in the Movie More, but there is a whole lot of MK Ultra Symbolism used in many of her Movies. This movie was made in the 70's and the MK Ultra Visuals were much more in your face back then, but the general public was ignorant as to what exactly they were watching.
The Perfume of the Lady in Black, just clip
Music is George Antheil - Serenade for String Orchestra, no.1 - Andante molto, excerpt

Starring Mimsy Farmer, Maurizio Bonuglia.
Directed by Francesco Barilli.

Mossad has been distracting the truth community away from Israel for along time.

Compare and contrast Epstein 's operation, to the Model given in Transformation Nation by Cathy O'Brien and Marc Phillips

(From the writings of St. Nicodemos the Hagiorite)
Personally I am not Eastern Orthodox, but as of late I find great insights into Holiness in the writings of many of their Saints.
Good Advice considering all the Illuminati masonic music out there.

Had to make this quick video in Response to these articles recently appearing in my feed.


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