happy birthday George! (George is my bro) I will be on Wednesday morning and then I will be off for a week or two maybe longer if I’m not able to come back on I want to say it has been my extreme honor to serve my subscribers and I’m hoping God willing I will be on but if for whatever reason I’m not able to then I wanted to say thank you God bless you and thank you for your support!

I have been singing often on all of my life just for fun and didn't really become serious until about 2018 I am self taught I did take theory at Pierce College for music and guitar. Both my parents being deaf I didn't know if I had any talent however I was approached by one producer in Hollywood to leave my band and record my own songs and I turned them down and as a nail look back I'm grateful I did. Who knows where it would've led. I only show you these previous guitar singing songs because it shows you where I was before my strokes and why I'm so hard at work trying to get my voice back. And I may not be able to go all the way. I know some of you do enjoy the singing and I will continue to do so and also give the news. I will not be on after the 26th and I don't know when I will be on it will be sometime in June but I'm just not sure when? so I hope you hang in there with me and you do know now where to go and get news and I'm sure that you will be doing that on your own. I am hoping that we will have an uneventful trip to Florida and that everything works out well but I will try my best to let you know how I am doing. God bless each and everyone of you thank you for subscribing to my channel and I will be back God willing.

Suspected arson fires Pacific Palisades Malibu tapanga Palmdale happening this weekend pray for the folks who are perhaps losing homes and might be in harms way

An oldie acoustic style Rod Stewart Maggie May hope you enjoy

issues with editing at the end of video My apologies

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lost my 4.5k subs from YT., kicked off permanently. conservative voice giving the news daily for four years, from trusted sources and trusted YouTube channels as well as Twitter. By the way took myself off of Twitter after they took off our President Trump from Twitter. So now just doing a little bit of music in a little bit of news. And lately more music because we haven't had trusted news given. i've listen to Charlie Ward 107 Michael Jacobs Jason QX 22 report and so on.