please forgive the artistic
John Lennon “ Watching the Wheels”

Hold the line keep yourself warm and listen to a good song

if you need med bed info ask in comments ill work it out…

Housekeeping rules keep your squabbles out of the comment section I will do you delete you if you continue to do so. Please find compassion and love in your heart for your fellow man.

Jason Mraz song 93,000,000 miles… (My opinion it’s not that far.)

Bob Dylan album desire song one more cup of coffee. I played the song first time in public in San Diego .. a coffee house.

All roads lead to Racine = root Wi Kim Shady does deep dive

A pretty deep rabbit hole Racine Wisconsin rock Lake Joe Biden $1 billion finger lakes judges being dismissed sex trafficking Satanic ritual pyramids under the lake matching with Orion's belt perfectly what were they trying to do their check out kimchi Edy's channel on Telegram for the deep dive.

Abraham Martin and John by Dion


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lost my 4.5k subs from YT., kicked off permanently. conservative voice giving the news daily for four years, from trusted sources and trusted YouTube channels as well as Twitter. By the way took myself off of Twitter after they took off our President Trump from Twitter. So now just doing a little bit of music in a little bit of news. And lately more music because we haven't had trusted news given. i've listen to Charlie Ward 107 Michael Jacobs Jason QX 22 report and so on.