There was a comment saying "why did we switch to alt-tech; that was a bad mistake." Well... we never had a choice. Many of us have been banned off mainstream tech platforms. That leaves only one option other than IRL activism, which is also essential.

Hyperinflation was caused mostly by the fake scamdemic

Scroll down to Sgt. Eduardo Canales bodycam footage

An excellent breakdown on Uvalde plot holes

Other related Uvalde videos:

New Uvalde CCTV Footage Further Exposes the Hoax {Skip to 12:00 for Breakdown}

Dream Eskimo's video on crisis actors

Crisis Actors, "Drills," SpecOps CBP Agent Involvement @ Robb Start to Reveal a Hoax

Questions Arise Surrounding "Elite" CBP Agent Involved with Robb Elementary

Whoopsies, you thought you were clever, but really you just caused all your homies to get gassed on the channel. Downvote all you want now; you're banned from posting comments. I hope it was worth the tradeoff. If you're going to game the numbers then I'm going to ban you, and your sockpuppet accounts.

I was willing to accept criticism for a bit, but once you kikes started gaming the voting system... that was it. Game over. You're walking on eggshells now. You will get gassed if you step out of line. Thank that kike who is downvoting everything. Bye bye

Sometimes sex just happens. Maybe I'm being paranoid, but I'm kinda concerned about having sex with a girl who took the whackcines. I'm trying to eventually raise a family and I'm worried that the spike protein will sterilize me. I've got evidence for research on "self spreading vaccines" and god knows what's in that spike protein, which is synthesized by the whackcines.

Self-spreading vaccines: Base policy on evidence

Self-Spreading Vaccine Research Could Spin Out of Control, Experts Warn

Covid "Vaccine" Testicular Swelling and Menstrual Problems {skip to 12:54}

How to Ask if Your Date Has Taken the "Covid" "Vaccine" (Killshot) {skip to 17:40}

If you go back to my old BitChute videos, I warned this was going to happen. I knew that the "influential creators" were creating a problem that would affect our dating pool. Goddamnit... now look at how complicated dating has become due to this stupid fake flu promoted by Jewtubers. FUCK

Covid doesn't even exist outside a normal flu/common cold you dumb faggots. I wish they would all fuck off die for what they did to humanity. It's so disgusting it would make a worm look palatable.

Post your research and thoughts down below please

This channel is basically dead. My own audience hates me for talking about the Jewish Question and the worst of the worst infest this site now. You all need to start making Jew naming content and do it far better than I can. I have outlived my worth as a "content creator" and this channel is about to be sunsetted. Also, fuck the kikes who make vapid content all day, flooding the popular/trending with useless content using bots

VR to this comment: "So you want us to become Hamas? Heres who made the GDL website https://imgur.com/3cZ0D4R His names NED. You're being programmed to paint their swazzies for them. You're shooting pop bottle rockets into Iron dome as they're using it to justify massacring us. Jewish websites like this and telegram are allowing you to post this while a large portion of the videos under the all are trying to radicalise Aryans while we have no way to defend ourselves. When we should be trying to fly under the radar, many of our people are being Shabbos Goyims and trying to escalate a situation where we cant win all the while Jews like Ned are laughing at us knowing they're going to get paid for their military contracts and get closer to their Talmudic goal of making us slaves."

Hitler arrested a Rothschild

Industry groups quickly applauded the passage. Invent Together’s Executive Director Holly Fechner said “the IDEA Act is a crucial step toward ensuring that our nation’s inventors have equal access to the benefits of patenting, regardless of gender, race, or income. It will also help ensure that we use the full measure of our talent to compete globally.” She added that her organization looks forward to House movement on the companion bill, H.R. 1273.
Innovation Alliance Executive Director Brian Pomper said the legislation “is needed to help improve diversity in patenting, which is critical to promoting American innovation and competitiveness,” and that studies show “including more women and African Americans in the innovation process would increase annual GDP by nearly $1 trillion.”

On the removal of my ChristChurch fake shooting psyop breakdown video from Odysee/LBRY:

I did confirm the upload works and is still up on UgeTube; it just takes a little while to play

Download an HD copy of the video and upload it wherever you can get it up!

With nearly 1000 views on LBRY/Odysee the CC breakdown was removed

A good conspiracy theorist adapts their outlook with new information; the channel is not deteriorating; it's evolving.

Anti-Semitism & White Genocide Conspiracy Theories

If the alt-media weren't so worthless I wouldn't need to make videos. Fuck you, worthless pieces of shit. I seriously think that regardless of other creators, I'm about to stop making videos. I hate this shit. The kikes are replacing us and most of the alt media is sitting there sucking each other off for worthless content. WHAT DID YOU DO TO STOP THIS?!?!?

You will be remembered as COWARDS who DID NOTHING to stop white genocide!!!!

It's a rainy day and I noticed at Walmart I'm the only white person there. We're already the minority; quit playing these Jewish games of pretending we're not. Not enough people are talking about this, and the feds who protect these parasites have already lost everything; they just don't know it yet.

The invasion continues through our southern border and it will not stop until all Jews are removed from government. If this doesn't happen, the USA will be a third world country within 4 years. Mark my words, I warned you about the fake covid hoax and I'm warning you about this one too. Don't let me say "I told you so"

“Attended cc.[comrades] Lenin, Krestinsky, Stalin, Trotsky.
Heard: ...3. Statement of c. Trotsky that Jews and Latvians constitute a
huge percentage of officials in the front-line Chekas, front-line and rear area
executive commissions and central Soviet agencies, and that their percentage in
the front-line troops is relatively small, and that because of this, strong
chauvinist agitation is conducted among the Red Army soldiers with certain
success, and that, according to c. Trotsky’s opinion, it is necessary to
redistribute the Party personnel to achieve a more uniform representation of
officials of all nationalities between front-line and rear areas.
Decided: To propose cc. Trotsky and Smilga to draft an appropriate
Directive of the Central Committee to the commissions responsible for the
allotment of cadres between the central and local Soviet organizations and the
Yet it is hard to believe that the meeting produced the intended effect. A
contemporary researcher, the first who approached “the problem of the role and
place of Jews (and other ethnic minorities) in Soviet machinery,” studied
declassified archive documents and concluded that “at the initial stage of
activity of the punitive agencies, during the `Red Terror, ́ national minorities
constituted approximately 50% of the central Cheka apparatus, with their
representation on the major posts reaching 70%.”1927 The author provides
September 25, 1918 statistical data: among the ethnic minorities — numerous
Latvians and fairly numerous Poles “– the Jews are quite noticeable, especially
among “major and active Cheka officials,” i.e., commissars and investigators.
For instance, among the “investigators of the Department of Counter-
Revolutionary Activities — the most important Cheka department — half were
https://hexagod.net/jews/200_years_together.pdf (page 479)

... guys... we are reliving the soviet nightmare and noone is talking about it...

Henry Ford knew

Europa: The Last Battle

Not many people have heard of the Kalergia Pan-European Plan for Europe. In the 1920s, Freemason (In 1922, Kalergi became a member of the Masonic lodge "Humanitas"), Count Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi wrote a book entitled "Praktischer Idealismus" (practical idealism), which set forth his views on how he believed the abolition of the right to self-determination and liquidation of European countries should be carried out with the formation of the European Union.

After the publication of the book, Kalergi received help from the baron of millionaire Louis Nathaniel de Rothschild, who linked him to one of his friends, the banker Max Warburg. Warburg financed Kalergi to help form his European movement. Kalergi urged not only the destruction of European states, but also the deliberate genocide of indigenous peoples through forced mass migration to create a homogeneous mass.

The Kalergi in his own words:
"(European) man of the future will be mixed races. Today's races and classes will disappear due to the disappearance of space (nations) and time."

The Pan-European plan of Kalergi envisaged the use of violent and disproportionate mass immigration, especially from non-European countries, in order to bring about a common European state dictatorship and the destruction of the indigenous white population - the nationalities of Europe.
Intentional and violent immigration in any country in order to colonize and destroy is one of the most extreme racist doctrines

They say that the supporter of the plan of Kalergi is Soros and the Rothschild family. By the way, in the European Union there is a special Charlemagne Prize and the first one awarded is Kalergi.
In his works, Kudenhove-Kalergi showed that if there are no nations, then there will be no borders - therefore a single community will be created.

Brock Chisholm, first Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO), told the USA Magazine on August 12, 1955: "The priority of European countries should be the control of fertility and the promotion of the ideal of interracial unions in order to create a single race in a single world [one unipolar] subordinate to centralized power" .

In "Practical Idealism" the main inspirer of modern united Europe has directly written that in the future Europe will be ruled by a spiritual elite, the core of which will be the German aristocracy and the Jews. At the same time, the leading role will remain for the Jews, whom he calls "the leading spiritual race of Europe," "the nobility of the brain," and "the spiritual aristocracy."

As for the rest of the population of Europe, in the future it will, according to Kalergi, become a homogeneous Eurasian-Negroid race, and the nations will disappear, mix with each other and - very importantly - with a LARGE number of MIGRANTS.

Notable Jew Bankers involved:

Even Mike Adams is starting to notice the white genocide plot...

Leading up to an election, the Democrats, and probably the Jews are trying to convince the right wing not to vote. Why don't they go to far left websites/channels/blogs etc and convince them not to participate in politics? Take a look at these accounts all saying not to vote and see if you notice a pattern:

Comment thread in question, where sockpuppets and newbies are all upvoting their own comments to boost them artificially

Don't vote, buy my products, and send me money guys!


Deagel Forecast has USA at 99 million people by 2025

The scamdemic caused your entire life savings/pension/401k to get wiped out, scroll to Feb/March 2020

"By the way, no pandemic or nuclear war is included in the forecast."

The collapse of the Western financial system will wipe out the standard of living of its population while ending ponzi schemes such as the stock exchange and the pension funds. The population will be hit so badly by a full array of bubbles and ponzi schemes that the migration engine will start to work in reverse accelerating itself due to ripple effects thus leading to the demise of the States. This unseen situation for the States will develop itself in a cascade pattern with unprecedented and devastating effects for the economy. [EDITORS NOTE: The reverse migration will probably be a good thing]

"But the first to ask the question should be the Jews more than the Russians.
This episode of History should call out to them today. The question of the mass
participation of the Jews in the Bolshevik administration and the atrocities
committed by the Jews should be elucidated in a spirit of far‐sighted analysis of
History. It is not admissible to evade the question by saying: it was the scum,
the renegades of Judaism, we do not have to answer for them."
https://hexagod.net/jews/200_years_together.pdf (200 Years Together, Chapter 15, Page 469)

The GOP’s newest legislator, Rep. Mayra Flores (R-TX), is defending her Thursday vote to help get green cards to the adult children of the Fortune 500’s foreign contract workers and managers, who take jobs and career opportunities from Americans.

RINO Flores.... Pressed For Voting to Give Blanket Amnesty To Illegal Aliens

Deagel Forecast: Mapping Espionage Plot to Collapse USA (Feb 21, 2021)

I warned you this was going to happen with the scamdemic thing back (March 18, 2020)
Options: Total Global Economic Collapse vs WuFlu (lofi)

The (((mute))) feature is kinda gay. These faggots will never get it if they keep muting people who disagree with them. "I'll show you!!!" *mutes like a little bitch* ... and I've noticed this is particularly a pattern on channels that don't name the Jew. Their favorite "creator" won't do it so why should they? It's a problem acutually. It's kinda why these people who don't name the jew are not helping.

I told you this was going to happen, right at the kickoff of their Jewish scamdemic. I didn't know it was the Jews at that point but I knew these cunts were up to something. When your entire family's life saving are wiped out, you know who to blame. Conjob19 was always designed to collapse your entire life savings.

Susan Diane Wojcicki was born on July 5, 1968, to Esther Wojcicki, an educator of Jewish descent,[9]

Section 921(a) of title 18, United States Code, as amended by this Act, is further amended by adding at the end the following:
“(42) The term ‘large capacity ammunition feeding device’—
“(A) means a magazine, belt, drum, feed strip, helical feeding device, or similar device, including any such device joined or coupled with another in any manner, that has an overall capacity of, or that can be readily restored, changed, or converted to accept, more than 15 rounds of ammunition; and

David Knight video that brought this to my attention:

“Jerry Nadler isn’t just Jewish, he’s a person who lives and breathes Tikkun Olam,” said the campaign’s fundraising appeal, invoking the Hebrew phrase for repairing the world. “Can you chip in $36 to help Jerry fight for our Jewish and Democratic values in Congress?”

In the modern era, particularly among the post-Haskalah movements, tikkun olam has come to refer to the pursuit of social justice[1]

I've seen a lot of comments recently saying "you're going overboard naming the Jew all the time" ... well.. if the shoe fits, it fits. I would never accuse Jews of doing what I don't think they actually did just to prove myself right. However, this particular thread was spawned from GTA 6 going "woke," which is Tikkun Olam (Jewish Utopia). CEO of Take Two is a Jew.


LBRY tells Harry Vox to stop being anti-semitic

911 Missing Links

Arguing with retards all the time is why I make less and less videos as time goes on. This shit is becoming pointless and waste of my time. Also, I'm sick of this basic bitch response "left right paradigm" propagated by channels that don't even talk about the Jews. The main topic of this video is: if you don't like the way I present the Jewish Problem in the context of politics, then start your own channel! None of these detractors make their own videos. It's just 1-4 line comments about boring notions of "left right paradigm." You know that "left right paradigm" comments won't get someone banned off JewTube...

I'm not only banned off JewTube but my channel is blocked in most of the EU, for talking about the fake holocaust and the Jews in general. Saying "left right paradigm" isn't a threat to the system because 1000s of JewTube approved creators have said the same thing without getting banned. Try talking about the Jews on JewTube.

I find this whole internet politics thing to be increasing boring as time goes on. It's just bots and Jews at this point. They're such slimy filthy conniving pieces of shit. Go back to JewTube approved creator channels. Get off mine. I'm sure these creators will tell you all about peripheral problems created by the Jews without ever doing a deep dive. Fucking pathetic

Oy vey! It's not the Jews, lol jk. It's literally the Jews and Democrats. If we lose the House and Senate in November you can bet that you'll never buy a semi-automatic at a gunstore again! This bill H.R.1808 ends 2A completely. I'm going to say "I told you so"... just like I did with conjob19 back in March 2020.

Nadler was raised in an Orthodox Jewish household in Brooklyn, the son of a poultry farmer turned auto parts salesman. At Stuyvesant High School, he developed a passion for politics alongside Dick Morris, the future Clinton adviser turned conservative pundit. Morris remembers coaching Nadler on the debate team and helping him win student elections. “Jerry was Talmudic in his defense of his positions,” Morris said in an interview. “He resisted the slogan and insisted on long-winded briefs. He basically talked like a Supreme Court justice.”

Biden's New Assault Weapon Ban Explained- GunOwnersofAmerica

Nadler Admits That Democrats Basically Want to Ban All Firearms During House Gun Control Hearing (Constitutionalist Libertarian makes good content but he never connects his articles to the JQ)

Know More News has a lot of videos about Rabbis, Jews and the Talmudic extermination of Amalek (white western societies)

(((Tikkun Olam))) look it up or ask in the comments for our community to explain

Europa: The Last Battle (a warning about the holodomor and Jewish communism!)

200 Years Together (a history of the Jews before and during the communist government of Russia)

If this gets posted without the extra sources I apologize. It's storming here and my DSL just went out a few minutes ago (I live in the woods); I'm posting this just in case the internet goes out again. It goes half the time if there's a storm/rain. I'll try to add the extra sources when my internet comes back up. Refresh the page in a few hours

I went to post my infographic on this video, because the Jews are importing terrorists through the southern border

My prepping advice: Read Gulag Archipelago and 200 Years Together

Watch Europa: The Last Battle (to prepare)

Removed infographic

Check out these comments on the JewCast IRL.. LOLOL scroll down to the bottom

It's the Jews; now quit simping for them.

That Ninjen is always trolling the channel and look how he's saying the holocaust actually happened. Kike confirmed.


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