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"These are the lesser mysteries of love, into which even you, Socrates, may enter; to the greater and more hidden ones which are the crown of these, and to which, if you pursue them in a right spirit, they will lead, I know not whether you will be able to attain. But I will do my utmost to inform you, and do you follow if you can.

For he who would proceed aright in this matter should begin in youth to visit beautiful forms; and first, if he be guided by his instructor aright, to love one such form only—out of that he should create fair thoughts; and soon he will of himself perceive that the beauty of one form is akin to the beauty of another;

and then if beauty of form in general is his pursuit, how foolish would he be not to recognize that the beauty in every form is and the same!

And when he perceives this he will abate his violent love of the one, which he will despise and deem a small thing, and will become a lover of all beautiful forms; in the next stage he will consider that the beauty of the mind is more honourable than the beauty of the outward form.

So that if a virtuous soul have but a little comeliness, he will be content to love and tend him, and will search out and bring to the birth thoughts which may improve the young, until he is compelled to contemplate and see the beauty of institutions and laws, and to understand that the beauty of them all is of one family, and that personal beauty is a trifle;

and after laws and institutions he will go on to the sciences, that he may see their beauty, being not like a servant in love with the beauty of one youth or man or institution, himself a slave mean and narrow-minded, but drawing towards and contemplating the vast sea of beauty, he will create many fair and noble thoughts and notions in boundless love of wisdom;

until on that shore he grows and waxes strong, and at last the vision is revealed to him of a single science, which is the science of beauty everywhere."

-Diotima to Socrates on the Art of Love,

From Plato's Symposium

Footage: Disney's Sleeping Beauty (1959)
Music: Courtesy of the Ministry of Cultural Appropriation

Inspired by remarks of Theravada Monk Venerable Paññobhāsa on William Sargant's book 'Battle for The Mind'


Footage from David Lynch's 'Dune'
Music from 2814 - 新しい日の誕生/Birth of a New Day (

"I lived in refinement, utmost refinement, total refinement ... And though I was endowed with such fortune, such total refinement, the thought occurred to me: 'When an untaught, run-of-the-mill person, himself subject to death, not beyond death, sees another who is dead, he is horrified, humiliated, & disgusted, oblivious to himself that he too is subject to death, not beyond death. And if I — who am subject to death, not beyond death — were to be horrified, humiliated, & disgusted on seeing another person who is dead, that would not be fitting for me.' As I noticed this, the living person's intoxication with life entirely dropped away.
(Sukhamala Sutta, AN 3.38,

Footage: Arctic Geese Jump off Cliff to Survive - Hostile Planet ( + Various Shia Laboeuf clips
Music: M83 - Intro (

“When a mendicant has four qualities they’re not ready to frequent remote lodgings in the wilderness and the forest.
What four?
They have sensual, malicious, and cruel thoughts; or they’re witless, dull, and stupid.
When a mendicant has these four qualities they’re not ready to frequent remote lodgings in the wilderness and the forest.

When a mendicant has four qualities they’re ready to frequent remote lodgings in the wilderness and the forest.
What four?
They have thoughts of renunciation, good will, and harmlessness; and they’re wise, bright, and clever.
When a mendicant has these four qualities they’re ready to frequent remote lodgings in the wilderness and the forest."

-AN 4.262


Footage from "Into the Wild"
Song: Accelera Deck - Fireflies

The world is swept away.
It does not endure.
The world offers no shelter.
There is no one in charge.
The world has nothing of its own.
One has to pass on,
leaving everything behind.
The world is insufficient,
a slave to craving.
-Ratthapala Sutta, MN 82



Footage from "Grave of the Fireflies"
Song: Maurice Ravel's "Pavane for Dead Princess" (

The rightly revered Middle Path of the ancients.
Wisdom beyond the comprehension of hedonists.
The faithless cling to a hollow world of appearances.
Sacrifice righteously the lower 'good' for the ultimate.

Footage and Music: 300
Song: 'Remember Us'

'In the Kiyogunkan one person said, "When facing the enemy, I feel as if I have just entered darkness. Because of this I get heavily wounded. Although you have fought with many famous men, you have never been wounded. Why is that?"

'The other man answered, "When I have faced the enemy, of course it is like being in the dark. But if at that time I tranquilize my mind, it becomes like a night lit by a pale moon. If I begin my attack from that point, I feel as though I will not be wounded."

'This is the situation at the moment of truth.'

-- Hagakure, 1716


Footage and music from Shigurui (
Song: Shigurui - Noubi Musou (

To my brothers in arms,
scattered across space and time,
but eternally becoming one
with the heart of divine fire.
By fire we are enslaved,
and by fire we free ourselves
from this burning chain.

"Roll The Dice" by Charles Bukowski
Poem read by Tom O'Bedlam (
Music from "The Long Journey Home" (
Footage from "Lord of the Rings: Return of the King"


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take courage friend
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