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Local resident Kevin McDonald gets under the skin of Wilmington Massachusetts Board meeting regarding the effect of vaccines on the financial duties of the municipality. Watch to the end to see him particularly rile Lilia Maselli and Board Chair <name needed>.

In my opinion we cannot let this issue go. If it is swept under the rug there will be no stopping the never ending use of mandates to crush the will of the People. Boards will find any way to suppress this issue from being heard.

As we are in the midst of yet another clash between Israel and Palestine I hope to help bring some perspective as to what the long view of History has to teach us.

Fun fact: 33 years before 2001 (a space odyssey) Stanley Kubrick made said film..

Establishing the year Nebuchadnezzar exiled Israel:

Both the Talmud and the Bible agree in the Timeline:

Josephus and the Cannibalism of Mary:

Josephus on the final defeat of Jerusalem:

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Is our program right? And is the Church right about the traditional date of Friday for Passover? Which year? Let's look at these things today.

For any fans of Michael Rood's: "A Rood Awakening" series which promotes interest in the Torah I am pleased to inform you he still uses our timeline (at least the year) to give weight to his program!

6023 AM=2023 CE

Calendar Converter challenger:

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Rood Awakening using our calendar system:

More patterns that direct our attention to directed energy weapons, occult timing signatures, and more!

Maui police chief crisis actor John Pelletier:

Las Vegas shooting:

Why is New Years Day important? Because Jesus' circumcision was attached to a Roman New Year by a Roman Catholic bishop. Dec 25 + 7 = Jan 1. (on the 8th day)

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Orthodox chronology can easily be understood to be off by 241 years. Today we'll look at how the Persian period was forced to fit a theological premise from the Prophet Daniel, whom people force into other time periods as well today.

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More symbolic serendipity with Mocha Pine

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Update: Annie Liebowicz sells her apt at 88 Central Park West in NYC.

DONALD TRUMP = 88 in english gematria

Chronology is an All Play! What can you find?

Signs and Symbols are used to communicate and conceal.

The Trashmen:
JFK "Secret Societies Speech" in full:
Simpsons advance knowledge:
More Simpsons prescience:
Alex Jones interviews David Gergen about Bohemian Grove:
Haaretz News:
Devlin-Balducci podcast on archaeoccultology:
Ole Dammegard and Jim Fetzer discuss false flag events:

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Additional note: Kubrick died on 3-7-1999 which was 666 days before Tebeth 6 (jan 1 2001)

Where can we eat without fear of industrial poison in our food? Seed Oil Scout by Extra Virgin Ventures looks like what we need!

Short History of Processed Oils:

Knobbe on high oleics & oils:

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I think it is becoming clear Israel's history is not random and seems to be bound up with the kings of the earth. Nebuchadnezzar is forced to admit, Daniel records, that the God of Israel chooses and un-chooses kings and emperors in the world. It seems to me Nero is no different. Is he the 666 of Revelation? I am not completely sure yet but I believe he is a great candidate. Many teachers will say that the book of revelation was written in the 90's but there are other testimonies out there claiming it was written pre 70.

Since we looked at Abram and the year of the destruction of Sodom (his 99th year) I think it is interesting 693,594 (days from Nero's death until the 6 day war) is also 99 × 7006. Any thoughts?

Jacob's birth:

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Early Church Testimony to the Early Date of Revelation:
The Title-Page of the Syriac Version: The revelation which was made by God to John the evangelist in the island Patmos, into which he was thrown by Nero Caesar (Quoted in Foy Wallace, Jr. , The Book Of Revelation, p. 28) 26

The Syriac History of John, the Son of Zebedee: After these things, when the Gospel was increasing by the hands of the Apostles, Nero, the unclean and impure and wicked king, heard all that had happened at Ephesus. And he sent [and] took all that the procurator had, and imprisoned him; and laid hold of S. John and drove him into exile; and passed sentence on the city that it should be laid waste. (Quoted in Kenneth Gentry, Before Jerusalem Fell, pp. 105106) 27

The Muratorian Canon: The blessed Apostle Paul, following the rule of his predecessor John, writes to no more than seven churches by name. ” And then later reports: ‘John too, indeed, in the Apocalypse, although he writes to only seven churches, yet addresses all. ’ (ANF 5: 603) 30

Since the Gospel is a political war between God and Satan, it thrills me to discover they both appear to use some sort of schedule for their plans.... please see the notes as they have been growing since this video was unintelligently designed:

Richard Balducci on Archaeoccultology with Jim Fetzer:
with Sage Quay:
With Mark Devlin:

I am thrilled with finding Mr. Balducci because he has already done a lot of work and I can compare his findings on this independent analysis. He is the one that threw that date my way of 13000 weeks after Independence Day 1776. I added 13 days. The interesting thing about July 4 is that it is 13 days after the summer solstice.

9-11 references are buried in many many instances in movies, music covers, etc. Here is a compilation that demonstrates that for a full hour.

9-11-2025: Day # 2,200,756 Thursday 13k weeks + 13 days after Ind Day
Twin Towers:9-11-2001 9-11-2001 Day # 2,191,990 Tuesday
Allende CIA Assassination: 9-11-1973 Day # 2,181,763 Tuesday
James Paul Mccartney dies: 9-11-1966 Day # 2,179,206 Sunday
Pentagon Construction: 9-11-1941 Day # 2,170,075 Thursday
US Independence Day: 7-04-1776 Day # 2,109,742 Thursday

From 7-4-1776 until 9-11-1941 is 60,333 days. This is 7 x 3 x 13^2 x 17.
From Ind. Day 1776 to 9-11 2025: 91,013 days This is 13 x 7001.
From 9-11-1973 until 9-11-2001 is 10227 days. This is 7 x 1461 or 7 x 3 x 487. 1461 is the "rising of the Phoenix" or the Sirius (sothic) cycle
From Allende until 9-11 of 2025 is 13 × 1461 days.
From Pentagon until Allende: 11,688 days or 8 x 1461 days
From the Pentagon until the Twin Towers: 21,915 days or 15 x 1461
From Twin Towers until 9-11-2025: 8766 days or 18 x 487 or 6 x 1461....
From the Pentagon until 9-11 2025: 30,681 days or 21 x 1461!!!!!!

Is this when they ritually sacrifice the USA??

Question to ponder: where did the sulphur brimstone come from that rained down upon Sodom & Gomorrah? Space? Pure sulphur is not found anywhere else on earth except the Dead Sea Area.

Days from the Eclipse in Abram's 99th year until Jacob's birth:
22,066 days = 2×11×17×59

Using a milage chart:

Jacob's birth:

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In an earlier video I comically demonstrated there is a clear legal difference between Driving and Conveyance. When one is conveying themselves in a commercial vehicle they cannot be in violation of hours of regulation if they are not technically Driving. People use the term "drive" colloquially but it is definitely a legal term, as demonstrated by the use of Electronic Log devices. As Theologians of the Cross we "call a thing what it is" and we should do this in all things, including daily activities in this world, or system of things on the earth.
You're welcome!

Per request I am showing how our calendars got to be the way they are today and why we needed to correct them. Now we have a baseline for looking at all of history. And today is a very interesting date in time!

Truthstream Media on Planned Obselescence
From Jim Fetzer on the Vax Bioweapon:

Has anyone looked at a rainbow with different glasses?

Here are some images that do just that:

Unless it says free... it isn't.

Jacob is physical Israel, and act like the stars in heaven-- on earth! They keep time, so to speak and though the chronology has been hidden until such a time as this we now have the tools to test it, unpack it and tell it on the mountain.

We are taught that geologic features entail long periods of time, even to the extent we call them "geologic time." So we should not see features form in days, like this canyon or the ones created after the Mt. St. Helen's eruption!

Praise God I can learn how to breathe again!! I wonder if I snore less now. My problem with breathing turns out to be muscular-skeletal!

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Stew Peters defund Washington:

With Google maps and apps like Waze we don't need mileage charts like Truckers had in their maps all the time. So for chronology study I'm using this throwback dropped on front of me on a placemat to give a hint as to what's coming in the future for our study!!

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