On a W4 one can just write at the bottom "withhold at 1%." If everyone did this we would cripple the cartel.

Also I'm not suicidal.

Inflation is an inevitable result of an economy with debt for money-- especially with a fractional reserve system.

Aaron Russo on the origin of equality for women:

Norm Franz is the first one to open my eyes to the nature of the monetary system. If you aren't inclined to the prophetic aspect of his views you can separate it from the economic aspect which is standard teaching universities. It is not a secret. What is kept secret is this is that this is immoral.

"The borrower is servant to the lender."

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Is our program Garbage in/Garbage out? Try me! It isn't for October 13, 1307, the day the Knights Templar were sacked by the king of France...

I don't bring my program around with me because it is so old. But it still works! And we'll cover this dreaded day.

Chemtrail with plane

Pilot testimony on chemtrail v contrail:

....a chemtrail!

Pilot testimony on chemtrail vs contrail:

There is controversy surrounding when Herod the Great died, but here are a few of the facts that support a 4 BCE date. Watch to the end to see the secret pattern embedded in history!

What boggles my mind is Herod is called a "fox" by Jesus, but he says it in greek. It is only in English that "fox" has a certain gematrial value..

When Noah got off the ark he had to have time to clean up but on the 3rd day there was a sign in the sky...

The kingdom of Urartu/Ararat (Van):

If you are gonna spam on my site about Daniel and prophecy and block me you have another thing coming. Rapture Days here:

Mama Jeans! You are the health food store. Why sell motor oil in your products?

Short History of Processed Oils:
Knobbe on high oleics & oils:
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Snoop4Truth I'm not overjoyed I'm using you personally in this video but I want to make clear something that hasn't been clear for a long time and that's how "they" want it! But I am a truther and I settle not for the official narrative.
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Congressional record on income as privledged activity:

Not only are patterns baked into Jacob's history but there are themes that simmer in the stew as well! How does that work?? Scripture is a condensed blueprint that we should assume gives us a launch pad to explore everything else. In this episode, we look at an event not recorded in the Hebrew Scriptures but it is a "stone that cries out.."

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Look at those rocks... did they really take millions of years to carve out?

Talking with Andy about ontology

I meet the most interesting people, I swear!

I discuss the topic of ontology with my interesting friend Andy

I have been predicting that Bitcoin is going to fall based on Occult schedules. I just found that from the founding of the Church of Satan until the beginning of the Plandemic was 666.6 lunar months! I predicted the plandemic would end 666 days after it began, and essentially it did when Go Brandon declared "there is no federal solution to this crisis," nine says before the Jan 6th (666 days after Mar 11 2020) "deadline."

I guess I should say this is not financial advice.


Eric and I explore how sports were brought into the schools 120 years ago to fracture municipal unity

Still meeting with interesting people! How is our Mind divided into partitions and is this what it looks like when one is whole? Total fluidity of thought.

Eric continues our journey

How Standard Oil tapped the schools

After I saw Mark Devlin interview Richard Balducci about the installation of fake Paul Mccartney after the real died (allegedly) on Sept. 11 1966, I made some observations in this video. In addition, I discovered the number of lunar months (29.54 days) from the founding of the Church of Satan on Walpurgis Night (April 30) until the day before the pandemic started sum to 666. (Mar 10) Watch yer 6....

Today is the anniversary of the Travis Scott concert of ritual sacrifice of 8 souls

UPDATE: Nov 7 2022.... WTC 1 was started August 6, 1968 and the Georgia Guidestones were demolished July 6, 2022 with 666.6 lunar months spanning the two. I just found that....


Pentagon start: Sept 11 1941 (60 years to 2001)

Is 32 significant? 98.6°F - 32°F = 66.6°

With a proper and tested chronology we can accurately understand prophecy. Without it, we change things to fit our narrative. These two things jumped out at me recently...

Babylon statue:
Nebuchadnezzar video:
Deuteronomy 28:

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