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The one about the corporate infilitration within the world of comedy and those who have spoke out about some issues.

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The one about the now confirmed Justice Kavanaugh, the downward spiral of the losing left and the cultural ally Kanye West.

The one about the recent passing of John McCain, the bizarre encounter his bff Lindsey Graham had, the snake at the NYT and the travesty that are the Kavanaugh hearings.

The one about the many media attempts to smear Donald Trump through the years and decades.

The one about the common devil worshiping within the film and music industry.

The one about the hypocritical moral higher ground of the celebrity culture.

The one about Trump manipulating the media into reporting about his fake beefs with friends.

The one about the shady beginnings of the Hollywood industry and the moral depravity within it.

Talking about what made me realize the error of my liberal ways as well as deciding to take the red pill and help out in the fight against censorship of conservative views.


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Mockingbird Report is here to provide commentary on the goings on in the world of political and cultural world of America, Europe and sometimes other parts of the world.

While the creator lives in a part of the world that has no infulence on anything of concern, he has found his true passion and that is to call out the bullshit the MSM is feeding the people of the world.