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This is part 1 in a series of videos examining the claims and arguments of Ken Richardson on IQ. In this part I give my initial impressions of his books and respond to the claim that IQ is a proxy for social class.

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- I noticed at several points I refer to Richardson's 2017 book as "Genes, Brains, and IQ". The correct title is "Genes, Brains, and Human Potential".

- I wasn't fairly representing the entirety of the Korenman/Winship paper "A Reanalysis of The Bell Curve". See pinned comment.

- Saying that 70% of the IQ variation in society is contained within families is not literally accurate. If I were to re-record that section, I would say something like "siblings differ by 70% of the amount that random strangers differ on IQ, on average".

In terms of the statistical concept of variance, within family variance accounts for about 50% of the variance in society at large.


Race Realist's blog:

Genes, Brains, and Human Potential:

The Making of Intelligence:

What IQ Tests Test:

“Mental Tests and the Immigrant” by Henry Goddard:

Intelligence Tests and the Immigration Act of 1924:

"Measuring Minds” by Leila Zenderland:

The Science and Politics of IQ:

The Mismeasure of Man:

“How Much Can We Boost IQ and Scholastic Achievement?” by Arthur Jensen:

“Making Sense of Heritability” by Neven Sesardic:

The Bell Curve:
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Rushton and Ankney paper on Brain Size and IQ:

The causal influence of brain size on human intelligence:

IQ and automobile fatality rate:

Reaction Time and IQ Wikipedia:

Richardson's Review of “The G Factor” by Arthur Jensen:

Jensen's Reply:

Response to:

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Here's a list of topics by timestamp. Most of the substantive arguments start at 13:42.

4:55 Individual vs. Aggregate Differences
8:04 Skull Size and Brains
9:27 IQ Tests and Nazis
10:21 Cyril Burt
11:25 AFQT = Nature, SES = Nurture?
11:55 The Flynn Effect
12:50 Basic Claims of TBC
13:42 General Intelligence Factor
18:55 Heritability
35:24 Twin Studies
37:16 Genetic Basis for IQ
40:38 “Designated Racial Groups”
43:13 IQ Tests and Bias
47:37 AFQT and Trigonometry
51:23 Japanese Test Item
52:01 More Test Bias
53:05 Richard Lynn
56:27 AFQT and Skew
59:31 “Inequality by Design”
1:10:37 IQ and SES Correlation
1:12:34 Philippe Rushton
1:13:31 Race and IQ Differences not Controversial
1:15:15 Head Start
1:17:15 Low IQ Mothers
1:17:46 Affirmative Action
1:21:24 Expert Opinion
1:22:10 Summary/Conclusion

Shaun's unlisted response video:

The Alternative Hypothesis Videos:

Black Pigeon Speaks video Hosting AH:

JF Gariepy Video:

The Bell Curve:

Bias in Mental Testing:

Making Sense of Heritability:

Richard Lynn's 1991 paper:
Richard Lynn's 2015 book:

Inequality by Design:

Intelligence, Genes, and Success:

Harvard SAT/ACT Requirements:

A Reanalysis of The Bell Curve:

Equal Environments Assumption paper (use sci-hub):

Intelligence: Knowns and Unknowns:

Survey of Expert Opinion on Intelligence and Aptitude Testing:

Human Cognitive Abilities: A Survey of Factor Analytic Studies:

Blog I referenced that reproduced TBC's logistic regression analysis:

“Race, IQ, and Jensen” by James Flynn:

Rosenburg 2002 paper:
Strenze paper on IQ and socioeconomic success:

Distribution of IQ scores from early intelligence tests:

The Mismeasure of Man:

Diagram of gene-environment correlation:

The Apportionment of Human Diversity:

Lewontin's Fallacy:

Minnesota Study of Twins Reared Apart:

Rushton Differential K Theory Table:

Wicherts et. al on Sub-Saharan IQ:


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Response to:

Original Video:

Time Stamps:

Predictive Validity and TBC 1:14
- Inequality By Design 1:26
- Claudia Krenz 5:31
IQ and Social Class 14:49
Henry Goddard 19:58
Snyderman and Herrnstein 29:44

This is part 2 in a series of videos examining the claims and arguments of Ken Richardson on IQ. In this part I address claims that many of observed properties of IQ tests are actually built into the test through test construction.

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*** Errata ***

- Apparently Weschler is pronounced Wex-ler. Or at least that's the way Charles Murray, James Flynn, and Arthur Jensen pronounce it.


Responses to my first video:

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John Carroll, “Human Cognitive Abillity: A Survey of Factor-Analytic Studies”:

A survey of what relevant experts think on IQ, heritability of IQ, test bias, and the source of group differences.

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Intelligence: Knowns and Unknowns:

Mainstream Science on Intelligence:

Survey of Expert Opinion on Intelligence and Aptitude Testing:

Rushton and Jensen Paper:

The Wilson Effect:

The Pioneer Fund:

My analysis of Gould's review of The Bell Curve.

Considering that the cover of the 2nd edition of Gould's book The Mismeasure of Man is tagged with: “The definitive refutation of the argument of The Bell Curve”, in which this review is reprinted, and given the widespread currency of this review in “debunking” The Bell Curve, an in-depth analysis is warranted.

TL;DW: It completely fails

My YouTube Channel:


My video on Gould and the g-factor:

Gould's review of TBC:

The Bell Curve:

The Mismeasure of Man:

A Reanalysis of the Bell Curve:

Cohen's Statistical Power Analysis for the Behavioral Sciences:

The Wilson Effect:

Setting the record straight on the Sam Harris vs. Vox debacle.

My YouTube Channel:


Sam Harris / Charles Murray Podcast:

Sam Harris / Ezra Klein Podcast:

Ezra Klein Article:

Turkheimer, Harden, Nisbett article:

Responses to THN:

THN Response to Criticism:

The Waking Up Podcast: Extreme Housekeeping Edition:

Sam Harris Ezra Klein Emails:

Turkheimer quotes:

Dickens and Flynn 2006: Black Americans Reduce the Racial IQ Gap:

Charles Murray paper:

Blog explaining the Dickens/Flynn theory on race/IQ differences

Human Varieties article about Turkheimer's 2003 paper:

Response to:

My YouTube Channel:



The Bell Curve:

Intelligence Knowns and Unknowns:

The IQ Controversy: Media and Public Policy:

Human Cognitive Ability: A Survey of Factor Analytic Studies:

Lewontin's Fallacy:

James Flynn: Race, IQ, and Jensen:

James Flynn Eulogy to Jensen:

Neanderthal Admixture:

Denisovan Admixture:

Bias in Mental Testing:

Rushton Differential K Theory Table:

Wicherts on Sub-Saharan IQ:

Wicherts on psychometric validity of IQ testing in Africa:

Richard Lynn, Race Differences in Intelligence:

GDP Per Capita in Sub-Saharan Africa:

Flynn and Dickens on reduction of black/white IQ gap:

Flynn and Dickens response to criticism from Rushton and Jensen:

Charles Murray paper on Woodcock-Johnson standardization:

Charles Murray on NLSY IQ over time:

Rushton and Jensen on the Black/White IQ gap:

Blood Lead Levels for Children in 1991:

Lanphear et. al. 2005 (Lead Poisoning in Children):

Genetic Cluster Analysis Paper:

Fadeout Paper:

Vox article by Nisbett, Harden and Turkheimer:


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