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A big conglomerate made me an offer. Sold the last four years away for 40 bucks.

And you know what? Fuck it. Who gives a shit. All my trademarks, all my contracts with my friends, they can own that. I'm going to go drink myself to death.

Fuck you and fuck me and fuck everybody.

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David Foster Wallace once wrote a piece about David Lynch. In the piece, he coined a new term: "Lynchian". Wallace described a Lynchian tone as "the unbelievably grotesque existing in a kind of union with the unbelievably banal."

He described a husband beating his 1950s housewife to death because she bought the wrong brand of peanut butter. "I told you to buy the JIF," he'd say as he's clobbering her to death. This, he said, would qualify as almost perfectly Lynchian.

I think "I Am Jazz" enters into Lynchian territory. The .webm above shows a simple domestic scene. The women look like average suburban moms. They're relaxing on the couch. One imagines they might be discussing casserole recipes when we cut to them. But it slowly dawns on us that in the living room, with placid expressions on their faces, they're talking about the woman's transvestite son's genitals.

Despite the obvious subtext and the producers' hope to normalize this horror, the average person is totally disgusted. Nevertheless, the viewer is fascinated. We're drawn further into this. The sheer naked horror of what they're saying, the blasé quality with which they're saying it, it creates this brutal paradox that almost rapes the viewer's basic sense of what is decent.

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I dared YouTube to take this video down and they did, the absolute madlads

((or buyer's remorse depending on who you are))

Of course Tim Allen is a nazi are you even fucking surprised

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You have stumbled upon the Gloomy Gondola of melancholy - a brighter tomorrow will only shine on you if you comment 'Don't jump Gondola, there's so much to live for'.

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tag 4 friends to let them know that Logan Paul is no doubt involved in a pissconspiracy involving Late Night With Seth Meyers Jimmy Kimmel Steven Colbert which all feeds into the larger Food Network illuminati currently shepared by Alton Brown after Anthony Bourdain's demise.


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Hello, welcome to Moggers Inc. Since 2015 our mission has been to spread the influence of the web of terror, before the eventual consumption of our universe . This channel will serve as a backup for the main YouTube Moggers Inc channel (found here: ) and will upload videos not fit for ~~~youtube~~~ or lost archival footage.

As always if you have a transcendent experience while watching these videos, feel free to eat a dick you faggot.