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is a New campaign which has been launched to support local businesses to compete against the multiples and to regenerate the local centres.

Buy Local, Shop Local will give local traders a level playing field against major shopping centres. 

Both Shoppers and local traders are being urged to register for FREE on 07456 259107, thats 07456 259107.  

you can do this, just by saving 07456 259107 on YOUR phones as. 'buy local, save local shops'.

 and sending  YOUR post code. to 07456 259107.


shopping local helps support the local economy, creates jobs and boosts local communities.


Shopping at local businesses pumps money into the local economy, and by spending money in their local shops, restaurants, café or takeaways, shoppers can do their bit to aid national recovery across the country.

Register For Free TODAY on 07456 259107,  THATS 07456 259107. THank you.

The U-turn theatre Show a WARM-UP Act by Sajid Dodgy a short presentation by Hugo Talks exposing the UN-TRUTH

Bill Gates implements his Sharia on Muslims worldwide. Says renowned scholar

Dr Andrew Kaufman Says one thing YOU Can do is to refuse the test, that will bring the SCAMdemic to and end

Britain Cancels Covid Measure after Arrest Warrant issued in Iclcj

Bari Weiss Journalist Honesty Podcast Says I'm Done with Covid on Living with Covid I Real Time with
Bill Maher (HBO)

People are too stupid to realise, This is war God.

It's time to call out the Anti-Semites and the Islamophobs in British politics. Calling labeling or out right ban of kosher and halal religious slaughter

It's time to Wake-up the other lion's and lioness. The sheep spend their entire lives fearing wolf. In the end it's the shepherd that eats them

Metin Warwick the Rogue Barber Says: Those of you followed the Government Narrative you were WRONG

Sadi Sheran Naal Yaari by Mohammed Saleem

Christine Anderson MEP Alternative For Germany explains why she will NOT be injected with trial Vaccine

Adverse reactions of vaccine CIRS patients

Covid, satanic protocols & the perpetuation of the legacy of Sh’as bin Qays the Jew who plotted the destruction of Islam & it’s followers .

- know your enemies
- condolences, sympathy & shedding tears for non believing clergy

Mufti Ebrahim Smith
Darul Iftaa Western Cape

Questions for Sajid Dodgy Javid if had turned up to be interviewed

Surah Kahf 4.4

- Zhul Qarnain the righteous king , establishing Islam, restoring freedoms and striving for justice!

- Irreligious leaders!

Mufti Ebrahim Smith
Darul Iftaa Western Cape

Surah Kahf 4.4
- Zhul Qarnain the righteous king , establishing Islam, restoring freedoms and striving for justice!

- Saudi imposing social distancing, irreligious leaders!
- Festive Fitna & Fasaad season, this is not our new year!

Mufti Ebrahim Smith
Darul Iftaa Western Cape

Former CEO of Phizer has filed a Complaint against Boris Johnson in Criminal Court of justice for crimes against humanity

Lessons from Surah Kahf 4:3

You are what you eat
Mufti Ebrahim Smith
Darul Iftaa
Western Cape

Guidance Notes on Halal Food issues by Food Standard Agency

How halal is your Iftari

World Doctors Alliance Ask The Experts covid19 vaccines


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Mr Halal is the Primary Source for halal consumers.

Mohammed Saleem is the most respected and experienced Halal meat lobbyist in both UK and mainland Europe, his experience has made him the most sought after lobbyist in the industry, including DEFRA(Department of Environment Forestry & Rural Affairs), FSA (Food Standard Agency, EBLEX (English Beef and Lamb Executive), AHDB Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board), Houses of Parliament & EU Parliament.

Saleem has been a policy director for ANSA, where his career frequently has taken him to attend and represent high profile consultations and regularity reviews. Trained by the British Broadcasting Corporation and many other independent media houses. Saleem has managed a number of strategic marketing campaigns, producing reports and corporate adverts for high profile clients.
Saleem is known as a highly knowledgeable spokesperson and a critique on the unnecessary regulatory burden on the Halal Industry.