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Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Ryan Cole & Dr. Kirk Milhoan give a brief assessment of why they think the medical field has lost it's way.

On Friday Jan 12th Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene streamed a hearing on blood-related adverse events post-COVID vaccination. Special witnesses Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Ryan Cole, and Dr. Kirk Milhoan spoke for several (2.5) hours.

If you are interested in watching the whole thing it is worth the time. Especially the first 45 minutes or so are very good.

I snipped out this brief (6.5 minute) section that to me seemed a powerful clip to share to any people you may know who might be receptive. Anyone approaching the edge and getting close to waking up and seeing the truth.

I particularly liked Dr. McCullough's comparison the the era of smoking. It is apt and paints an undeniable picture of how the medical field has on occasion lost it's way in the past. His example illustrates how stubborn and resistant medical professionals can be in correcting course, even when faced with overwhelming evidence.

This gave me a good chuckle today. Love the Goggles.
HighWire should sell them!

Hollywood Union Members are organizing a lawsuit AGAINST their unions for implementing illegal mandates.

Too late! It’s not working…

"Doctors For Patients UK" speak out about Vax Safety Concerns
Press release today (Dec 21st) 18 UK Doctors each bravely speak up voicing the serious concerns they have regarding the vax.
Share this video with Doctors.
How much longer will Doctors be ignored?
Listen to the concerns these 18 doctors have for their patients regarding covid vaccination. This video has already been removed by Youtube.
(Youtube wants you dead)
This would be great to share with doctors. Maybe they need to know they aren’t alone, or maybe they need to hear a second opinion.

more links:

"As soon as president trump is finished speaking we are going to the capitol that's where our true problems lie."

"As soon as president trump is done speaking we are going to the capitol that's where our problems are."

"Okay folks, we need your help. As soon as president trump stops speaking we are going to the capitol. The capitol is in that direction. Let people know spread the word."

Del Bigtree and The HighWire edited this 10 minute highlight reel from Senator Johnsons Hearing together. (on 2022-12-07) I scaled the huge 1080 video down to 640x360 to make it easier to share. Send THIS to people. In my opinion this is perfect video to share. It’s hard for people to watch the full three hour hearing, but this 10 minute highlight reel delivers a lot of the important moments. You can send this to representatives and ask them why they are not investigating. Or to school board members, or local sheriffs, or family members, you get the idea.


Of course it was live streamed on FarceBook. Grrrrr. For anyone that dislikes going anywhere near that cesspool dumpster fire to view a replay, I downloaded the video.
NOTE: Fast forward to 01:24:44

"Today I am announcing a Petition with the Supreme Court of Florida to Impanel a Statewide Grand Jury to Investigate any and all wrong doing in Florida with respect to COVID-19 Vaccines"
-Governor Ron DeSantis, December 13, 2022

In 1999, Anthony Fauci warned that the potential harms of a new vaccine may only become apparent after more than a decade.

"If you take it, [the vaccine] and then a year goes by and everybody's fine, then you say, OK, that's good, now let's give it to 500 people; and then a year goes by and everything's fine. You say, Well, then, now let's give it to thousands of people, and then you find out that it takes twelve years for all hell to break loose, and then what have you done?"

They used fear and Psychopathic Authoritarians to force their experiment on everyone, and then brag about how well it worked.

"Ultimately the, the mRNA vaccines are an example for that Cellular Gene Therapy. I always like to say if we had surveyed two years ago in the public would you be willing to take a Gene, Gene or Cell Therapy and inject it into your body we would’ve probably had a 95% refusal rate. I think this pandemic has also opened many peoples eyes to innovation in the way that was maybe not possible before.”

Stefan Oelrich, Member of the Board of Management and Head of the Pharmaceuticals Division, Bayer AG, Germany, speaks at the World Health Summit, Berlin Germany, October 24-26, 2021

RFK Jr is a world class speaker. His short speech on Saturday Oct 16th in NY is worth watching. Thousands of people participated Saturday in the Broadway Rally for Freedom in New York City. The peaceful protest focused on health freedom, informed consent and the right of all Americans to make their own healthcare decisions. Children’s Health Defense (CHD) Chairman Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and President Mary Holland were among the speakers.


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