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Highlighting the Hypocrisy in America regarding racism and how it connects to prophesy!

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My take on current events.

Witches are gathering to cast a spell against Justice Kavanaugh. I am infuriated and stirred that we as warriors for God need to come together in prayer to combat these dark forces.

A testimony about my experience with video games. The first in a series on how video games affect us spiritually.

What should we call our Messiah? How are we to respond to those who limit what name we can call our Messiah to one name only? A testimony and some thoughts on this subject.

My thouhgts on the Zuckerberg testimony, and more.

What was Mark Zukerberg really saying about the Facebook scandal. My thoughts and more!

More on the developing story of Facebook and Cambridge Analytica.

created for youtube, shared here. I have more stuff on youtube so please search for me there: Momma Simpson.

An update for my friends. What God has me working on now.

A sermon on marriage for men and women. Recorded on February 4 2018. Reimar Schultze is a German Jew from Germany who survived Nazi Germany. You can read about his experiences and how God has worked in his life in his autobiography I am Love, from nothing to all things, found at his website . He retired from preaching and writes exclusively now. His devotional book, and others are translated into several languages around the world. He write a monthly letter titled Call to Obedience that is also translated around the world. His book The Law and You is currently being translated into 4 of the Indian languages in India and God is moving tremendously there through his writings. He is a blessing and encouragement to all who know him.

My take on the most recent derogatory remarks against followers of Jesus.

The Lord inspired me to "break up" with Facebook!


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Just one girl, trying to serve the Lord.