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The World Council For Health has served the W.H.O. to cease and desist the covid jabs among other things. They are suing the organization AND individuals within the WHO. The full text of the suits are here including the notice of liability:

Dr. David Martin on the fraudulent clown show being conducted by the Covid Select Committee in their questioning of Fauci, Daszak and Ralph Barrick about the origins of covid and the bioweapon that followed. Martin is a patent underwriter and really knows what he's doing. He calls out the committee here for failing to ask pertinent questions or the right questions, calling it a white wash. I think he's right. He brings the goods.

From Paul Harvey - just some of the things lost and/or given up by our Founders who pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor. Many lost everything they had...wives, families, homes, fortunes and some lost their lives.

The real job numbers by Matt Kim on twittster. He gives the true numbers of how badly Americans are getting screwed and how well the government and invaders are doing under Jobama's programs. Apologies for the quality; I was filming a computer screen with a crummy hand held camera. Twits makes it impossible to download a video on their platform unless you're willing to pay them, which I'm not. Elon has enough money and doesn't need any of mine.

Found this on twitster. Biden's border deaths are multiplying daily. Children; lost innocence; torture; lost lives; shattered families; cartel gangs. Welcome to Obiden's death & torture cult. Video from WesternLensman on twitster.

One minute clip from a video by Dr. David Martin featuring the mention of how much money Ramaswami made backing and selling the deadly clotshots. He's never mentioned that, has he? See Dr. Martin's full videos at UI Media Network.

IMAGINE 100,000 Americans suddenly stopping having withholding taken out of their paychecks. Imagine if they completely stopped filing and paying income tax legally. Perhaps the only way to save America from the takeover currently underway by the "deep state" is to legally defy this government and hit them where it hurts. Mama always said "First, you have to get their attention."
Minivan Jack explains it fully and this video includes links to other valuable information. This is not legal or financial advice - just sharing a video from youtube that I found very interesting.

This hilarious video is by @TheHoleTweet on twitster. Fantastic job! Not for libs...The deep state is panic stricken.

FUNNY but these people are really out there!

I don't think all of this "freak" weather is accidental or natural. This is a quote from LBJ about controlling the world by controlling the weather. IMO he was 100% criminal. Here is a very interesting interview between Maria Zeee and Dane Wigington.

These are just a few of the multiple laws Joe Biden, Mayorkas and the O'Biden administration are breaking repeatedly at taxpayer expense. There are many more - look up immigration law on google and you'll find many more.

I apologize for the quality of this video...the power keeps going out due to the current ice storm where I live. This was the only copy I could download of this fellow giving some background on Vivek - I never trusted him and never will. He is a WEF baby and SOROS plant IMO. Of course, you make up your own mind. My instincts tell me he is dirty from the toes up and was put in place to take votes from Trump. The reason I don't allow comments on my videos is because I just don't have time to hold discussions and too many trolls have found their way onto BC. It really is a matter of time. I have other channels on other platforms with over 100K views and there is no way I can reply / read comments - some people can but I just don't have the time to do it.

US ATTORNEY MATTHEW GRAVES is persistent in wanting to arrest and prosecute American citizens who rallied for President Donald Trump at their own capitol on January 6, 2021. But much MUCH bigger crimes are being committed daily, in DC, by Joe Biden and his administration regarding immigration laws enacted by Congress that Biden is breaking. WHY isn't Matthew Graves charging Joe Biden for committing these crimes in the district he's responsible for, the District Of Columbia. Maybe We The People should ask him? This video lists multiple crimes and punishments for encouraging, assisting, harboring, transporting and supporting illegal invaders of this country. WHY isn't our congress doing ANYTHING ABOUT IT. Where is our military?

Featuring: David Wilcock, Corey Goode, John DeSouza, Niara Isley, Jordan Sather.

Featuring: David Wilcock, Corey Goode, John DeSouza, Niara Isley, Jordan Sather. This section addresses the use of children, mind control, MK Ultra.

Featuring: David Wilcock, Corey Goode, John Desouza, Niara Isley, Jordan Sather. Open your mind for this one...

Featuring: David Wilcock, Corey Goode, John Desouza, Niara Isley, Jordan Sather. Open your mind for this one...

Featuring: David Wilcock, Corey Goode, John Desouza, Niara Isley, Jordan Sather. Open your mind for this one...

This presentation was supposed to be given to Parliament but due to technical difficulties it was not shown. Dr. Mike Yeadon was the Chief Science Officer at Pfizer for many years. Here, he tells the full truth of the damage the jab does and how impossible it would have been to make a safe or effective treatment in less than a year - usually taking a minimum of 6-9 years. These concoctions forced on people had nothing left to chance as far as how they attack every tissue in the human body and the pharma mafia knew it. They also knew the jabs did not stop transmission or alleviate any illness.

The entire covid debacle threw into sharp relief the tyranny of our governments and non-elected "officials" in their forced and manipulated attempts to control the rights and choices of autonomous human beings. Every person has the right to decide for themselves what behaviors are correct for themselves, especially when it comes to wearing masks, where to stand and whether or not to accept some experimental and dangerous substance into their body. Dr. Robert Malone states the rights and reasons very well in this statement. In future I hope every person will consider these rights when making decisions about their own health and their own rights; rights not granted by governments but rights every person is born with. These rights were clearly delineated in the Nuremberg Code which is also LAW and cannot be circumvented by any government agency.,physicians%20also%20serve%20as%20subjects.

A whistleblower RN from Fresno CA reports what she has been seeing since March of 2021 after the rollout of the poison death jabs. Sometimes there have been 8 deaths in one day of babies in ONE HOSPITAL when there used to be 1 death every couple of months.

Clip from a YT video put out by Real BP Earthwatch today. It says there have been US casualties which the MSM isn't reporting on. See his other posts and the rest of this short video on his YT channel. He does monitor sites like Military dot com, WarNews247 and others.

She was well known for always standing up for the underdog. A former MI6 agent believes she was taken out and that it was done because of her support for Palestine. Personally, I have no idea - very confusing can of worms really...

Martin dishes up all of the evidence anyone would ever need to prove that covid and the vax were a premeditated criminal conspiracy. I did my best to clean up the audio and balance the volume but whoever recorded it first kind of messed it up so there is still a little distortion here and there but you can still hear exactly what he's saying. As he says, he's not suggesting or alleging - he is ACCUSING certain people and the WHO of a criminal conspiracy.

A little adaptation from Braveheart - who do we send to negotiate an end to WW3.


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