Marjorie Taylor Green reads the FBI form that shows that Joe Biden got 5 million dollars directly for his role in the Burisma scandal.

What a tricky little fellow....cute.

No words are necessary...cheering gladly accepted.

Brief collection of videos of electric vehicle fires which behave as if they've been ignited by Greek Fire. The more one tries to extinguish the fire, the bigger the fire gets. NOW they want to commission ELECTRIC SCHOOL BUSES. Are we really going to sacrifice children in the name of "progress"?

Representative Clay Higgins tells the truth about the abysmal failure of Mayorkas to protect America from invasion. One might ask what could make a sworn servant of the nation act so blatantly against his oath of office. Perhaps someone should ask the cartels...

This information was given to me personally by local law enforcement who are having to deal with this issue and so many others caused by Biden's OPEN BORDER CRISIS. Necrophilia is now the pastime of some in the homeless camps of the "sanctuary state" of Oregon. Music is from David Levy channel on YT.

Over 2 million children are trafficked every year.
85k have disappeared from the Southern Border.
"Sound of Freedom" exposes this horror. The only way to help is to INSIST to our "lawmakers" that our borders be CLOSED AND PROTECTED. Help stop the trafficking of children....write, call or email your representatives every day until they do SOMETHING to stop it...until they close and protect our borders. The movie is due for release worldwide in 2023.

John Stockwell, a former intel agent, explains how the CIA has been planting fake news stories for decades. He also explains how they recruit journalists to disseminate information for psychological operations. This recording is from 1983.
He reported that some of the biggest names in the business have done it.

This is one woman's opinion - but I believe it is also the opinion of at least 150 million Americans now. I couldn't download the original so I had to film it with my tiny video camera aimed at my desktop as it played - so I apologize for the "lack of quality". But, she makes her point and is absolutely correct - this administration has turned America into a dumpster fire of disaster.

On today's episode of "Biden vs His Teleprompter"....

Tucker Carlson breaks his silence after leaving Faux News to talk about telling the truth - who does it and who DOES NOT do it.

Not sure when this was exactly but Jim Jordan addresses many of the follies and embarrassments of the current regime in America. FBI lies, border chaos and the general ineptitude of the current clown show in DC.

Video clip from Monkey Werx US channel on youtube. Full video is at:

From a video by Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger regarding the graphene oxide in the Pfizer jabs and how it enables DARPA to control people completely, including causing their death, using WIFI technology if they have the graphene oxide in their body after taking the jab. The full video on this from Dr. Stuckelberger is here:

Her website is blocked by many browsers but here is the address if you'd like to try it. She is absolutely brilliant and gave lectures all over the world at conferences until she began to speak out about the dangers of the covid jabs - then she started getting blacklisted.

Everything you ever needed to know about the 9 11 attacks on America in 2001 - this time brought to you by former FBI agent John DeSouza in his "Portal To Ascension" presentation at that conference. He's explaining why one should probably never believe or trust the government...this clip he plays is the only copy of this that I've been able to find in years as it keeps getting taken down from YT and other platforms. I would love to credit the originator of the video but can't find the reference. John DeSouza's work can be found all over the internet. He is also an author of a number of books which are also available online.

This young man went to a place serving food in UKR and was approached by men who shoved a summons at him and told him to report to fight. He says they just leave bodies where they fall and tell their families that they're missing. He says a lot of things...

Just a darling video I found on youtube or FB - sweet pup.

Not being reported in western media. He says he "is getting reports" on these things happening. I wonder how many other things aren't getting reported. The US has depleted our own ordinance, weapons and ammo on UKR while our own border is being invaded by thousands of unknown people every day - and our government is doing NOTHING about it except lying to the public by saying that the "border is secure".

This lady will probably never get another interview with the criminal Gates in this lifetime. GOOD for her.

No idea where this is, but this is some amazing teamwork for these foresters / loggers / drivers. Amazing.

Follow up by Greg Reese Report on how high kill or "rapid kill" lots of the covid vaccine were identified by researcher and scientist Craig Paardekooper from the CDC's own "expiry" dated information. These "kill lots" or batches of covid vaccine were reported by Paardekooper as having gone primarily to RED States in the US. The greatest number of covid vaccine related deaths, disabilities and injuries have occurred in the exact same red states that got the 'high kill" lots. California got the least of those vaccines.

Lara Logan does a great job at explaining the extreme corruption going on between Biden, Zelensky, John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, Mitt Romney and their children who own millions in UKR companies when they have no expertise whatsoever in the fields they're being paid to work in. Will you allow this corruption to just go on against the Will of the American People?

Citing the horrific side effects, deaths and disabilities caused by these injections Dr. Malone, a Harvard Med Fellow, explains that the harm FAR outweighs any good from them, especially since they don't work as promised by so many politicians and celebrities like Dr. Dolly Parton, Dr. Sean Penn and Dr. Morgan Freeman...all of whom were probably given giant chunks of Pfizer/Moderna/J&J stock for their "testimonials". Products that work against a "deadly threat" don't have to be advertised and pushed on the public - people will rush to get them.
Problem is, Covid is treatable, therefore the emergency authorization was illegal and inappropriate. The injections do not reduce infections or spread of the "virus" which is NOT TERMINAL for 99.8% of people. People are more likely to have sickness or even death if they've been given these injections than if they're got no injections. These injections damage the heart, brain, lungs and reproductive organs and ruin the natural immune system. There needs to be investigations into how these injections are harming people and why they were approved without proper testing when Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine with a vitamin regimen work every time. The taxpaying American citizens who unwittingly paid for this entire nightmare, deserve to know the whole truth about this fiasco or ruinous damage pressed upon them by Big Med & Bit Pharma, who made 100 Billion Dollars off of this scam. People need to be put on trial for the damage done and the lives lost. Children who trusted their parents and the nauseating TV commercials telling them they'd be "covid heroes" if they took the jab have ended up dead or permanently heart damaged which significantly reduces their life expectancy.

It has recently been shown by Dr. David Nixon that Colloidal Gold destroys the nanotechnology in these shots and that beets reduce inflammation including that around the heart.

These masks are so good that George H W Bush met with a CIA agent in the Oval Office and didn't know who he was talking to. That was many years ago. The masks are even better now.
This agent explains how the CIA and Hollywood have been working together to fool people for YEARS. There is also a CIA agent in most major newsrooms across America deciding what "news" you are going to hear. So, who is playing Biden?

The government is tracking the un-jabbed via doctors & clinics.. They are NOT FINISHED trying to remove bodily autonomy and personal freedom of choice. The government has no business interfering with doctor / patient privacy. They have no right to force people to take any type of medical procedure, especially one that kills and disabled people as the covid jab has been proven to do. The covid jab is not safe or effective - many people who have been jabbed and boosted still get covid and now are getting something called long covid which they cannot recover from for months. The covid jab ruins the immune system causing VAIDS = Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome which means people can no longer fight off something as simple as the common cold. These people intend to control the world, to end freedom and to ruin health and cause early demise of all ages of people. This is the "great reset" in action. Better speak up...


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