A documentary that tells the tale that the victors still do not want you to know. Learn the terrible truth about the rape, torture, slavery, and mass murder inflicted upon the German people by the Allied victors of World Word II.

Jüri Lina shows in this documentary how Freemasons, international bankers, and communists joined forces in an unholy alliance and through the Bolshevik Revolution of November 1917 established in Russia the most brutal and dehumanizing slave society the world has ever seen.

The other side of the Zionist version of the story.
Adolf Hitler, born in Braunau, one man who will change the history of the world forever. It follows his childhood to the death of his mother and his broken ambition to become an artist, then further to his entry into politics. His service in the army, accolades, his writing Mein Kampf, politics and most importantly Germany's revival are well explained followed by WW2. It also covers the effect on Germany's after the WW2 defeat up until the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The Bible is plagiarized. They kept out a lot of the stuff in the modern day Bible.

Die Waarheid verskaf stof tot nadenke

Dr. Stefan Lanka explains that HIV has never been isolated.
Interviewer: Huw Christie, London 1996.

The Truth and nothing but the Truth. The Zionist OWO with their Babilonian money magic Kazarian Money magic, "Usury" Third Force SATANIC occult deep state will not happen.

Streamed live on 23 Jun 2022 TOPICS: Did President Eisenhower Do A Treaty with These Grey Biological E.T.s?

More from Linda’s source:

Mystery of “Blue Eisenhower November” and OPRP
- Nemesis Protocol
- “time travel… the greatest threat to humanity”
- March 20, 2022 episode on Trantaloids
- Trantaloids are hostile, with ability to manipulate timelines
- “1,000 years more advanced than ours…maybe more”
- “Temporal technology exists and is used almost exclusively by the Trantaloid insect species”

Eisenhower’s knowledge of ETS described by Philip J Corso in “The Day After Roswell”
- Eisenhower knew all about gov’t investigations
- rumours that Eisenhower had treaties with ETs
- “tall greys are mining for helium 3 on the moon”
- Manipulation of our climate to make it livable to Trantaloids
- “humans are being abducted”

John Mark Dougan has left the safety of Moscow to travel to the front lines of the war in Ukraine. Crazy as that sounds, he is alive and on the ground covering the war first hand.

In full: President Putin's speech at Luzhniki stadium, Moscow - 18th March 2022 [English subtitles]

Watch Hospital Engineer Kieran Morrissey's full uncensored interview from the Right Now.

This nurse in South Australia is dropping truth bombs on MSM.
Hospitals full of vaxinated patients and young people with serious side effects from the jab.
She expects close to 2500 nurses to walk out!!

An employer should never forcefully mandate a product that is exempt from liability... Period!

John O'Looney, an undertaker, speaking out on Covid.

Undertaker John O'Looney blowing the whistle on the Covid agenda.

Stew Peters talked with Dr. David Martin in an historical interview with inarguable fact-based exposure that should be seen by the entire world as an absolute end to the COVID narrative. |

Polish Atrocities in Bromberg - WW2

Human trafficking in Britain.

They are prepping the story line for excusing their way out of destroying millions with the vax.
Skip to 2:30 in that video, although the beginning is not really fluff.
Let me sum up the excuse they are going to use to back paddle their way out of destroying so many people with that vax.
Here it is, in a single sentence:
"We caused everyone's body to produce only the spike protein while not realizing it was the spike protein that was doing the damage, NOT THE VIRUS." ONCE AGAIN, YOU SAW IT HERE FIRST, that's EXACTLY what they are going to say.
They are not going to ever explain how that spike protein is shedding and self replicating in people that never had the shot. They are never going to admit there was never a virus, and the spike protein was the entire weapon. They are never going to tell the truth, NOT EVER, but at least now we know what the story is going to be, and that is: "The vax was experimental and everyone was aware of that, and OOOOOOOOOOOPPPSSSS!!! WE SCREWED UP.
But we warned you, so you can stick it, and you had damn well better accept our next concoction too.

The late Dr. Kary Mullis, the inventor of the PCR test, has been blowing the whistle on Fauci and big pharma for thirty years.

The full 16 minute interview. Lord Rothschild Discusses How His Family Created Israel! 2017 Interview.

The vaccines weren't brought in for Covid. Covid was brought in for the vaccines.

Renowned molecular biologist and virologist Dr. Stefan Lanka in discussion with Ilsedora Laker of the GNM Institute

Raylene Short - An in-depth discovery about what is really in the FLU & Dt ap - Plus implications for the newest jab.

Conspiracy, Covid, modern medical science, Rockefeller medicine men, invisible rainbow, Moth in the iron lung - book, polio, vaccine, allopathy, naturopathy, medical monopoly, fluoride.


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