Proximity marketing is big right now and Royaltie is the leading company taking advantage of it. The Royaltie gem was introduced January of last year and has been scaling up ever since. First Royaltie upgraded with the Royaltie app that allowed you to control your Royaltie Gems straight from the app.
Next Royaltie came out with Upline, which is a Royaltie white-label solution which allows businesses to completely brand the proximity marketing platform and app to themselves.
Now in 2018 the big release from Royaltie is Mobile Guest WiFi.

Use the Royaltie Gem to market and promote your business or brand. For more info or to sign up with Royaltie now you can do so at or if you have some more questions about the Royaltie Gem or Proximity marketing then contact me here [email protected]

With this Gem beacon device I'm able to make more money with my Royaltie Gem doing all the work for me. I'm able to work from home and use my free time with my family. If you want to see what this gem can do for your business click the link to get yours today! Be sure to like and subscribe for more video updates! Check out my Royaltie Business Video learn more about the Royaltie Gem in this video. See how you can join me in Royaltie Elite and get paid to market your own business or opportunity! Click Here to find out more The best way to leverage your business, services, social media branding and more all for less than $1 a day $25 a month! Who else has this offer? Get all eye balls on your call to action! Sign up and order yours right now! Click Here

Royaltie Gems Do proximity marketing. What does that mean? The beacons send a signal to android phones within a 50-100 yard radius. Broadcasting any 40 character message you wish directing people to your call of action, videos, Facebook, business, opportunity and services. I sell these if you want one click here to learn more and order yours today. Royaltie Business Video Royaltie Gem Video Royaltie Elite Work on the Road Rving Workamping Work Camping Full time RV Skoolie Adventures How to work on the road bitcoin travel school bus conversion on the road work from home texas shooting california fires


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