It was the Best of Times; It was the Worstest of Times

begins @ 40 secs

GTFO wit your 800 pp Fountain Head - Cliff Notes plz
(How's that rugged individualism working out for ya, white man ?)
Step back from them Kangz, Becky - !

Audio only - audio improves at 8 minutes in

Knock Knock Knocking on Heaven's Door : bottoming out...
Audio Rant is Audio only

The Noose is tightening down to a Locked Event HOrizon of Demographic oblivion
The Silver Tsunami will not save us
The Malls are closed
Audio only

Vintage Dashboard - more trenchant observations re. crumbling society
audio only

12 foot personal social buffer zone
Formal education has ceased - 16 yr olds still n 2nd grade 2025
C virus does it all
This stuff can live on a steel rail for a thousand years !!!
Full Hazmat suit ! Save yo selfs !
Audio rant

More of the usual , part 2
Audio only rant

Misc ramblins and repetitions of the usual - part 1

Audio only ranting

Talk about Demographics

looking for a land without a people, for a people without a land

real talk audio only

Once you get fooled, you can't get fooled again ...
Audio ranting and fulminations

usual audio semi coherent rant

I dunno, ramblin's, corona maybe, search for 'Zion' ...

Archived at 2X normal speed

China buffet special ! You buy now ! Very good !

Be sure to Vote. (is this thing even plugged in ?)

Audio rant

Wagons Ho ! Pardners. and some other crazy town sheite.

begins ~ 1 minute in

reconstruction - the intent : overhaul society irrevocably
german society expunged disenfranchised
true purpose commercials

just a few greedy people who want to buy a bugatti and patronize trendy restaurants


FEIGNED helplessness to advance the agenda... rocky and bullwinkle save us

every thing seems to have a veneer of shit over it 40:30
why would u wanna have chillens ?

we need to go to australia pick up an abo and let him be the capt of the new starships

ties into the 3pmodel

the goal - how people are perceived

viral delive sys; instead of genes u inject memes into the zeitgeist
ur homework assign for toda;y use ur thinking cap and come up wih a psiop

tv is so 20th, better ways insert images/ideas zeitgeist example Tindr
psiops : some more hidden, some large/small scale
napster bearshare kazaa gone... more adv resilient than today torrenting decentrald now harder to do

maybe its just coindcidence, just kinda happened brah, things just happen, just for profit the people that already have all the money

8 hrs of the Kings of Observational Fatalism - ur cups runneth over.
On Wimmen and Dating or Not-Dating in this the Current Year.

Maternal Instinct ? BwaHahahahaha ... !!

They have stats and graphs and studies, professionally correlated and peer reviewed - what You got ? nothing but your own lyin' eyes; over a couple counties peeps be wearing shoes on their hands. or something. Betcha dint kno that.

2 hour audio rant

laydies want control and security and if ur channeling jason bourne u is out...

Diamonds are a gurls best friend...anecdotes from the Dating Wars

TLDR: they ain't interested...

re-upload ?

not sure this is same is different length so i dunno

another long ass rant about the general state decay in all things whitey

You got it wrong - she doesn't want a man, she wants a dog, and not a useful dog, but a little poodle she can boss around .
And she's doing the driving and decidin' and don't you forget it.
Audio rant

She craving masculinity man.
Audio rant and reality talk.

Ask not for whom the Family Tree Surgeon tolls, He tolls for thee ...

Impromptu audio rant about all the worthless crap you learned in school and beyond .


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