She craving masculinity man.
Audio rant and reality talk.

Ask not for whom the Family Tree Surgeon tolls, He tolls for thee ...

Impromptu audio rant about all the worthless crap you learned in school and beyond .

another long ass audio rant; have you noticed, some of the 'name' youtoob 'influencers' are coming around to tthis way of thinking lately...

Long ass audio rant about your place in the greater scheme (heh) of Things ...

C'mon Uncle SAm, Taxpayers, you need to step up right quick - I've got a house full of snail people and demon babies - somebody's gotta pay for all their chit.

Audio rant distilled.

Forget about having a famibly - just get yourself a couple nice hobbies. Stamp Collecting ! Model Trains ! Winning !

Saddle up Pardners - We're a riding' to Sturgis where the ladies are fine and cream right up for a Santa-bearded Harley Dood.

Society done got teh big ol' Kibosh put on it ... big ol' Kibosh on teh big ol' Smart Noggins !

Hey big Fella - Is that a Slide Rule in ya pocket, or ya just happy to see me ?!

All you need - your career, a cot, a sink and a chair

Irish, dogs, and sailors - will not be served ...

Bumper crop of downies and Squatemalea is flooding in, so re-allocation of funds : Remedial and ESL
No AP Physics or Chem for u
No starships now or nevah, brah

Hilarious take down of utoob 'influencers'

Maintain frame, brah ... gorilla mindset, brah ... be alpha, brah ...

Boring rant that only free press is the one u own.

You're 40 effing years old and going back to school ...

An Acura might do in a pinch, but don't bring around no broke ass Toyota

Diamonds are a girlz best friend.

Churlish fulminations against the current insanity of smart big noggins working for the halt, lame, deaf, dumb , and blind

ruminations upon the decline

observations of the current malaise

Existential Angst


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Musings upon the post-non-apocalyptic culture rotting and suppurating all around us ...