Jan is the Queensland State Secretary of Citizens Electoral Council of Australia, and her comment is
that things are happening so fast that the world will be a different place again by the time she
addresses our meeting.

Malcolm Roberts speaks to MBSC about current poor governance in Australia.

Topics covered:
Politicians do not listen today.
He is fiercely pro human – liberation of animals and people
The control side of politics is anti-human
He has visited and listened to people all over Australia and particularly in rural areas.
People are wonderful the World over and need to be listened to
Celebrate our country. Clean air, blue skies, peaceful society, rule of law, freedom of speech and religion
Australia punches above its weight but tolerates too much
Wonderful resources in Australia – people, opportunities, soil and farming land (Darling Downs)
Pauline Hanson’s birthday today (64)
Pauline cares about her country and is a softie. The truth matters
Privilege to be in the Senate and serving Australia
Malcolm speaks up for what he believes in
People disenchanted
Politicians not looking after the everyday people who do not trust politicians and people see the Senate as their only option
No trust in the media as the media is a money making institution
Lindsay Tanner is Kevin Rudd’s right-hand man
People created government to protect life, property and freedom
Humans create resources
Government stealing people’s lives, property and freedom
Energy – Industrial Revolution – cost of energy came down considerably
Shut down the clearing of trees
A farmer bought mulga land to feed his cattle and the LNP took it off him. They did not have to pay compensation – this is theft
John Howard promised to put in place a policy on Climate Change. Politicians never had a debate on the science of Climate Change in parliament
NASA – 1930’s climate is no different to today
NOA and NSA are both the same – wind and solar are not reliable sources
Snowy Mountain Scheme 2 will consume more power than it generates
Gas – highest gas prices in the world – royalties and tax
David mentioned lack of government security on exporting products
Petrol prices - $1.20 a few weeks ago – now $1.60 – why has it gone up 25%
Allan Webster commented that electricity used to be run by private enterprise as well as government
Electricity needs to be generated by states who are accountable
Visa fees paid by immigrants are huge. The money goes to the Federal government
Immigration – Defence – National security
Christopher Pyne – $55b contract for submarine
Australian Defence Forces are the best in the world but we do not look after our veterans
Barnaby Joyce stated that there is no evidence of us causing Climate Change
Barnaby also commented that politics meets in the middle but science has to be proven. If you speak out of turn with the Labour Party, you get kicked out
Islam is an ideology, not a religion
Lack of accountability from government
CFMEU paying money to GET-UP!
Human behaviour – neo cortex – irrational behaviour – not using our brains
Character development is done before we are 6 years old
Control freaks target schools
Actions, words, thoughts, feelings, needs – Fight, Flight or Freeze
Politicians hate being embarrassed and losing numbers
Al Gore thinks he is saving the planet and not a crook
Mob behaviour – belonging to a group is being accepted as the norm
Pre-selection. What do we have to do? Get rid of the party system
Get people more active
Educate people and get away from the tired old parties
Aiming for transparency – Greens and Labour always preference each other
The future of this country depends on One Nation
Property rights – farmers struggling
Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Regan and Donald Trump say what they think
Malcolm Turnbull’s best asset in Canberra is Bill Shorten

This video is a backup copy originally from the #AustralianLibertyAlliance, #AviYemini Facebook page.

It has been re-uploaded here in case of possible future Facebook censorship.
The video was recorded on 10th June 2018 at the British Consulate,100 Eagle St, Brisbane
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#FreeTommy #SoniaKruger protest in Brisbane Australia. 10th June 2018. This is the second protest event in Brisbane. The event began with the Australian National Anthem. After the rally here at the British Consulate, some of the attendees marched through Queen St Mall and were greeted by positive reactions from the public. #AviYemini #MalcolmRoberts #JohnBolton #AustralianLibertyAlliance #LetsTalkAboutIslam


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Moreton Bay Safe Communities is a group based in the Moreton Bay Regional shire in Queensland Australia. Topics of discussion include issues surrounding Sharia Law and violent jihad, Cultural Marxism and personal safety. Past guest speakers include Peter Dutton MP, Luke Howarth MP, Mike Charlton, David Truman, Mark Durie, Malcolm Roberts, Bernard Gaynor and Mark Robinson MP.