MorgellonsLive channel released Teslaphoresis many years ago , I linked this in my research to Morgellons & Space Fence ( Demon Hunter & the Gatekeeper gang instantly stole this work , then lied to you about Teslaphoresis ) . I have sat on this information as the Gatekeepers Parasite's Trolls copy post descended in their demonic hoards . They have had years to do some research & work on this subject , none have .
La Columna recently decided they have made a link to Optogenectics & the current situation . I have years of research & posts connecting Optogenectics , even though these videos are bought over from Utube , Posts on Bitchute MorgellonsLive predate all these frauds . TimeStamps do not lie .
Stew Peters guests like to shop for their research on MorgellonsLive channel then take credit for themselves .

Welcome if you are new to MorgellonsLive , Playlist & Share are under video , you are welcome to use . Downloading to your channel is not welcome . For a clear account of research & a decade of posts , scroll to beginning of channel & work up . Protocols are posted first & will also aid the vaxx or test injured .
Gatekeepers target MorgellonLive channel using Gangstalking tactics . All my work is now Branded & Timestamped , this exposes the parasites who do nothing but steal the hard work of others harming both the channel they steal from & those these channels are trying to help . For example my recent work & videos on Hera Zues Blue Dragons are being raped by Sky Dome Atlantis on Odysee . Demon Hunter on Bitchute channel is a rape & torture of my original content . Sixth Sense has much of my work including stolen original Protocols posted on Boogieman Webpage where products are also sold including SkyDomeAtlantis/DemonHunter products . Extreme Reality Check has stolen much of my content as has Shaking My Head Productions . Stew Peters guests love shopping on MorgellonsLive channel with the Jew along with Celeste the FEMA shill have now stolen my work & protocol of Four Thieves Essential Oil . They have stated it cures , it does not cure Morgellons but it sure helps your body defend against the BioWeapons .
Real channels do not beg for money as this is never a real friends agenda . Real channels do not lie to you & have a clear record of research showing how these conclusions are drawn . Start looking at TimeStamps , they are under every video post . Then you will know who the parasites are . Some may in different ways have something similar at some point , but when a channel or stalking gang consistently has all your work , in my case , everything I post , this is no accident , these are Gatekeepers and Trolls making money from your work . They also will twist the truth . They like to use movie trailers as their research to mirror the targeted channels work . This is because they do no research , Gatekeepers must produce a required number of videos & are given fake subs , views & likes so these criminals appear at the top of searches .

Welcome if you are new to MorgellonsLive , most Protocols are posted first & then more as you progress up the channel , I have tried to keep videos in an order so you may follow the progression of work up until where we are today .
Gatekeepers are desperate to keep Morgellons hidden . Do you really think just a couple of jabs can hatch Black Eyed Transhuman babies ? The Vaxx is a Vector , a Vector trips conditions , BioWeapons Disease Morgellons is the connection that is the conditions . Morgellons is a Transhuman Agenda .
Share and Playlists are under the video , welcome to use , posting on your channel is not welcome . This is my work & all the help & information are on this channel .
MorgellonsLive channel is stalked by a gang of Gatekeepers all working together to create maximium dis information & confusion . Demon Hunter is Sky Dome Atlantis has latest content theft posted on Odysee as Gatekeeping Crimes are obvious . SixthSense has stolen work & MorgellonsLive original Protocols posted as his work on Boogieman money making webpage including Sky Dome Atlantis crap products for sale . Sky Dome Atlantis crap products show the original Sky Dome Atlantis concept , no smart dust , no fogglets , no aerogel , no space fence , no teslaphorosis , all were my connections & work , stolen by these Gatekeepers.

Demon Hunter Gatekeeper Gangstalking of MorgellonsLive criminal Intellectual Property Theft . Scroll down this was bought over from Utube April 2020 . Sky Dome Atlantis has stolen my work connecting Zeus Hera Cronos Omicron & posted on Odysee & Utube . My decade of posts Intellectual Property Theft is clearly obvious . Demon even stole my work involving Teflon , the Gatekeeping is that severe . Sky Dome Atlantis is Demon Hunter , Boogieman Website is where Sixth Sense even stole my Morgellons Protocols , Teslaphorosis , OptoGenectics are also claimed up after stealing from MorgellonsLive , my entire channel has been raped over and over by these Gangstalker's , Shaking My Head Crapductions stole my Time Lord , Cronus which Demon also stole , Extreme Reality Check , Shill Stew Peters & Madej , Love , Morgellons is what they want suppressed .

Morgellons is the BioWeapons Disease you are all infected with . Everything is infected , I have Protocols to help you , Scroll down the channel and work up so you see the progression of my work & then can fully understand the progression of posts . I have done my best to keep in some sort of order as I move from Utube & still reposting . Start looking at Timestamps , this expose's trolls . Have they a long history of covering complicated subjects or one hit wonders on whatever will get them views . When it comes to Morgellons you better be real careful who you listen to .

MorgellonsLive copyright video . Gatekeepers are taking all my work & twisting with mis information , this is how they control the narrative & so called getting the word out should not require stealing from others to the point of ruining them , destroying their hard work , stealing all content from their channel . This is what they are doing to my channel & have been doing for years .

Welcome if you are new to MorgellonsLive , Scroll down , work up the channel , Protocols posted 1st as I repost from banned utube channels .
MorgellonsLive Copyright video , share & playlist under video which you are welcome to use .

WARNING YOU ALL , THE JAB IS A VECTOR , WHAT YOU ARE VIEWING IS PART OF WHAT MORGELLONS IS , COMPLEX , MULTILAYERED & A BIOWEAPON . A VECTOR TRIPS CONDITIONS YOU ALREADY HAVE , THIS IS AN ASSIMULATION VECTOR . THIS IS NOT EVEN ALL OF WHAT MORGELLONS BIOWEAPONS CONSIST OF , THERE IS SO VERY MUCH MORE . Morgellons has many brave hard working people who have spent decades exposing & warning you all regarding the BioWeapons attacks & Transhuman Agenda . This has already been exposed by the Morgellons Community , it is unfair to take credit for work that has already been done by many people , decades of work done by the Morgellons community . Where were all of you then , now claiming this as your exposures & work then ? Where were you , I will tell you where you all were , you were all ignoring us & locking us up mental hospitals claiming we were delusional .

Dr Franc video which is called the Thing , strange when it is considered I am the channel calling the Chemical Beast an Octopus . Please see video Dante's Drop bought over from my utube many years ago where I decoded Bromide & Researched & found a Treatment to Break down the Thing . I have videos covering the Squids & still reposting videos . See samples I have from Morgellons specimens that are now being found in the Vector Death Jabs .
Beware of MorgellonsLive under Gatekeeper watch with Transvestite Demon Hunter trolling all posts on this channel , Sixth Sense has many stolen Protocols stolen from this channel on Boogieman Money making Product selling webpage . Shaking my head productions just trolled my TimeLord video & Extreme Reality Check is also trolling . This is to control the narritive , make money & most of all to hide Morgellons . I & thousands of others have shown from years of videos prior to Covid the same samples as are in the Vector Death Jab . Videos of the Flu vax content I have from a Lab clearly pre date Covid yet the same samples are found .

This Livestream was made in 2016 coupled with Graphene Science clip , I was still working off a phone at this point in time & the video was such poor quality I have since remade & is already posted on this channel . Scroll down Protocols reposted first to get you started on Detox . As you work up the channel you will understand connections I have made in a decade of posting . MorgellonsLive is heavily trolled , Transvestite Demon Hunter Gatekeeper has been found to have Hera & Zeus videos posted on its Odysee & Utube , shameful fake christian desperate to control the narrative . Scroll right down , Carrie Madej did not connect Hydra . TIMESTAMPS ARE UNDER EVERY VIDEO ON BITCHUTE & MOST OF MY WORK WAS POSTED YEARS ON UTUBE BEFORE MOVING TO BITCHUTE .

Stew Peters & Dr Love's to shop in MorgellonsLive channel with other Stew Peters guest fake Dr Carrie Madej , funny how the researches were not around to help the Morgellons Bioweapon victims , that would be all of you whether you know it or not . It is very easy to be a researcher when the work has already been done . CREDIT TO ALL THE AWAKE MORGELLONS WHO ARE AWARE OF THE BIOWEAPONS ATTACKS , THIS IS ALL OF OUR WORK THEY ARE STEALING TO CONTINUE TO HIDE MORGELLONS VECTOR/JAB TO TRIP ANOTHER CONDITION & PRETEND ITS JUST ALL THE JAB . EXPLAIN THEN , HOW IS IT I ALREADY HAVE THIS WORK POSTED FOR YEARS CONNECTING TO MORGELLONS JUST LIKE IT IS MY WORK CONNECTING HYDRA , MEDUSA , HERA , ZUES , KRONOS , THIS WORK IS ONGOING BUT CURRENTLY PUT ON HOLD DUE TO Demon Hunter SixthSense Shaking my head productions Extreme Reality Check Boogieman who are all stealing this work and twisting into babble to mis direct & mis lead , they all do nothing but sell products and steal the work of others with a babble of movie clips used as research . Demon Hunter caught on utube & odysee blatantly stealing my work again , this time on Hera / Zeus .

the Morgellons Community between us all have been here for decades , we have done the work we have the Patents , it is insulting to us all how they continue to hide Morgellons BioWeapons Disease , there is no respect for these so called experts who we hoped when the Covid Crime began just might expose Morgellons & finally the Morgellons Community would be heard , all I see is the BioWeapons Morgellons cover up continuing . Timestamps do not lie , Scroll right down .
MorgellonsLive is being trolled by the following Stew Peters starring Carrie Madej & Dr Love , Shaking My Head Productions , Extreme Reality Check , SixthSense , Boogieman , Demon Hunter is Sky Dome Atlantis . Gatekeepers work like this , Sixth Sense has MorgellonsLive stolen protocols & work posted as Sixth Sense content on Boogieman webpage who also sells Demons SkyDomeAtlantis merchandise , Sixth Sense & Boogieman openly beg for money across multiple forums & Demon sells Products via Boogieman . Demon to further Gatekeep MorgellonsLive openly takes all content also via Shaking My Head Production , Sixth Sense , Boogieman has both Demon & Sixth Sense on podcasts for years and years . Madej stole Hydra from MorgellonsLive which is then stolen by Demon , I didn't do it , this is Madej who done this work , are you starting to see how this all works . Timestamps are this channels friend , Timestamps expose these Gatekeepers . They deceive you with mis information implanted in MorgellonsLive original work they steal .
Extreme Reality Check also trolling & stealing off this channel to make money off my work , which I post free for all , not content for money making on gatekeepers mis information platforms .

Demon Hunter Sky Dome Atlantis Gatekeeper , Dec 1st post on Odysee trying to hide Gatekeeper Crimes , now exposed for raping MorgellonsLive channel on Bitchute & Utube , Demon posts on other forums to hide stalking crimes . The rape went on for three quarters of an hour with my work being twisted into a babble of lies . Shaking My Head Productions stole my Time Lord video . So they have Medusa left to steal , oh wait Demon has already done that . They stole Hydra Medusa Hera Zues Kronos directly from MorgellonsLive channel . Fake views Fake subs put these Gatekeepers at the top of searches . This is how they control the narrative . SixthSense Boogieman Extreme Reality Check , all are Gatekeepers who actively troll MorgellonsLive channel . TIMESTAMPS PROVE TRUTH .
This liar went on to do his best to discredit my stolen work in the latest rape video . Stated not believing Meteors , Wormwood but then the question has got to be why did he post more stolen content , the Andromeda Strain which was about a Meteor , Demon is a Liar clearly once again busted . If you are new to MorgellonsLive , this Gatekeeping has been actively stalking my channel from Utube many years ago . Also found on Sky Dome Atlantis Utube with more channel theft of my Hera connection & other work .

MorgellonsLive copyright video , share & playlist are welcomed to be used , drop links if you would like others to view the video's , Do Not Post on another channel . Scroll down for content Protocols mostly first , done my best to keep posts in order as you work up the channel . This video confirms with Laboratory results the Goo contained White Human Blood Cells , Two Separate Bacteria , one that attacks the digestive track & Jellyfish , the Goo Confirmed to be Alive . Semi Synthetic Life is a Synthetic Creation Merged with Organic Life . Synthetic Life has no Organic Organisms , upon that statement Craig Venter uses Yeast to Trip his four chemical AI baby into life , so are they using Synthetic Yeast , the way I see it is if the Yeast is Organic then it is not fully Synthetic Life but Semi Synthetic Life .
Gatekeepers & Parasites are raping this channel of all the content which I have researched & posted free for the last decade . This research has been to say the least very hard work as is creating videos .

Demon Hunter who is Sky Dome Atlantis , SixthSense , Boogieman , Shaking My Head Productions , Extreme Reality Check TIMESTAMPS PROVE THE TROLLING . Latest scumbag who just got a copyright thought it was a great idea to steal all my content & videos in an hour long purge of MorgellonsLive channel , Parasites get out of this channel , I am here for my subscribers , not for trolls to make money off my work or content for your playlist pretending to be a channel .
Demon Hunter has engaged in more attacks on MorgellonsLive Channel , Demon Hunter is welcome to share & playlist , even put links in description . So what is Demon Hunters problem , seems to be Demon is angry he can not upload all my videos to his shitshow channel , which was the case on utube , when I moved to Bitchute so did stalker paid troll Demon Hunter & the Gatekeepers .

Copyright MorgellonsLive video , share & playlist below , Do Not Post to another channel , welcome to leave a link or put in share & playlist on your channel if you feel your subs should view . Welcome if you are new to MorgellonsLive , best advise is to scroll down , Detox will come up first , work your way up the channel for clarity , still reposting as I have moved from Utube .
Yesterday's Scumbag award goes to the channel who took every video & research original on MorgellonsLive channel up to & including all my work on Crystals & linking in Light LiFi Optogenectics to his stream . Enjoy the Copyright Award , Get out of my channel , I have been posting for a decade , this is my research that is not posted anywhere else because it is my hard work , my work my channel my research is posted here for my subscribers along side help for my subscribers . Retards seem to be confused about what correct behaviour is , they have an issue doing the correct behaviour & seem to be incapable of treating others how they would like to be treated . Retards have issues realising its time to leave my channel I am not here to supply your channels content . Researching is not trolling channels & pretending on your channel it is your labour research & knowledge . That is called Intellectual Copyright theft .

Welcome if you are new to MorgellonsLive channel , scroll down Protocols for Morgellons Detox up first to get you going , still reposting as I move from Utube . Carrie Madej did not connect Hydra it is posted on MorgellonsLive Bitchute over a year ago & prior on utube , Gatekeepers stalk this channel the worst offender is Demon Hunter who is also Sky Dome Atlantis channel who after years of stealing my videos outright has resorted to trolling & copying everything I post . Many of those Demon has tricked with deceit & lies have now joined MorgellonsLive channel after they researched and found the deceit & lies Demon was inflecting upon them .

Demon Hunter is Sky Dome Atlantis , states he has been posting for over 13 years as Sky Dome Atlantis & has Sky Dome Atlantis products for sale on Amazon , yet takes my work on Space Fence & Teslaphoris , certainly not what you have been told by the Demon for the last supposed over 13 years on his Sky Dome Atlantis , the products for sale are what Sky Dome Atlantis has told hapless gullible victims. Every video I post is trolled & copied , he even copied my video on Teflon , they have my Protocols on a money making webpage as Sixth Sense work . Today my Sputnik video was copied , Shaking My Head Productions just posted a video on Time Lord which is from my work . Extreme Reality Check should have one from the work stolen from this channel . Desperate for Hydra Carrie Madej opened the door for trolls and idiots , this was my work with supported work connecting Hydra to Morgellons , scroll down that was bought over from utube over a year ago .

DEMON HUNTER BLATANTY TROLLING , COPIED THIS VIDEO TODAY IN THE ONGOING RAPE OF MorgellonsLive channel , every video I post is trolled & copied ORIGINAL VIDEO POSTED MorgellonsLive reposted from utube Janurary 2021 . GATEKEEPER Demon Hunter trolling MorgellonsLive channel , raping the channel stealing all content , today this video was copied and turned into propaganda as is every video posted on MorgellonsLive . Gatekeepers are the lowest , my work is original and to research , scroll down and look at the timestamps . Carrie Madej did not connect Hydra , the video is posted on MorgellonsLive over a year ago with indepth supported work connecting Morgellons .
Copyright MorgellonsLive video , leave links in your channel if you think my video's should be viewed , share & playlist are welcome to be used , Detox help for Morgellons are first posts & continuing as I move over from Utube . All work on this channel is supported by research & I have tried my best to keep videos in order as you move up the channel . All videos stay on MorgellonsLive channel , if they are not watermarked show some respect if you post & link back . I am at zero tolerance for multiple Gatekeepers & the Selfish who think I run a channel so they can steal content & promote themselves . I am here for my subscribers , I do the work I do the research I create the videos , control your inner parasite & just get out of MorgellonsLive channel & do your content shopping elsewhere .

Wecome if you are new to MorgellonsLive channel , scroll down & work you way up the channel for Detox & videos supporting the MorgellonsLive channel researched well documented supporting work .

Please do not use the medical mis information on this video as truth , your PH should sit 7.3/4 . Keeping your PH too high as too low will result in health issues . As recommended in MorgellonsLive Protocols you can take 1 teaspoon of Aluminium Free Bi Carb in water for up to 6 weeks , this will kill Acidity in your body and bring your PH up . I use to treat any digestive issues as they occur , great to bath in as long as its not government poisoned water , I sprinkle in my bedding , treat while I sleep , Bi Carb is a go to for radiation treatment , scroll down watch all videos & listen to detox advise on how to use treatments safely , more on Bi Carb posted on videos . A 6 week course will kill off Candida , see video on channel .

MorgellonsLive discovers safe vaccine's , demonstration included of how to follow the example of your MP's . Gatekeeper alert on Sky Dome Atlantis who is Demon Hunter with products from Sky Dome Atlantis available on Boogieman Webpage who has many many podcasts available with shill offsiders Demon Hunter who is also Sky Dome Atlantis & Sixth Sense who has stolen Protocols from MorgellonsLive channel . Gatekeepers such as Extreme Reality Check Shaking My Head Productions & Carrie Madej Stew Peters are sent in to control the narrative & gateway for trolls to take the work of those channels who they are Gatekeeping . MORGELLONS IS WHAT THEY ARE DESPARATE TO HIDE , STEW PETERS EVEN PUT OUT A VIDEO YESTERDAY SITING ITS THE VAXX DOING THIS , YOU ARE ALL INFECTED WITH MORGELLONS THE BIO WEAPONS DESEASE , THE VAX IS A VECTOR FOR MORGELLONS . I DO NOT HAVE DELUSIONS I AM BEING TROLLED , I AM BEING TROLLED AND ITS PURPOSE IS TO HIDE MORGELLONS .

Thank You to all my subscribers who have been on the Morgellons journey with myself for many years now , you have watched the stalkers & mimics take & twist protocols & information from my work , I thank those helping fight these Gatekeepers & Trolls . Demon Hunter like all dogs runs in a pack , as proved Demon Hunter works with BoogieMan & Sixth Sense who have original MorgellonsLive Protocols posted & interweaved with lies . Demon Hunter is Sky Dome Atlantis where merchandise & MorgellonsLive original protocols treatments are being sold . This was done so Demon could then use my Space Fence work as his work . These Gatekeepers need to leave my channel . They are desperate to hide Morgellons .

MorgellonsLive video , share & playlists under the channel , dropping MorgellonsLive links in your channels description also helps to send those here who need Detox & correct information from MorgellonsLive channels work , research & decade of posts . Parasites are spreading mis information & as for the disgusting trolls who copy my videos , the shame is yours & reason is your complete selfishness . I am here for my subscribers , you think the information is good & original Morgellons targeted Detox is helpful , share playlists link if you truly want to spread the word & help . How does a clueless twit stealing & copying my work help anyone . The subjects I cover are not found by accident & pretending videos of nothing but movie trailers make you think you know alot only show you are dealing with an idiot , EXTREME REALITY CHECK plagiarises this channel & makes money from my work as does Demon Hunter Six Sense Boogieman Shaking my Head Productions , if you do not know this channel is heavily trolled by parasites & gatekeepers , watch my videos , look at the timestamps & know my information has been on utube many years prior to moving to Bitchute . This is my work & its not a game for idiots to get views subs & money from my hard work .

7 news QLD Australia shapeshifting reporter clearly states It's Over , sounds like the word Delivery is also stated but It's Over is clearly heard in reverse speech which is truth revealed , prior to Its Over it does sound like the Felicity Cup , the work Felicity means intense happiness , bliss , happiness , so It's Over . Demon could hardly hide its delight now that refusing hospital services operations to TrueBloods is implemented . Believe me Hospitals are Death , any decent Medical Staff at these Demon Pit Pharmakia Den's of Lucifer no longer exist . MorgellonsLive videos can be shared through playlists & share under the video , DO NOT DOWNLOAD TO ANOTHER CHANNEL , this is causing loss of views , subs , searches for MorgellonsLive , the channel doing the work & posting original videos . Please report any channel downloading videos MorgellonsLive watermark .

Welcome if you are new to MorgellonsLive , scroll down for protocols & work your way up the channel for the dot connecters to understand what is happening . The Vaxx is a Vector , Morgellons have specimens of WaterBears , the Octo's I do believe is what they have used for the LUCIFERASE Vector that glows when you inject the death jab . Thank you to all those helping with damage control as the Gatekeepers attack my work , this includes Carrie Madej who did not link Hydra , this is posted on MorgellonsLive over a year ago & linked to Morgellons with samples , my work is supported with obvious videos showing extensive research over the last decade of posting .


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