Rose Hannah decoded this today , watch & put it together with what I have just shown you
There was something in the Mist and it was not Pollen , Get Out of New York Now , thousands upon thousand were effected and died , main stream lies on numbers once again

mirror , upload to your channel , share , it is time to awaken the zombies dragging us down with them

Mirror , Share , Upload to your channel , Australia it is time to take out the Trash

7 Wandering Stars , see Hydra video , the Women who rides the Beast that comes out of the sea is also in Norse Texts . Morgellons Live copyright online site , queries chat available for all information , this is the only generator I trust , I also wear the pendant and use leather cord to wear . I am not selling these nor have any financial gain for recommending , simply sharing protocols I use that help me .

Morgellons Live video
Morgellons is a BioWeapon disease , it is complex and multi layered

Spilt Milk Morgellons Live copyright video
Why Space ? What happens in the Heavens is Reflected on Earth , As Above So Below . The Great Horror of Human Experimentation .

Clearly this low life Crisis Actor has an Onion in her Face Swab

Devil Crises Actor has the nerve to mention Christ while sporting triangle boy lover tattoo's

This Movie tells you about Weaponized Bats , Remember what they have done is a Triple Crown , what happens in the Heavens is Reflected on Earth . In this old movie many correlations for todays events .

Morgellons Live copyright video
I use as a Tea , brewed in a Silver Teapot , avoid Teabags , grows in sandy soils , you can collect and dry yourself , just hang in a clean breezy location , store in glass jars , where you collect must be a non chemical sprayed location , also available online as an organic tea .

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You can use a little honey , ginger in your Licorice Tea , avoid tea bags , purchase spelt flour organic Licorice if you prefer to take that way , I find this is a great treat for children and even stubborn family members will consume , read advice regarding warnings and no consuming for long lengths of time , rotate this treatment . Everyone has a Lyme Co Infection , Everyone , even if you have not been bitten by a tick . Lyme is another created BioWeapon disease .

Morgellons Live Video
I take as a tea , I teaspoon per cup brew , I avoid teabags & always use a pot

Utube gave my channel a strike and called the posting of this video Medical Mis Information

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A million ways to kill us & they have used them all , fun fax experiments along the way

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Police do not Protect You , if the did they would not be using Military War Weapons on the People

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those who take the test , those who take the death jab , have no hope , no faith , no chance

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Gallium another Morgellons Crystal Metal , BioWeapons Attack on the World

Morgellons Live Copyright
So where exactly are they acquiring all this Young Blood ?

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Metal Detector mapping Sky fallout , David Keith the Sulphur sprayer & if you believe the military only sprayed smoke in this test I have a swamp to sell you .

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see 1800s video where I have Patents from the 1700s , your Death BioWeapon Delivery Systems , don't worry they have poisoned everything so no one needs to feel left out

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so excited to kills us they sometimes forget the plane hologram , your Morgellons delivered to you a million ways

Copyright Morgellons Live , this video is for those meant to see , it stays on Morgellons Live Channel Only
Think , why are they rushing to vaccinate you ? They need your Soul , there is a System right above you , They do not care about you , They want you to die , Soul Steal before you check out , no refunds .

I have left this movie in original B&W with underscore , is available on utube redone colour , speaking , but this one is my favourite , Fritz Lang in 1927 made a movie with Transhumanism , accurately reflecting time upon us now . Nothing New Under the Sun .

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food such as McDonalds , KFC , are also spiked , packaging , ect ect , they have infected the world


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