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Bring your homettes and homies!

Explores hierarchy in tribes, oversimplified condemnations, and some myths about Jewry.


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Hatin' on free-speech hatred.

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Traditional Music of Palestine:



Emperor Netanyahu Before and Above the US Congress

The REAL Middle East Nuclear Threat

The Zionist Occupation of the American Mind

The Lavon Affair

When Israel Attacked the USS Liberty

9/11 Missing Links: Israelis, Mossad, and Dual American Nationals

Evidence That the Israel Lobby Controls the US Government

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Using language humor about humorous language use.



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Nuremberg Netanyahu lied about Iraq.
No reason to think he's not lying about Iran too.

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Netanyahu Lying on C-SPAN About Iraq in 2002: .

The Greater Israel Project [and more] - Explained by Former US Marine Ken O'Keefe: .

BBC Documentary About Israel's Nukes: .

What Mainstream Media Won't Tell You About Israel: .

Israel's Nuclear Samson Option: .

BDS Movement for Palestine: .

Netanyahu Speaks at a Conference to Celebrate the 60-Year Anniversary of the Zionist False-Flag Terrorist Attack on the King David Hotel: .

Find an MP in the UK: .

Find a Rep in the US:

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Let's have some fun flipping the "logic" from those who want massive immigration and escalating multiculturalism in one direction only.

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Trump campaigned in part on "America first" foreign policy and he hasn't forgotten the millions of voters who repeatedly chanted "More intervention in Yemen!" with him on the campaign trail.

The Saudis are doing everything they can to take and justify every action against Yemen. Including bombing school buses! Think back to those days when your parents sent you and yours off to school. How they would pack your favorite firearm in your backpack so you could jump your bus mid route and participate in warfare! The Saudis know what those little Yemeni children are -really- up to.

Anyone wanna help me start a hat-exchange program? People would trade in a "Make America Great Again" hat for one that reads: Make America SANE Again.

“Creepy People” by God Bullies

International Rescue Committee for Yemen

Results to Help You Hate War and Love Peace All Over Again

Blackstone Intelligence Network





Examining grooming gangs and political correctness in Great Britain.

British authorities also want to ban rallies for abused children. Keep up the "good" work! Community cohesion until everyone's united in totalitarian silence.

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My first movie! a short one about holocausts

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Music: “The Cry of Armenian Duduk”
African Congo Drum Music
“Ukrainian Village” - Ukrainian folk music
“Alif Ana (Hassan Mihab)”

I used to search for movies; tabulated titles that clearly cover any individual genocide covered here. One exception came from recalling a recent movie on the Ukrainian genocide, ‘Bitter Harvest’, which was made in Canada.

Norman Finkelstein offers Free Autographed Copy of ‘The Holocaust Industry’ to the First Person Who Pushes Saudi Arabia Off the Map

About the Armenian Genocide:

About the Congo Genocide:

About the Ukrainian Genocide:

About the War ON Yemen:


I also sing, write, rant, and rave in the music outfit known as Vital Organ Auction.

Here's my contribution to the Palestine video project:

A means to help Palestinian children:

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Music: "Spiegel im Spiegel" - Arvo Pärt

Ry Dawson brings us a standout work about 9/11. Those who
care about truth and justice want -all- Israeli infiltrators and
-all- American traitors
to pay for their crimes.

Ryan's Patreon:

YouTube links for 9/11 Criminals Remain Unpunished [Jewish Edition]

@ Bob’s Big Goy:

@ Facts Violate Community Guidelines:

[YouTube has already deleted this video.
Within a couple hours.
But the channel’s still operational.
For now.]

@ Mortality Potpourri with Pastor Oilfield: [<--been age-restricted by YouTube]

YouTube links for 9/11 Criminals Remain Unpunished [Gentile Edition]

@ Mortality Potpourri with Pastor Oilfield:

@ Facts Violate Community Guidelines:

@ Bob’s Big Goy:

Where'd You Get the Name 'Pastor Oilfield'?



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AK-47th Street
Classy Economics
Giorgio Archery
Marshall Lawlessness
Megaton Dance Maniac
Pastor Oilfield
Swinging Vidal Saloon

Pastor Oilfield at Greenhouse Effect [film by Liz]

Here's me doing the performance-poetry thing west of Europe.

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Railroaded Congressman Explains How Israel Pimps America [Compilation from Pastor Oilfield]

Jim Traficant breaks it down on Israel, America, and government.

One of the only recent US Congress reps with any guts, James Traficant, explains the extent of Israel’s influence on and plundering of America.

Multiple individuals have uploaded some of this Traficant footage onto their channels. Including the delightfully entitled AuntieZionist. Props to them and to whoever recorded and uploaded the videos originally. The editing, arranging, and combining come from my rookie chops. Let me know how I did! best tips! best software! and all that.

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Rest in peace, Mr. Traficant.


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