Here's my contribution to the Palestine video project:

A means to help Palestinian children:

a short film about holocausts

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“The Cry of Armenian Duduk”

African Congo Drum Music

“Ukrainian Village” - Ukrainian folk music

“Alif Ana (Hassan Mihab)”

I used to search for movies; tabulated titles that clearly cover any individual genocide covered here. One exception came from recalling a recent movie on the Ukrainian genocide, ‘Bitter Harvest’, which was made in Canada.

Norman Finkelstein offers Free Autographed Copy of ‘The Holocaust Industry’ to the First Person Who Pushes Saudi Arabia Off the Map

About the Armenian Genocide:

About the Congo Genocide:

About the Ukrainian Genocide:

About the War ON Yemen:


I also sing, write, rant, and rave in the music outfit known as Vital Organ Auction.

Responding to some cringe-worthy material including bad hat choices and suspect reporter assignments.

Attacking double standards to encourage conflict prevention someday.

"Octet": Mendelssohn

The vid that done got this response:

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Yesterday's, today's, and tomorrow's popular terms, definitions, and persistent linguistic craziness delivered with commentary, analysis, and humor--all at once!

Evidence the Israel Lobby Controls the USA

Years ago I heard a heated Dawkins insist that the billions of believers know they are lying to themselves but refuse to admit it. My first thought: so a guy who’s against religious nonsense not only claims he can read minds, but that he can read billions of minds which belong to people whom he’s never met, never will meet.

About the Dalai Lama I immediately wondered if people would start calling him a Nazi because he stated something obvious. Then I found this video from Black Pigeon Speaks and dug on the title:

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"Freedom of Choice" - Devo
"Miracle Penis Highway" - Guantanamo Medicine
"Explosions" - Devo
"Funky Dollar Bill" - Funkadelic
"Strange Days" - The Doors
"No Place Like Home" - Devo

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Guess which one YT deleted immediately...

***Disabled on YouTube within hours***

There are some things in this production that are incorrect or aren't my cuppa tea. But that's not what's important here.

Why's it fine for popular cinema and mainstream media to go on and on about Germans, Christians, and Muslims--but vids like this about Jewish supremacism, power, privilege, and criminality get disabled or deleted within hours?

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#AdamGreen #OwenShroyer #SPLC #IjustCalledToSay

RTR Truth Media called the SPLC about their attack on Adam Green and Owen Shroyer. So I thought I would too to help add some momentum on these efforts to challenge dubious organizations that don't like freedom. To let them know they will be exposed for misbehavior.

The Southern Poverty Libel Center can't understand where Adam gets the idea that Zionists were involved in 9/11--everybody knows it was only Muslims! Can't understand why Owen Shroyer thinks there are greedy and corrupt Jews--everyone knows it's only ever Gentiles who suffer from greed or corruption!


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Let’s rahhhck!:

"Anti Generation" - Corrupted Ideals

"InfoWars Host Owen Shroyer Debates 'Jewish Conspiracies' with Anti-Semitic YouTuber"

RTR TM Calls the SPLC

James Corbett Exposes the So-Called Southern Poverty Law Center

Tom Stewart and Adam Green Talkin' SPLC

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Music: "Spiegel im Spiegel" - Arvo Pärt

In this video we explore another possibility that truth and freedom's enemies have yet again infiltrated and undermined movements that truly stand for both.

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Name -all- criminals. Defend -all- victims.

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Truth Seeker 7 did the vid about bucks.

"Fanatics": Minutemen [If Vital Organ Auction goes full time again, the Minutemen will be a reference point among reference points for me. They are a golden standard] .

"That's When I Reach for My Revolver", "Progress", "Careening with Conviction", "Trem Two", "Fake Blood", "Wounded World", "That's How I Escaped My Certain Fate", "Semi-Pseudo-Sort-Of Plan" :

Mission of Burma [Check 'em out! Burma kicks mucho arse! They were on my mind when this video began and they work well with it!] .

"Intention: Removal": Frodus [Those cats probably wrote the best Hardcore album ever! Conglomerate International !] .

Three great Corbett videos about 9/11:

The Dancing Israelis

Who Was Really Behind the 9/11 Attacks?

9/11 Trillions: Follow the Money

Can’t Trust Nuremberg Netanyahu

Handsome Truth’s Video After Other(s) Outed Him as Actor Jon Minadeo and music maker Shoobie Da Wop


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Bono done gone loco about Swede peeps acting rationally. Fair Use in effect to educate him. Dane in the sane membrane here, smoothed out on an English Isles tip, springing into action for Scandinavians. :D

“Resist and Bite”: Sabaton [<--Saw those rockin Nordics at a Metal festival with Maiden and Megadeth! A righteous shindig indeed and those Swedes were fun!]

“God in Disguise”: Larsson.

U2’s offerings: “One”, “The Fly”, “Mysterious Ways”, “Pride (In the Name of Love)”, “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”, “Beautiful Day”, and “V----o”.

“Down the Hatchet”: Vital Organ Auction.

“Rational Gaze”: Meshuggah.


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Here's an interesting video about the recent Swedish election from a professional Swede rather than from a wonky Irishman who makes my Irish heritage cringe:

a practically guaranteed guide for helping you successfully navigate the Marky-Mark Doggy-Dog world that we all gotta live in

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Within 48 hours of this video going up on BitChute and YouTube,
the latter disabled features of my video because they claim it promotes
hate, incitement, supremacism, and / or terrorism!

Too perfect given this video's topic!


Get your free speech while it’s hot-ish!



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Vital Organ Auction:

Ry Dawson brings us a standout work about 9/11. Those who
care about truth and justice want -all- Israeli infiltrators and
-all- American traitors
to pay for their crimes.

Ryan's Patreon:

YouTube links for 9/11 Criminals Remain Unpunished [Jewish Edition]

@ Bob’s Big Goy:

@ Facts Violate Community Guidelines:

[YouTube has already deleted this video.
Within a couple hours.
But the channel’s still operational.
For now.]

@ Mortality Potpourri with Pastor Oilfield: [<--been age-restricted by YouTube]

YouTube links for 9/11 Criminals Remain Unpunished [Gentile Edition]

@ Mortality Potpourri with Pastor Oilfield:

@ Facts Violate Community Guidelines:

@ Bob’s Big Goy:

Trump campaigned in part on "America first" foreign policy and he hasn't forgotten the millions of voters who repeatedly chanted "More intervention in Yemen!" with him on the campaign trail.

The Saudis are doing everything they can to take and justify every necessary action against Yemen. Including bombing school buses! Think back to those days when your parents sent you and yours off to school. How they would pack your favorite firearm in your backpack so you could jump your bus mid route and participate in warfare! The Saudis know what those little Yemeni children are -really- up to.

Anyone wanna help me start a hat-exchange program? People would trade in a "Make America Great Again" hat for one that reads: Make America SANE Again.

Yemen Under Attack and What We Can Do

Fair Use in Effect

“Creepy People” by God Bullies

International Rescue Committee for Yemen

Results to Help You Hate War and Love Peace All Over Again

Blackstone Intelligence Network


Where'd You Get the Name 'Pastor Oilfield'?



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AK-47th Street
Classy Economics
Giorgio Archery
Marshall Lawlessness
Megaton Dance Maniac
Pastor Oilfield
Swinging Vidal Saloon

Pastor Oilfield at Utah Arts Fest

The "Brian Conspiracy" circa Cuppa Joe was and remains:

Brian Frandsen
Brian Gray
Brian Oliver
Brian Shay

The Brian Conspiracy has been going strong ever since host Jaguar Duffy dubbed it publicly fifteen years back!

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Why I’m -Anti- the “Anti-Semitism Awareness Act” - [from Pastor Oilfield]



Emperor Netanyahu Before and Above the US Congress

The REAL Middle East Nuclear Threat

The Zionist Occupation of the American Mind

The Lavon Affair

When Israel Attacked the USS Liberty

9-11 Missing Links: Israelis, Mossad, and Dual American Nationals

Evidence That the Israel Lobby Controls the US Government

Me the Peep:

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Vital Organ Auction:

Traficant vs. Israel - [from Pastor Oilfield]

#GoyimDefenseLeague . #AmericaBeforeIsrael . #TraficantWillBeAvenged

Traficant vs. Israel - from Pastor Oilfield .

Fair Use Clause in effect .

Compilation’s from my editing, arranging, and mastering. Big ups to We Are Change for the AIPAC interview. Cheers to George Saadi for the walk down reverberation lane via Traficant speeches. Props to all the original recorders and uploaders for the other footage. Not all OG trails are available to me .

Search “wars for Israel” at these illuminating locations

Ryan Dawson:

Know More News:

Blackstone Intelligence Network:

Johnny Gat:

Nicholas DeVincenzo:

Hardcore Postpunk from Vital Organ Auction:

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That New Lady in My Life

New digs. Furnishings and decorations already included.

Breaking the fifth wall here!

***This video was originally made in early August 2018. Methinks I'm gonna do a reboot with new tech, more information, some different touches; maybe even a documentary that includes me not so up in the camera's face. Thank you for supporting this version. :D***

It takes free speech to advocate openly for legislating against so-called hate speech. It also takes free speech to defeat such insidious advocacy.

Exposing the shADy-L - [from Pastor Oilfield]

The bloke before KMN was PJW.

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ADL's AI to Shadow-Ban America's Free Speech
[from World Goyim Unite]

Exposing ADL Thugs, Liars, and Hypocrites
[from World Documentary and Oyda Mosik]

ADL, Albert Pike, and Organized Crime
[from American Movement]

More shADy L Machinations

''Anti-Defamation League Assails Palestinian UN Membership''

''ADL's Anti-Semitism Statistics Called into Question''

''ADL Wants Tea Parties Gagged''


Vital Organ Auction
:[<--snazzy hardcore postpunk, baby!-->]:

Pastor Oilfield at Greenhouse Effect [film by Liz]

Here's me doing the performance-poetry thing west of Europe.

My YouTube channel:

Vital Organ Auction:

Railroaded Congressman Explains How Israel Pimps America [Compilation from Pastor Oilfield]

Jim Traficant breaks it down on Israel, America, and government.

One of the only recent US Congress reps with any guts, James Traficant, explains the extent of Israel’s influence on and plundering of America.

Multiple individuals have uploaded some of this Traficant footage onto their channels. Including the delightfully entitled AuntieZionist. Props to them and to whoever recorded and uploaded the videos originally. The editing, arranging, and combining come from my rookie chops. Let me know how I did! best tips! best software! and all that.

This effort was done under Fair Use for educational purposes.
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Rest in peace, Mr. Traficant.


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