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This is a time lapse video of a purple daisy (technically an Aster) blooming. The petals have an interesting flow to them, and late in the video the interior disk flowers bloom. The video took about 1 month to shoot.

The second part of the video is slightly out of focus. I'm overhauling my setup so hopefully that won't happen again.

Videos are free to use for non-commercial purposes. If commercial use is desired, please contact me.

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A video of a hyacinth plant blooming and wilting, set to music. Song is "Never You Find Me" by Kosta T.

Unfortunately I was experiencing some problems with my camera setup and lost some frames, so there are a few jumps.

Time-lapse of a pea plant growing from seed, showing both the shoot and root system.

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Late in the video, the plant loses its water supply and wilts/desiccates, but bounces back once water is re-added.

I accidentally included the old timing information from the original 15fps video. This one is at 30fps. Thus, time lapse is at 20 min per frame, 30fps. That means that 1 second of video is 10 hours in real time.

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