A fi mi, is the same as saying, mine :). Don't know anyone named, Neeka. Best to play it this way. Otherwise, it's like getting a tattoo removed when you move on.



Raindrops two-stepping on our tin rooftop -- our tin rooftop
Sun is whispering ---- Good morning to the night
I can feel it, how they can see it, I can feel it...
Our Love in your Eyes

Who can tell us that we're wrong....

The sun is steaming on our tin rooftop - tin rooftop
As we kiss good morning many many many times
Summer breeze blowing rose and mango trees
Every birds is singing --- everything is so right

When you tell me that you want me -- I can't believe it's true ---
Being desired by someone sweet like you
When you tell me you gonna Loove me --
Nothing I want to do, but close my eyes and yearn for you.

I can feel it, I see it, in your eyes

You know you make me 
when you try to break me 
when you take me

In your eyes
Who can tell us that we're wrong...
Playing in bed all day, singing old songs

Who can tell us that we're wrong...
Singing our own song, sun sailing

Sun sailing


One of the last shows before the Fairview Pub closed its doors, due to covid-19. Such a shame. An iconic venue lost.

Lyrics -

Musical Solders

Duty comes like the early bird's song
Musical soldiers waking up marching on
Give unto Caesar gold and land
Our Hearts Belong To The Maker Of Zion

Moving forward, musical soldiers
Jah Love Goes On... when your war is done and over
Make the interrogation easy, tell me where you come from ('no problem')
Tonight we're free to sing our own songs
Don't bother with secrets like to whom your heart once belong
Just whisper what feels right, while we do what they say is wrong

Moving forward, I'm your musical soldier

Marching on your body till your legs say it's over
Moving forward, musical soldiers

Jah Love Goes On... when all war done and over

United We Stand, Divided We Rise
, Yes...
To a musical soldier
 Jah Love Will Never Compromised 

The Mission Is To Know What Mission We're On...
We're here for our People, dancing outta babylon

Roots'n Back to Zion

Our roots takes us Back to Zion
Marching our Hearts outta babylon

Moving forward, musical soldier
The Weakest of the Lambs become the Strongest of the Lions 

Moving forward, musical soldier
You gwan see how we're One, when the warring is over

Moving forward, musical soldier


Every Soul Is Enlisted. Come 'n dance to our Mission :).

To call someone 'Red Eye' in patois, is the same as saying they are covetous. You too damn red 'yeye' man!

Mani and Marrett of Mosaic Riddim talk Life with Coop Radio

Mani and Marrett Talk Life on Coop Radio

Life Observations

There is a man they call Jesus Christ, who they supposedly persecuted, and savagely killed, because He Loved The Creator Of All Things, All Of Nature, & mankind - 2020 years ago... &We are still trying to Understand.

With Waking Up To The Light, you see there is also darkness. All babies have the same laughter all the way until age 3, you cannot tell their sex, race, or language...just Pure Beautiful Joy.

'Missing' at the Princeton Pub, with the lovely Nicole Brown

If you wish to 'while-away' in the shade, on a soon-to-come sunny day, listening to authentic roots reggae - stay tuned. We're being lined-up for a 'flash' outdoor show. We'll update as soon as we know more... When it does happen (could be this week/ end), we'll have this. Peace&Love.


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Mosaic Riddim is a reggae music band performing original songs with social conscious discourse, promoting Love & Peace within anti-war contexts, and sweet sweet rhythmic island roots reggae. Mosaic Riddim launched 2016, in Vancouver, BC, and has been performing since at many local venues, debuting over 30+ original island songs (all registered with SOCAN) -- showcasing reggae, dance-hall, roots, calypso, and Love for Groovin!