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I decided to make a new seed sprouting video. My first seed video is 12 minutes long. I'll probably remake some of my longer videos.

Reasons why clones won't root
1. Too much nitrogen in the leaf/stem
2. Root plugs too moist or too dry
3.Taking cuttings near the top of the plant
4.Work area not clean
5. To cold
6. Low humidity

By far the best fertilizer in the veg stage of development. It take 6 months to make, but well worth the time. I will make a video showing how well it works, and upload it in a few weeks.

Cook cannabis or hash into heavy whipping creme to make chai tea.

Save time trimming cannabis using the TrimBag.

I press bubble hash through a coffee filter using a hair straightener and a vice grip to make rosin.

I use Fermented Fruit juice as a finishing fertilizer, which gives my buds a better taste.

I make a home made ginger beer, and add RSO to it.


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