How to use your Trekking Poles with your Slingfin Tent

Pajak Phantom Women Down Jacket and Backpack XC-3

How to fix Sangs in your Tent´s Mesh

Magic Sahara Sunset with our Pajak Radical one

Look at this crazy Ride from K2, first ski run.

Have a look at this crazy Ride from K2

Have a look at this crazy Ride from the K2

Take a look at the warmest sleeping bag in the world, our Pajak Radical 16H. Double H-chambers and the finest Polish goose down with 95/05 and 900 cuin fill power

How to Replace Tent Pole Shock Cord

How to use our Slingfin Domes LFD and BFD

How to pitch a Slingfin expedition Dome

See another Video from our Splitwing ultralight Tarp

See our Vodeo from our Super Light Splitwing Tarp

How you can makes your Seams waterproof, at a Slingfin Portal Tent

Trekking Tour with our Slingfin Windsaber on the Lofoten norway. And Yoga in a beautiful Landscape.

Slingfin Portal 2- Ultralight, freestanding 2 Person Tent.

Kurs fürs Höhen-Trekking mit Gehen am Seil uns Spaltenbergung und Übernachtung am Dachstein-Gletscher. Mit dabei Mountain Peaks mit Slingfin-Zelte.


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