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Mowgli Productions is a New Delhi-based Production House.

It is an 'Indian Motion Picture' production house, which also specializes in making 'Wildlife and Nature' documentaries and operates as a Production and Releasing company.

The idea of conceptualizing this organization was the brainchild of its founder, Amber Sharma, in the year 2010, setting up base in New Delhi, the capital of India. Interestingly, the name originated from Amber's short name, Mowgli, which was bestowed upon him by his friends from the Wildlife & Travel fraternity -- another testimony of Amber's love in his field of work. However, with time and experience, Mowgli started growing from strength to strength and diversification was need of the hour. As a result in 2011, Mowgli Productions presented American film titled "Anything For You". It also co-produced and presented Hollywood Film titled "The Man In The Maze" starring Liana Warner Gray (former Miss Australia Earth) and Andrew Roth.