"Affirmation Generation: The Lies of Transgender Medicine" features the stories of six young detransitioners (three men and three women). They sought medical help but instead were irreversibly harmed by their Doctors following the one-size-fits-all "gender-affirming care."
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Each country around the world is expected to report back to the United Nations about changes to the agreements, called UNIVERSAL PERIODIC REVIEW. In the 2022 review, The Philippines agreed with a number of items, but did not agree with SOGIE (sexual orientation gender identity expression)
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Parents need to know that about the books in schools, programming on television and social media, grooming, drag story times, puberty blocker medications, transition surgery. Many parents don't know that there are 39,000 young women on gofundme wanting surgery. 17,000 Detrans on redit alone want to REVERSE the surgery. According to Alix Aharon of the Gender Mapping Project, theres a 4000% increase in pueberty blockers by youth wanting to change genders. This is referred to as the SOGI AGENDA, sexual orientation gender identity agenda. This agenda is changing the future generations, both mentally and physically. To read more about this please visit www.sogi123taskforce.com