Low pressure casting uses positive pressure to move the molten aluminum into the mold quicker and achieve a finished product that has improved mechanical properties (more dense) over a gravity cast wheel. Low-pressure casting has a slightly higher production cost over gravity casting. Low pressure is the most common process approved for aluminum wheels sold to the O.E.M. market. Low-pressure cast wheels offer a good value for the aftermarket as well.

Structural stiffness (design dependent) is the basic value to consider when designing an aluminium wheel to achieve at least the same vehicle behaviour as with an equivalent steel wheel. However, material stiffness (Young’s modulus) is very little depending on alloy and temper.(For more information, just go to the website: https://www.jjjwheel.com)

Cast Mercedes Benz Wheels compared with similar products on the market, it has incomparable outstanding advantages in terms of performance, quality, appearance, etc., and enjoys a good reputation in the market.JWHEEL summarizes the defects of past products, and continuously improves them. The specifications of Cast Mercedes Benz Wheels can be customized according to your needs.

This wheel is low pressure casting, using A356 raw material, using water zero cooling system molding, product internal shrinkage according to ASTME155 standard are below 2, strength through the Japanese VIA JWL-T bending moment endurance test, 13 degrees impact test, radial endurance test, reliable performance, excellent quality

Alfa Romeo two-piece forged products using materials: aviation aluminum alloy T6061 aluminum, one of its advantages of high strength, high safety and long life, two light weight to save fuel to increase engine life, three good heat dissipation true roundness high speed and smooth.

Choosing the right tires for off-roading demands a vehicle that is capable of handling rough terrain, mud fields and pits as well as primitive wooded trails. It doesn't matter what the lift, fenders or engine is if tires and wheels fail under extreme conditions. From 15 wheels to 24 wheels, go ahead, push the limits and have fun without worrying about getting stuck in the boonies.
(For more information, just go to the website: https://www.jjjwheel.com)

Gravity casting is a method of manufacturing a cast wheel of an specific metal alloy, typically aluminum, although Magnesium is also used, which involves supplying molten metal to a mould cavity via a feeder through a running system where the molten metal entry point is located above the top of the mould cavity.

After you change the tires of your cars, you should pull the steering wheel left and right to the end, to see if the tires scratch the car body, if so, you should replace the wheels with ones that have lower ET. You can customize the specific wheels basing on the size of the tires in JWHEEL. Don't hesitate, just contact us!(For more information, just go to the website: https://www.jjjwheel.com)

Wheel load is also called max load. It's the weight that a wheel is able to afford. Usually the max load of a wheel should be around 30% of the total weight of a car. The three performance tests of wheels(For more information, just go to the website: https://www.jjjwheel.com)

PCD is a very important parameter of a wheel, because it decides whether the wheel can be mounted on the car. Most original wheels of Volkswagen series, like Caddy, Golf V, Passat and Phaeton, have the PCD of 139.7*12H, and the PCD of Bora, Golf IV, New Beetle, and Polo is 100 x 5. JWHEEL have wheels of diversive styles for your choice, and you can definitely find the one you like.

LAND ROVER series includes Freelander, Discovery, Range Rover and Defender. The PCD of the Discover and Range Rover is 5 x 120, while the PCD of Freelander is 5 x 114.3, and Defender 5x 165.1. This is suitable for Range Rover 2016 and Range Rover V6. Besides, you can also customize the PCD of the wheel to make it match your car. JWHEEL can always fulfill your requirements.

The factor is an important parameter that worths consideration in wheel design. If the factor value is too high, the wheel may scratch the break calliper; and if the factor value is too low, the wheel doesn't look good. JWHEEL offer wheel customizing service, and can provide you with professional and workable suggestions.

JWHEEL provide one-stop service including OEM, ODM, customization and wholesale of wheels, from design to production. It's eequipped with aluminum alloy furnace, low pressure and gravity casting line, forging machine, flow forming facility, automatic painting line, helium leak detector, automatic balance check system, etc., aim to provide high-quality wheels to our customers.
(For more information, just go to the website: https://www.jjjwheel.com)


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