The game became even more crazy. After another running stage requiring pixel perfect precision you ride a dragon for a shmup level. Here you can shoot and dash, the latter of which is necessary to avoid spikes, which annoyingly one-shot you. This portion of the game is clunky like the rest with high chances of you getting hit and beginning from the start, which is a problem for pretty much all later levels due to their length and cheap deaths. At the end of a castle level you fight a rather annoying knight who has a shield and thus leaves a very little window in which he can be damaged, so you basically have to wait for him to make his attack and then jump over him and hit him from behind. Then you go into a dark stage with some quite tough enemies, which force you to use the block, which is surprisingly effective nullifying all damage. Then you finally face the wizard. He's behind a barrier and chucks projectiles at you. You have to jump over them and hit the gold ones back at him. It's a rather annoying battle since there are patterns where you can't avoid getting hit. I think the green ones deal damage regardless of whether you are blocking. When you beat him the story goes off the rails. It turns out that the Wizard can travel through space and time and he wanted the life energy of the villagers to hide this planet from the Destroyer of Worlds. Then you fight the Wizard again, but this time he flies around and uses a large variety of projectiles at you. Dodging some of them seems impossible, so you basically have to damage him by returning the gold fireballs back at him again. He runs away one more time and you go into a desert level followed by a cave one. The cave one was very irritating since it was filled with rotating fire pillars which kill you in a single hit and as mentioned before the checkpoints are rather sparse, so there will be a lot of replaying the same sections of the level. Then you fight a dragon-like creature. This battle is quite buggy since the only way you can damage it is when it's tired and it only becomes in that state after doing a certain attack pattern. The problem is that the dragon doesn't always want to do said pattern even if you get close to it. Getting close to it is also a problem since the head is also the area which damages you, so if you are not careful you hurt yourself for quite a bit of damage. The best strategy I found is to jump on the lizard's back which makes it aggressive and it does it's attacks. This is a rather janky method since you bounce and controlling your jumps is tricky. At one point I reduced its health to 0, but the bastard refused to die and I wouldn't be surprised if this was a bug. Thankfully this POS was the last boss of the game. You find the wizard again and he gives you a block of text to read. It turns out that he has been time-travelling quite a bit trying to save the planet from the Destroyer in various ways and he's also Neko's grandfather, which is why he didn't kidnap you. What. That's pretty stupid since he kidnapped your sister, who should also be his granddaughter, but whatever. At the end he decides to trust Neko and returns all the villagers. At the village the Wizard opens a portal where you can play randomly generated levels and collect crystals to be sold to an ogre for gold, which is used to restore various buildings in the village giving you perks. The prices are absurd - even after beating the game I only had about 4500 gold, which wasn't enough for the cheapest building. I went through the portal and played this rather flat level for about 5 minutes collecting crystals, but at the end I died by miscalculating a jump, which lost me all the crystals. No checkpoint, no nothing. This turns out to be the rogue-like mode of the game, which like many other elements is incredibly annoying. At least I gathered enough gold to restore a single building. You can replay levels and try to gather all the stars by killing all the enemies, collecting all the gold and speedrunning them, but I'm not torturing myself with that. Same with the ill-conceived rogue-like mode. There may be an alternate ending or something when you complete everything, but the story is so wacky that it's not worth it.

Neko Journey is a mess of a game. It's janky, buggy the controls are awkward and at times it's very hard. The story starts simple enough, but becomes insane towards the end with time travel and world ending events. The game often switches its formats, but those are also poorly implemented. I think its ambition outpaced the ability of the developer. They should've concentrated on making a simple platformer with a cat girl. but ultimately they threw a bunch of elements that they don't work well. At least the combat is somewhat fun, but that's mainly due to how janky it is. The variety of special moves isn't bad, but changing them is clumbersome and not having access to them during boss fights is stupid. I can't recommend this game.

Stella suddenly became very direct and even aggressive. She promised to send nudes. It turns out that somebody stole Stella's phone and was chatting with you in her place, so you devise a plan to make the thief reveal herself.

Willow continues to be personified cringe. She cowers that you looked up when her tournament is going to be and was worried what you'll read about her online.

A new recruit I picked was Nellie. She's a diplomat who gets to travel a lot. She seems nice to talk to.

Back to Noelle's autistic market research. She spouted a bunch of boring details about how she handled customers and when you tried to joke about how tough she is, she somewhat took offence. At least when Vivian talked about her job, she'd occasionally flirt with you - you know the whole point of this dating app garbage.

A strange new person of interest is Charlotte. She has a Christmas theme going for her since her job is playing Santa's helper in a mall. Unsurprisingly she loves everything about the holiday, so she's happy.

Maya is a dog trainer, who is dedicated to her job. A dog person is a positive sign. She's competitive and apparently has strong opinions, whatever that means in woman talk.

Lucy is a shy girl, who wasn't in a relationship before. A virgin is pretty much a unicorn, so unless she has some fatal character flaw, she's nice choice to have.

Shannon is another unorthodox choice. She is a lewd magician, who combines tricks with sex appeal. She has a bit of an ego on her, but that somewhat makes sense for a performer. Shannon wants to use you as a test audience for her new tricks.

Zelda is a typical valley girl/gal, who is visiting over from abroad for 2 weeks and wants somebody to give her recommendations on where to party. Honestly a person like that is a waste of time, since the best you can hope for is a one-night stand.

Nikki is a weird one - she starts to over-analyse your messages and is playing armchair psychologist.

Tried the new Double Dragon Gaiden game together with a friend. New York city is split between 4 gangs and the mayor asks Billy and Jimmy Lee to take them down. The controls are pretty much what you'd expect from a Double Dragon game - you have a basic combo, a jump button and a special move requiring energy, which is filled as you fight. You can also use weapons. Each character has their own move set and is somewhat unique. You also have a secondary character, which you can switch to when you are low on health. The gameplay loop here is a bit strange for a beat 'em up game - you earn money when you defeat enemies with a special move, from the environment and when you complete a level. You can use that money at the end of the stage to buy a single upgrade for your characters (including the secondary ones). Saving money is also an option since you use them for revives. You select which stage you want to tackle first, but each subsequent one becomes harder, including the health of the final boss. I'm not a huge fan of the in-game art - it's a bit blocky and slightly on the chibi side.

The next level I chose to play was Skyloft from Skward Sword. There Link found a mysterious sword and Fi, who became an NPC you need to protect for the mission. I know the legends of how annoying she is. Maybe I should finish Skyward Sword to at least be familiar with that portion of the game.

Hentai Stars is another one of those lewd sliding puzzle games, this time themed around idols and singers. Maybe there are specific references, but I'm not familiar with that scene, so it's lost on me. The puzzles themselves are unfortunately pretty simple since you just have to reverse all the changes done in the beginning of the stage. They also have the stupid DLC strategy to leave some levels for later on making you feel that the game is lacking content (which it kind of does with only 6 unique levels). It's cheap, but this is annoying. This one does feature toplessness, so points for that. I think it would've been better if they combined all these games in a single collection.

After Kay's night of big drinking, she revealed that she has quite a body count and she fucked her exes regularly. While a woman realising the importance of sex for men is pretty good, it's a bit weird sharing this before the first date. Her friend Jess explained that she's way too forward (no kidding) and gives a casual sex vibes while she wants a stable relationship. She's one of the few characters who actually has some development. She tried to be less forward, because she values you. You help her with some encouragement to experiment with her music and it turns out great. She sends a pretty sexy photo of her and Jess as a thank you. Kay is definitely one of the better options. She's flawed, but wanting a stable relationship is a big plus.

Summer continues with her remote dating stupidity. She went to the zoo and then forced you to do some dumb scavenger hunt. Despite her great looks this one is not worth the time.

Noelle remains business-oriented. She asks about which outfits you think will attract more customers.

Willow the gamer grrrl is very insecure and bitches about online hate.

Olga is still very random and unfocused. She gets easily board and your protagonist rightly pointed out that she can get bored of him. Ironically with all her random talk about pets and her fleeting hobbies she's the boring one. You invite her on a date and at first she agrees, but then she says no to see how you react. She's a mental patient and one of the worst women in the game.

I chose a new girl called Stella, who works as a manager for a porn site.

I finally had a full successful run at the game. It does involve a small dose of luck depending on the available skills and cards you'll get as rewards, but overall good resource management is the key to victory. What I mean by that is that you have to save your hero skills (the ones on the bottom left) and consumable special cards for when you are really in a pinch and are about to die. Also using as many combos (3 cards of the same type) played consecutively is a good tactic since you get said special cards after 9 such combos. The ninja is a versatile character having a good balance of attack and defence and while her attacks don't do huge damage, she has great combo potential as you unlock new attack cards. I found it to be a good strategy to play the tactic cards as early as possible since their effects quickly stack up in your favour and give you more options on how to deal with different situations like keeping/discarding cards as you see fit. Keeping an eye on what the enemy's next move is going to be is also vital since it will dictate whether you should focus on defence or offence, since the ninja can't take much punishment. By the end of it I built my deck so well that I destroyed the final boss without it even getting a turn in.

Overall Castle Morihisa is a great strategy game. I love the art style, but the animations can be a bit stiff. In terms of gameplay it gives you a great strategy experience and once you learn how everything functions the flow of the game is awesome. There are multiple characters to try out, which gives the game some replayability, but other than going for achievements and unlocking all the monsters in the gallery there aren't many extra features like artwork or story. Even extra costumes for the characters would've been a nice unlock. With that minor complaint aside, I would definitely recommend it to people who enjoy deck-building games like this.

You finally get to meet one of the antagonists of the game - Cia the corrupted sorceress and boy does she display a lot of boobage for a Zelda game. Weirdly she immediately steals the Triforce fragments from Link and Sheik and opens up portals to different eras freeing 3 of the 4 fragments of the evil being with only the one guarded by the Master Sword remaining sealed. Now our heroes have to travel to the different eras to undo the damage Cia has done. As something of a diversion you meet Linkle - a female Link of sorts. She is in her own universe and is living a quiet life as a cucco farmer, but when monsters attack Hyrule Castle she puts on a green tunic, takes her crossbows and her grandmother's magical compass and tries to help... but absolutely fails since she goes into a forest instead of reaching the battlefield and gets her compass stolen by Skull Kid. You have to beat him up a couple of times before you get it back. Linkle's fight style is pretty good since she can zone out most of her enemies.

Summer continued with her stupid remote relationship shtick. Now she asked you to shop in parallel. You do get a pretty hot photo out of it, but it's not worth dealing with that type of crazy. This whole thing shows that the game would be better if there was a date mechanic, where you just pick your girl and finalise things.

Saki shared how she had a falling out with her team and her best friend Hana after a match where she outperformed her teammates, which made everybody hate her, or so she thought. You convince her to re-establish contact with Hana and they meet IRL. It turns out that Hana has continued to play volleyball and they immediately make up and become friends again. You even get to talk to Hana and flirt with her. Saki decides that both of them should do some cheerleading for fun and sends you a pretty hot picture of her and Hana - she wasn't kidding - Hana's knockers are quite something. The interaction with Saki was great - she's fun, feisty and a good friend. She's definitely in the top 5 choices from this game.

Gwen explained that she never dated her friends because she was afraid of potential fall-outs, which is a pretty mature thing to say. She does value her friends (if a bit too much), but she's very considerate and down to Earth.

Kay talked about the history and motivation of her band and insisted to see you in person. While fast, this is a nice sentiment to have - in-person communication is much better than faceless chats. She's also looking for a long-term relationship, because she had a lot of break-ups. She doesn't mind being approached by men, which is great, but she may have a drinking problem.

Olivia sent a sexy photo of her bathing and talked more about the future date. I guess this is the last interaction with her. She's OK, but there's too much baggage - don't deal with ex-hookers.

I chose a new girl called Diana. She's very forward, but it turns out she's a journalist. I don't mess with that. These people are up there with lawyers and politicians. The conversation with her was like an interview, which is understandable, but still somewhat annoying.

Olga seems like the kuudere stereotype of being dull and lazy. She picked up bird-watching just because and the same seems to be true for the dating app. She just spews random stuff and she doesn't seem to pay attention to what you are saying at all.

Noelle is an overly-ambitions waitress with a touch of autism. She is very confident and seems to have some baseless expectations for a partner from a simple chat. She seems to value ambition, which I guess makes sense because of women's hypergamy. The thing is she sees you as her business partner for her future plans of creating a chain of restaurants, which isn't the most romantic prospect.

Contrary to my instincts I swiped right on Willow - a gamer girl. She's a crass pro-gamer and she immediately assumes you are a creep, which is quite stupid considering she put herself on a dating app. She's both a narcissist and insecure.

Neko Journey is a jank 2D platformer, where you play as a catgirl on a quest to save her sister from an evil wizard. There are minor lewd elements since your character can technically be topless, but her boobs look weird, so I decided to cover her up. This game is a weird mishmash of design. I expected it to be jank and clunky, but it's also challenging in places requiring pixel perfect precision. As the game progresses you unlock a double jump, which is a bit tricky to use since you have to max out your first jump and then use the second for some of the bigger gaps. Then you get a pair of boxing gloves to fight enemies, which now suddenly become invulnerable to your jump, which was previously the way to deal with them. The combat is weird, but satisfying in a way with how you can just wail on your foes. Aside from the 2D levels the game often switches things up by having a running stage, or one where you use a glider, or one where you ride a sea monster or a shmup where you are in control of a dragon. While I appreciate the effort to keep things fresh, none of these control particularly well, making them more of an annoying distraction. The game is also very stingy on checkpoints, making you replay large sections of a level for a single mistake. Thankfully enemies don't respawn, but it's still wasted time. Another annoyance worth a mention is the audio - it's too loud and the speech is simulated jibberish a la Banjo and Kazooie, but it's painful on the years. At this point if would've bee better if there was no audible talking and just subtitles.

The Sven games were classics from the Flash era and when I saw that a new one was available for the Switch I knew I had to give it a try. For those unfamiliar with the series you play as the black sheep Sven, whose goal is to mate with all female sheep in the level while avoiding the shepherd and his dog. Each sheep takes a different time to satisfy depending on her mood and if she has a thunderstorm over her head you have to whistle at her first. There are various items which improve or hinder your performance and you can even have one on hand to distract the dog or the shepherd with a bone or alcohol respectively. If you lay multiple sheep in quick succession you fill out a special meter, which when activated gives you a speed boost for a limited time. The game is actually pretty easy since when you run out of time aliens will come and abduct all the remaining sheep, but you don't earn any points from that. Each level has a challenge, which when completed unlocks a new sexual position, but those are mostly cosmetic and don't affect your performance. There is a co-op and competative modes as well.

Overall this is a fun humorous casual game, with some great sex jokes. I would definitely recommend it, especially for people who have nostalgia for the franchise.

Tried Hyrule Warriors - the first Zelda musou title by the folks at Omega Force. This one takes place across many different games from the series and thus has a more varied roster. The control scheme is what you'd expect from a musou title - you mix light and heavy attacks to perform combos and there's a special move meter, which when full can be unleashed to destroy many enemies at once. You also get a dodge and block buttons for protection. There's also a focus gauge, which when activated gives you a speed and attack boost and it has it's own special attack attached to it. You can use items to attack enemies, but also solve environmental puzzles and open up bosses. Like many other musou games, you control multiple characters in each level and you can even order them around to keep up with the situation of the battlefield. One cool feature that I got to try out was the local co-op multiplayer. You can let a friend join in and they are not restricted by the story on which character to pick. You use monster parts and other resources you collect in the stages to upgrade your abilities and change the stats of your main weapon.

The story is somewhat convoluted and from what I can tell is separate universe from all the other Zelda titles. Link is still the main hero and he is in service of princess Zelda, along with her bodyguard Impa, but there are new characters like the sorceress Lana. There is an ancient evil (possibly Ganon) who corrupted a different sorceress who can see across dimensions and made her obsessed with getting Link's soul. That entity wants to use the power of the Triforce to gather its four parts and resurrect itself.

I briefly saw that Clara tried to apologies for promoting her stream in our chat, but I'm not messing with a camwhore, so I won't be talking to her any longer.

Gwen came back from helping her friends and revealed that one day she wants to be a mum, which is great. Plus she will be pretty good at looking after kids considering how busy her life is. She also arranged a date, which was nice and direct. She's honestly one of the better choices in this game.

Contrary to that, Summer turned out to be pretty weird after the initial positive impression. She went to the movies without me and wanted to text while the movie was screening, arguing that it's the same as if you are there. Summer further avoided arranging an actual date and seems to have this remote communication fetish, which makes the whole thing seem like a game. Shame.

Hentai Uni 2 is another lewd puzzle game where you have to construct the correct image by moving pieces of the picture around, but unlike its prequel this one has the nudity censored, which is weird, because Nintendo does allow toplessness in other games. In any case I presume all characters are references to women from other media like the tall vampire lady from Resident Evil and Harley Quin, but I didn't recognise the rest. In between levels there are several lines of dialogue giving the girls some personality which is a nice touch. The gameplay itself is decent and if you don't mind lewdness this is an OK game even if it's a bit on the safe side with no nudity.

Slime Girl Smoothies is a lewd puzzle game, where you have to create smoothies for a fetish bar where the slime girl employees create the mixtures with their tits. Gimmick aside, the mechanics of this game are pretty fun since it has the match-3 core gameplay, but you have to combine 2 flavours to get the desired ingredient. Each smoothie requires some percentage for a given taste, so you have to pick which pieces of fruit to add carefully since the glass has limited space. As you play on you get the ability to cut the fruit horizontally and vertically to only include the ingredients you need, but that comes at a cost since you only get a limited number of fruits to add, so you have to consider not having enough in the glass to fulfil the mix. It's a bit overwhelming at first, but once you get how it functions it's quite involved and fun. Story-wise you are hired to to the cocktails since the girls are busy with their part of the show. You are introduced to the mechanics by the bar manager Berry and your first collaboration is with the cheerful Cherry. You also meet Mint who is a typical flat-chested tsundere and then you get the option to do a shift with her. As you complete shifts you unlock different lewd images.

The conversation with Mel ended on a promised date, which is nice, but it's likely something you'll never get given that there's no mechanic in the game for that. She's now following her dreams of working on animation projects she enjoys and is thankful to you for guiding her.

Mika despite being a free spirit learns that her motherly instinct pushes her to have kids, but she feels she needs to work on herself before that happens. She's one of the best written characters in the game. Mika also has to enter a racing event and you give her some encouragement like you do with the other girls, but that's far less interesting.

Vivian reveals that she's working on an AI project to create the perfect waifu product and she's having some problems at work because she's a hardass. She mostly talks about her project and asks you questions about the perfect waifu for research purposes. Speaking with her seems more like work than looking for a partner.

Saki tells you that she's a transfer student from Japan and her English is so good, because she watched a lot of English movies with her dad. A present father and a Christmas tradition to watch Die Hard definitely wins her some points. Saki shares her worries about not performing well at volleyball practice and tells you about her best friend Hana from home.

I started talking to a new girl called Gwen. She seems easygoing and nice to talk to. Her issue seem to be having a large social circle and planning too much for everybody around her.

Another new recruit is Kay. She's very direct and immediately invites you on a date. Kay is in a band and she's just trying out this dating app.

Summer seems like a happy positive girl from the brief interaction I had with her. She gives off Disney princess vibes (meaning old and not current day Disney).

One weird thing I didn't expect to see was a girl named Clara who had 3 tits like the prostitute from Total Recall. She seems OK at first, but then she turns out to be a camwhore who was using the dating app to look for simps to promote her stream, so that's a no-go.

Completed the remaining stages of the game. Some of them got pretty challenging, but in general the tactic is to remove the minions and then focus on the main enemy, who has tons of health. Kasumi continues to be the best character in my book since her ability can save you from some tricky situations. The gallery mode is as limited as in the rest of the series, but at least you can pose all characters including the villains in a single diorama.

Overall this is one of the better games in the series. The gameplay is simple, but with the right amount of challenge. There is some actual strategy when picking different characters. The art is OK, but being limited to just 2 costumes is pretty lame.

Progressed quite a bit through the Blossoming Arcadia. In one of the caves I discovered the Rock Pikmin, who is immune to crushing attacks and can destroy some of the tougher walls other Pikmin can't. They were quite helpful, because I faced a miniboss creature which rolls around on the ground and kills a ton of your little helpers. I lost about 40 reds there and the more terrible thing is that it was followed by another boss battle against 2 monsters. Here I learned that you can get a game over in a dungeon if you lose all your Pikmin of a certain colour which is necessary to proceed. The two creatures are best handled one at a time. They will use their tongues to capture and eat your Pikmin, so you have to wait for a time after their attack to strike. You can also throw bombs down their mouth, which stuns them for a bit opening up the opportunity to strike. It was a challenging battle, but I was rewarded with another person from the rescue operation - Yonny the doctor. He reveals that there is a special sap which may heal the hairy travellers, but it appears only at night from a strange plant called Lumiknoll. This gives you the option to do night expeditions. There you will have to protect the mysterious plants by utilising the only Pikmin available at night - the Glow Pikmin. They can collect the saps, but they can immediately teleport to your position. Each night level rewards you with a cure for one of the Leaflig travellers. The best thing about it, is that this still gives you Pup drive points per rescue, making the Night missions an easy way to upgrade Oatchi.

Alice had resolved her issues with her parents and her sister and you even get to talk to the latter with the app. She's the first person I've unlocked all images for and even after waiting a while she didn't come back to talk even though she's pretty much my choice from the current bunch. By the looks of it you don't get to unlock any nudes in this game and you may not even be able to pick who to date, so this is not a dating sim, but rather a dating app sim, which I suppose is pretty accurate.

Mel is going for a job interview in a new place, where they are more accepting of her passion for adult animation. The conversation for her has drifted far away from dating.

Mika was a bit of a surprise. Her biker tough chick attitude, was surprisingly accompanied by motherly feeling for the kids who come to visit her.

Speaking of surprises, it turns out that the serious career woman Vivian was into cosplay.

Saki's dialogue fits a younger girl since her questions were a bit surface level and juvenile. Credit to the writers here - they managed to create a lot of characters who feel distinct and talk in different ways.

Lyla continues to be weird and asked me to wear a collar, at which point I was done with that freak. I don't need to deal with a bipolar dominatrix.

I started talking to a new girl Sarah, who seemed the sporty type and it turns out that she did MMA. Unfortunately she may have taken a few too many hits to the head, because talking with her is quite dull.

This game in the Pretty Girls series involves more gameplay. You pick a character and then engage in battle against an enemy in a 5x5 grid. Blocks appear each turn containing a power of 2 value. You can move all blocks in a given direction at once. Slamming 2 blocks of the same value will combine them, while the enemy block will take damage equal to the tile directly next to it. Each character has a special ability, which is filled up as you play the game. That's also true for the enemy characters. I initially picked Chikage, who deals damage equal to the largest value block, but then as the levels became more difficult I found Kasumi's ability to order the blocks according to their number more useful for survival and the creation of bigger tiles. Each level you complete earns you points, used to purchase alternate costumes (each character only has 2) and backgrounds for the diorama.

While uploading these videos I was reminded of Smiley Sam - the former captain who had gold teeth, which you gather from each of Flora's subordinates. Now that I had them all I figured that he may lead me to a different ending. The problem is that I had to go back to where he was located (while there was no indication on the map) and that is a pain without the teleport ability. One thing I discovered is that you can actually destroy the giant rocks in your way by interacting with them, so they are essentially useless. Smiley Sam got resurrected as just a floating skull and he decides to help you against Flora. He follows you around and occasionally attacks enemies. He's not great against the faster ones, but at least he can act independently. After a long and tedious journey I went back to the ship and faced Flora again. There was some extra dialogue with Sam, but the battle was pretty much the same. What I thought was the final cutscene started again and Flora tricked the supposed heroes to throw the Serpent's Ring into the sea, but this time when she combined the Eye of the Serpent Smiley Sam crashes into her and she falls overboard. Then the Eye of the Serpent rolls off and falls into the hands of Short Fuse Jones and you have the final boss fight against him again. Then it dawned on me - Jones was always the last boss, but last time I was able to access him without obtaining Smiley Sam first. That's incredibly poor design. Defeating him earns you the same lame ending as before.

To reiterate - don't buy this game. All it has are some well designed characters. The rest from the story, to the game and level design are terrible, accompanied by clunky combat.

Alice tells some of her clutz stories at her work as an editor for erotic fiction books. She has issues with her sister and parents.

Mel talks about her inspirations as an artist and you have a brief discussion about animation as an art form. She's not happy with her job, but can't really quit since she has bills to pay. It also turns out that she's a bit of a perv who likes tentacle porn.

Olivia does some flirting and then brings up her unhappy marriage again. Can't say I'm too interested in a used up unfaithful thot.

I picked up a new girl called Saki, who is a volleyball player, but she's just playing in the student league.

Mika is a mechanic biker chick with some definite tomboy vibes.

Vivian is a serious career woman, who straight up interviews you.

Lyla is a nasty sadist, who accuses you of being a perv. She seems to only care about sex and domination. She's one of the worst encounters so far.

On the gameplay side it's explained that 9 tiles form a cloud, which when activated destroys all squares of the same colour. The best thing is that when you combine it with a bomb or a rocket the relevant squares turn into the item instead. If you are lucky enough to fuse 2 clouds the entire screen will be cleared giving you essentially a reset and a single hit on all obstacles. Speaking of there are some new ones like flowers destroyed in 5 hits or amps playing notes when you hit them. There are also safes, which can only be destroyed with a weapon, which can be a bit tricky to achieve depending on the level.

Explored the Blossoming Arcadia a bit and entered a cave where I found another survivor. Then I engaged in Dandori battle against Olimar and earned another transformed person. I gathered enough materials to purchase the Rush Boots upgrade allowing your character and Oatchi to move quite quickly. I also upgraded the pup's carrying strength, so now it equals 20 Pikmin. That should be enough for most items for now. Then I visited the Sun-Speckled Terrace again in hopes to find the last treasure I was missing. I discovered the general area it was in, but never found it even after using the drone to spot it.

The complete gallery for Pretty Girls Tile Match is a bit lacking, but at least you can get all characters in a single diorama. The girls could've definitely had more costumes and some of the backgrounds don't really fit the character size or pose.

I had 2 unsuccessful runs with the Ninja, being killed by the same boss twice. I'm getting more familiar with the mechanics of the game and how to utilise the different cards, but I should've exploited the special abilities some more. One thing I noticed is that the talent wheel is different on each run meaning there is a dose of luck depending on what you get.


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