This video proves that the Acosta White House clip released by Sarah Sanders had not been doctored. First, we explain in detail all technical aspects related to the Sanders clip. Then will prove that all motion artifacts are the result of typical conversion from different formats and frame rates, not any deliberate human intervention.

1. Technical discussion
- Two C-Span clips
- Formats, frame rates, artifacts
- No "expert" synced videos properly
2. Proof

In the previous episode, we suggested that a door can be taped or a card used to prevent the spring-loaded latch from engaging the door frame. Here's the response to the feedback. Also, covers the "no broken window in 32 135" claim.



"Door report Is it true you decide" (UFO Hunter UK)

"Las Vegas Shooting - The 135 Window - Enough Already" (Daniel James)

"LVS - LVMPD Release #8 (17/19)" (Las Vegas Shooting Archive)

"K9 Officer David Newton 3/4 - Unaltered Original" (Weg Oag)

A short response to UFO Hunter's video, in which he argues that someone else must've been in Paddock's room.


"Is this proof for you Door access Las Vegas shooting" (UFO Hunter UK)

This is a quick video about the dust cloud filmed near the intersection during the LV shooting, published recently by Mr Burgundy.


"LVS Video During Volleys Showing Smoke" (Mr Burgandy)


"Vegas Shooting Batch 11 Body Cam Video #96" (Weg Oag)

(Reupload, was missing from BitChute)
This video goes over the recent claim regarding the supposedly unexpected steep wound angles among the Vegas shooting victims.

1. Simulation
2. Wounding vs other locations
3. Steep wounds & "helicopters"
4. How sampling works


"Las Vegas Shooting: Victim Autopsies: This Isn't News?" (John E Hoover)

"#LasVegasShooting - Las Vegas Coroner - Autopsy" (John E Hoover)

"5X5 NEWS | Las Vegas Shooting Report ERRORS!" (5X5 NEWS)

"Las Vegas Shooting - NEVER SEEN ON YT EXCLUSIVE!! ALT View" (Mr. Burgandy)

"Las Vegas Shooting FBI Clean Up Part 1" hangman1128

"Video from 12th floor of Luxor Hotel: October 1st Las Vegas Shooting" (AcesWildMMA)

"Video from ABOVE SHOOTER - 48th Floor of Mandalay Bay" (Chris Valletta)

"#36Women22Men - #LasVegasShooting - How could this be?" (John E Hoover)

In this episode, we'll examine the smoke visible in the R. Goodwin video.

1. 3D location
2. Paddock's stance
3. Curtains
4. Front scatter
5. Wind


"Las Vegas Shooting" (Robert Goodwin)

"What Is It? Something Spotted Outside Stephen Paddock's Room" (Drewnonymous)

"Las Vegas Shooting - Smoke & Perspective" (J L P L)

"Vegas Shooter Using A Bump Fire Stock?" (Jeff3230)

Credit for spotting: Seangram / LVSA. This is the best analysis I can do on a short notice. The location of 32-135 seems to check out.

"LVS holy grail" (Seangram)

"Las Vegas Shooting" (Robert Goodwin)

This video discusses a few unrelated topics.

1. "Suicide shots":
- Holy Grail wanted
2. Crowd estimate
3. Wind
4. Ammo ID
5. Behind the stage
6. Fuel tank photo
7. "Triangulate"


LVS "MANDALAY BAY ROOF NORTH" 9:50PM-3:00AM [Las Vegas Shooting Archive]

"K9 Sgt. Joshua Bitsko 3/4 - Unaltered Original Body Cam" (Weg Oag)

"New Footage filmed while escaping Route 91 concert" (AcesWildMMA)

In this video, we'll use 3D audio analysis to estimate where the first single shots landed on the festival grounds.

1. General notes
2. Ammo
3. Visual elements
4. Animation
5. Verification
6. Bits and pieces


"Route 91 Shooting - VERY FIRST SHOTS FIRED OF THE NIGHT" (Josh Tonelli)

"Aldean Performing "Any Ol Barstool" and "First Shots" at Route 91, Alt View" (Mr. Burgandy)

"Aldean Performing "Any Ol Barstool" Route 91 Harvest Festival - Alt View" (Mr. Burgandy)

"The First Shots - Shooting started in previous song!" (Bingham Industries)


"First shots of Las Vegas Worst Mass Shooting in U.S. history" (Arch Angel Studios)

"Aldean "Any Ol Barstool" and "First Shots" at Route 91 Harvest Festival" (Mr. Burgandy)

"5X5 NEWS | Las Vegas Shooting Report ERRORS!" (5X5 NEWS)

"Raw Footage Shooting Las Vegas People at Bus Stop Below Shooter" (Crypto Brock)

A viewer pointed to another Hoover video. We'll address it. But from now on please stop pointing to his videos, because there's no point in dealing with this endless stupidity.


"Vegas Shooting Smoking Gun - First Shots" (John E Hoover)


"How to Use Cruise Control" (Smart Drive Test)

Regular viewers will have to forgive the tone of this episode. Usually, the videos here are calm and collected. But this is done very quickly, today is a bad day, and the sheer stupidity we're dealing with is profound.


"Smoking GUN: Proof The First Shots Did Not Come from 32-135" (John E Hoover)

"Las Vegas Audio in 3D Pt 2 Explanations, Questions" (Mr Visual)

In this video, we'll cover another claim made by HDRCFX Cornwall. First we'll present another correct prediction. Then we'll cover the claim alleging that the LVMPD report photos were taken 10 floors above. Finally, we'll credit the early timeline shown in the last episode.

1. Correct prediction
2. "10 floors above" claim
3. Credit for the early timeline

"Route 91 festival Oct 1,2017" (lukum76)

"Las Vegas: Reminder, Introductions, Crash Course" (HDRCFX Cornwall)

"Room 32135 Mandalay Bay Route 91 2016 ....strip view" (bambooning)

"Four Seasons Las Vegas Hotel Room Tour" (SoTweetie)

"Ramachandran - Ames room illusion explained" (TodaSyo)

In this episode, we'll go over claims made by HDRCFX Cornwall in his recent video. The claims allege that the timeline of shooting events in Las Vegas is inconsistent between multiple recordings. First we'll make some general comments, then we'll cover individual claims.

1. Reinventing the wheel
2. Poor research
3. FIreworks vs gunfire
4. Muffled shots in the cabbie video
5. Inaudible rounds in "First Shots"
6. Mismatch in the "Airport" video

"Las Vegas: Record, Fireworks, Timelines, Extremes" (HDRCFX Cornwall)

"New Footage filmed while escaping Route 91 concert" (AcesWildMMA)

"Vegas Shooting from Excalibur - HD UNCUT Eyewitness Footage" (Adam Danischewski)

"Reporting on Las Vegas, Pixel by Pixel" (NY Times)

This is a very quick sequel to the video on the vanishing bus. Previously, we've discussed a bus that seems to have vanished during the shooting, but actually was found in the shadows. Today we're going to show a vehicle that actually vanished, or tried to, during the shooting.


"Las Vegas Shooting - Aldean Buses Shot Up & Changing Locations" (Mr. Burgandy)


"VIDEO: Las Vegas Shooting (TOP Floor Mandalay Bay)" (Central Florida Post)

This is a very quick response video. Recently, Mr. Burgundy showed new photos of Jason Aldean's buses, and the bullet damage done to them. Mr. Burgandy correctly identified where the buses were parked in the venue. He then noticed that one of them, the red one, apparently vanished during the shooting, as seen in the Hartman rooftop video.


"Las Vegas Shooting - Aldean Buses Shot Up & Changing Locations" (Mr. Burgandy)


"VIDEO: Las Vegas Shooting (TOP Floor Mandalay Bay)" (Central Florida Post)

A very quick response video. A user called Drewnonymous made some interesting observations about the layout of the 32nd floor. At the end, he asked a question about the photos of investigators taken soon after October 1st. The question is as follows. if these photos were taken on the 32nd floor, why is the door at the end of the hallway not breached?


"The 100 Hallway of Mandalay Bay's 57th Floor" (Drewnonymous)

"No Security Again at Mandalay Bay! 360 4K Video" (5x5 News)

"Las Vegas Shooting - Mass Changes to 100 Wing, 32nd Floor" (Mr. Burgandy)

"Inside The Mandalay Bay's 32nd Floor" (CBS News)

In this video, we'll discuss wound statistics, based on a list of the wounded compiled by a user called Return2Logic

1. Statistics
2. Interesting cases


"5X5 NEWS | Las Vegas Shooting Report ERRORS!" (5X5 NEWS)

"Full interview: Parents of NCSU grad describe moment she was shot"

"Las Vegas survivor: Shots sounded like fireworks" USA TODAY

"Victims of Las Vegas Shooting Speak From Their Hospital Beds" Inside Edition

"Injured Coloradan Tried To Save Vegas Shooting Victim With Wheelbarrow" (CBS Denver)

"At least 5 Texans injured in Las Vegas mass shooting" (kxan)

"North Pole man returns home after surviving Las Vegas shooting" (KTUU)

"Mom Who Went Blind When She Was Shot in Las Vegas" (Inside Edition)

"Woman is saved by her boyfriend after being shot in heart" (Fox News)

"EMT Saves Girlfriend who was …. In the heart" Almutaz Bur News Network

A quick update on experimenting with YT alternatives, in case YouTube comes after this channel.

Las Vegas shooting audio recreation in 3D, with major cell phone filming locations tracked in space and all shooting events included. This is part I: Animation

All soundtracks are sync'd to the time of the muzzle discharge (not by the local report times). That's why the soundtracks are in sync with the blue sound waves as they hit a particular location.

This analysis was done to verify the one-shooting-location scenario. Given the speed of sound in LV air conditions at the time and the distances to the moving cell phone locations, the report times of the muzzle "bang" sound do in fact check out, though there is one odd sequence of volleys.


Raymond Page ("RAW VIDEO: Escape from Las Vegas shooting")

Arch Angel Studios ("First shots of Las Vegas Worst Mass Shooting")

Cori Langdon ("Taxi video of Las Vegas mass shooting")

"babe" ("RAW VIDEO - New footage of the Las Vegas Shooting")

The interest in the Las Vegas shooting is dwindling, but here's one more video, this time on the subject of the first shots.

1. The "impossible" shot
2. The supersonic crack problem
3. Paddock's motivation
4. Bits and pieces


"Las Vegas Fuel tank test 2nd. Shooter?" (Danny Deisel)

"Las Vegas Shooting - The First Shots - Shooting started in previous song!" (Bingham Industries)

"Route 91 Shooting - VERY FIRST SHOTS FIRED OF THE NIGHT 10:05PM" (josh tonelli)

"First shots of Las Vegas Worst Mass Shooting in U.S. history - Oct 1, 2017" (Arch Angel Studios)

"10/14 @LauraLoomer Interviews Two KEY Eyewitnesses to Las Vegas Shooting in 50 min report #DNN" (DNN Deplorable News Network)

"Attempt to Blow the Fuel Tanks - Las Vegas Shooting Investigation Part 13" (Blackstone Intelligence Network)

"Witness Sees Muzzle Flash Inside Concert Venue - Las Vegas Shooting - Part 65" (Blackstone Intelligence Network)

"Jet Fuel VS Diesel VS Gasoline how they burn and what color are they" (Just Think)

"Fuel Tank Entry" (John Baxter)

Just a quick, short video to address the recent claims of "flashes" seen in the Las Vegas shooting footage. It's not meant to disparage anyone's research, just to match these claimed "flashes" to the structure of the Mandalay Bay building, and the location of Paddock's suite.

"Las Vegas Shooting Muzzle Flashes From Room 32 135 Mandalay Bay Hotel" (nserve)

"VEGAS SHOOTING - NEW Timeline! UPDATE 9:45 pm!! Paddock's window being shot out" (John E Hoover)

Recently, a viewer called S Wheeler found a flash in the Las Vegas shooting footage that seems to come from suite 32 1 34. This short video gives a 3D reflection analysis of this flash.


"Is this a muzzle flash from Mandalay Bay?" (S Wheeler)

"Las Vegas Shooting. Muzzle Flash from Mandalay Bay Room 32 134"(nserve)

"Sundance Helicopter employees recount night of Las Vegas shooting" (Las Vegas Review-Journal)

"Tragedy in Sin City" (Daily Mail)

"Official Radar Video From Night Of The Las Vegas Shooting" Truth Tracker

This video tallies up the correct predictions from previous episodes, confirmed by the recent LVMPD report. Towards the end, it discusses a few discrepancies in the report.

"LVMPD Preliminary Report"

"Las Vegas police release body-cam video of first responders" (Fox News)

A statistical look at what affects the chances of being shot in situations like the Las Vegas shooting.

1. Skewed gender ratio
2. Simulation
3. Testing factors
4. Improving your odds
5. Caveat

"Dear Oprah - 37Women21Men - The Vegas Shooting MOTIVE" (John E Cullen)

"Las Vegas Shooting October 2017 - Clear Bullet sound" (Siddharth Dhuriya)

"During the Las Vegas shooting, it took a bullet hitting concrete..." (BB Pissed)

"RAW VIDEO: Escape from Las Vegas shooting" Las Vegas Review-Journal

"Las Vegas shooting: Rapid-fire shots, then 'Stay down!'" (CNN)

"Vegas Route 91 Shooting front left side of venue" (Crystal Edivan)

- Research and audio compiled by Brain Shields
- The animation is designed for clarity, not accuracy
- The helicopters are not to scale, route is not exact
- Only the most important quotes are included
- Helicopter sound added for effect

Brian's research (link below) addresses the claims that a) Mavericks took off knowing about the shooting (false) and b) Mavericks performed a "flanking" maneuver (related to the alleged shooting from helicopters), as opposed to just taking a detour around a dangerous situation.


"Strip Tour Helicopter ATC Communications during the Las Vegas Shooting" (Brian Shields)


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