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David Pakman Answers the Algorithm Question HERE:

"All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;"

- - Possible Autistic MELTDOWN Avoided!! - -

- VOLUME ALERT - I had mic too close to my face - VOLUME ALERT -

This is yet another reason it is difficult for Aspies to keep a job - attack by co-workers.

Great Rant, especially RE: Having our voices shut down

Do you receive THIS strrrraaaaannnnggggggeee face from people?

YT won't let me edit this it's longer than the usual. Communication is a FUNDAMENTAL human urge. To thwart that urge is an act against humanity itself.

The torture and pain of bathing as a child....well, and as an adult.....

Subscribers probably know how upset I become when I feel someone is not 'hearing' me...Here's an explanation as to why I become overly upset because of this. There are other factors no doubt, but this aspect is highly relevant.

"Putative Brain Networks Underlying Repetitive Negative Thinking and Comorbid Internalizing Problems in Autism"
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Video making got interrupted by landlord coming over to tell me there is a bee hive underground in the back part of the property...and to be careful etc. So when I came back to the video, I forgot what I was talking about and so mentioned how nice bees are, which, I believe, they are.


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