Keemstar believed I had flagged twitter accounts down which I didn't, i tried to tell them otherwise and they didn't care because I was easy to blame and scapegoat because people didn't like me.
The people who did it are currently the ones mass DMCAing me and other content creators under the name superhound and alexanderjapankid see they've been actively impersonating, flagging me and trying to discredit me for years, they also sent Keemstar the clip of me even though they were the ones flagging him and others years ago.

Source: (Baited Podcast)

KidBehindaCamera exploits the death of his own father for money, continues to do it to this day. (Reupload)

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Person who was impersonating me:
(Keemstar threatening me on baited scapegoating me for flagging)

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Twitter: @mrbtfobot
Instagram: @mrbtfo

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Alexander goes under various identities online stalking, doxing, impersonating and flagging YouTubers and Streamers down while trying to extort them for money, he was also involved targeting various content creators including (Dick Masterson, Justin Whang, Rusty Cage)
(Scroll down for info/links as he has tried to wipe these off the internet) (Old profile linking to ) (Patreon) (Impersonating me over Twitter) (Threatening
He likes to dress up like a little child (ageplay) and have sexual roleplay with children on Second Life and owned a website dedicated to shotacon and other creepy porn, he was also involved in stealing credit cards and skidding peoples accounts online, if you have anymore information feel free to contact me, he's an Australian in his 30's.

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Just a man in the virtual worlds looking for love but found simps instead.


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