JMAA gets banned from Discord

Thanks for the Coronavirus

Some funny moments from my streams, for more of my content check and my livestreams at

JMAA finally gets fired from his job.

Some closet homosexual Second Life wrestler starts threatening me.

Past streams, highlights and clips

Two days after Total Biscuit dies Genna finally moves on, with the BBC.

Compilation of various games I trolled as BritbongReturns, Reign of Kings, GTA and some others.

One of my old Britbongreturns second life trolling videos, messing with people around Christmas time.

One of my Classic BritbongReturns Second Life troll videos messing with weeaboos epic style.

Michael Green the son of Angry Grampa exploits the death of his father for money.

One of my old videos from my Second Life trolling days as Britbongreturns, trolling some sonic fans and making them rage.

Second Life trolling classics from Britbongreturns, one of my old Halloween specials on YouTube

RIP Total Biscuit

A classic Second Life trolling video from my BritbongReturns channel

A classic GTA RP trolling video from my Mrbtfo channel, enjoy.

One of my Classic BritbongReturns videos in Second Life, for more info check

One of my Classic BritbongReturns videos, for more info check

One of my old videos from my BritbongReturns channel, reuploaded for you to enjoy, for more info about me check or alternatively

Reupload of my Second Life classic "London England" for me info check I currently stream on

Reupload from my terminated channel MRBTFO in GTA RP


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The name's MRBTFO, formerly known as BritbongReturns I used to make YouTube trolling content in games such as Second Life, VRCHAT and GTA RP and sometimes the occasional commentary video.