I should have bought TOBS Sandalwood cologne earlier. It's a spot on scent for the TOBS sandalwood shave cream. Since it's a EDC longevity is about 3 to 5 hours. Great for a after shower or after shave.

This shave soap is made by declaration Grooming and the scent is by Chatillon Lux. It is a very green grassy scent. not quit vetiver but in that same genera. I like it and would recommend it.

Trying my camera setup on my porch. Hope this turns out ok.
And me giving my opinion on current political climate.

After watching Dinesh D'Souza's documentary Death of a Nation. Just giving my thought. I recommend everyone watch this movie.

My thoughts and opinions on Dinesh D'Souza's new documentary Death of a Nation before I go see the movie.

Part 1 is me trying to install the Kuryakyn trident ISO pegs but I ordered the wrong adapter. This particular peg takes the tapered adapter.

This shave soap is made by Declaration Grooming and scent provided by Chatillon Lux. The soap in the container does not smell the same as TSm Fougere aftershave salve but once lathered up it smells great. Good overall shave soap.

First shave video after I moved to my new home. L&L After the rain is a Bison tallow shave soap. It's just as good as beef or emu tallow.

Smoking my pipe and talking little bit about guns

I know I have not done a shave video in a few weeks. This soup is Van Yulay's interupation of Creed's Rayol Oud Colonge. It Kind of smell like it Creed's Rayol Oud. Over all great shave soap.

Smoking Cohiba red dot and giving my 2 cents support for the NRA

Me smoking and rambling on about socitey and gun rights.

Weekend smoke and enjoying the really flavorful Java sa

My 3rd Cuban Honey Flavored cigar, Has a heavy chocolate aroma which is not the same as Java by dREW eSTATE

This is a Toro size Java by Drew Estate cigar. This is one of the better coffee flavor cigar I have tried. Bit on the expensive and hard to find cigars.

This is the Ghurka Tident cigar gordo. A big cigar with a maduro wraper. A good long afternoon smoker.

This is my last Montecristo Classic cigar out of 5 I bought last year. Good mild smoke, won't kick your ass even for a Churchill.

This is a great pine/wood scented shave soap. Very slick and has good protection.

This is a Pardon cigar I am smoking I think it's the 7000 line.

Me in the cold smoking a nice graycliff g2 habani cigar.

Smoking some Lane rassberry at my temple day visit

Tried a few Vicotr Sinclair cigars and they are not bad for affordable cigars

These are the torch lighters I use for my cigars

I have never tried a Macanudo cigar. Heard they are some of the better rated ciagrs around so I am giving it a try.

This is the 2nd Christmas theme shave soap I got from Stirling. It smell nice, like spice and musk. Not sure if it smell lilke Frankincense or myrrh since I have never smelt either.


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