My take on Godzilla king of monsters. Not a bad movie just your average hollywierd action flick with diversity and inclusiveness. There will be a part 3.

This is one strong cigar. Not recommended for new cigar smokers but you can give it a try. And just giving props to a very small list of celebrities who are not towing to pc line.

This random yellow jack hornet came up landed on my arm and stung my while I was smoking a cigar on the porch. Crazy wasp

Smoking some Diesel Cigar and welcoming all the Youtube Refugees

Along with seeing Godzilla I also watched John Wick 3.

I have been on Bitechut from almost the beginning but did not really use Bitechut much but now looks like the youtube exodus bring me back.

This is the last shave stick in a batch that I bought. It's the same as the shave cream expt in a shave stick form.

I was out at the temple and made a quick video of a Buddhist SIM. This is were a man would be blessed as he becomes and leaves the Buddhist monk order.

I got around to getting the Muhle R41 and the old tried and tested Tobac shave soap made in Germany.

This was my memorial day smoke with a Davidoff Winston Churchill cigar. It's a mild cigar not strong at all and not sure about the price either. Also I give my opinion on how the NRA should deal with the Democrats blaming the NRA for mass shooting. When in reality it is the Democrat policies that spawned these demons.

This AVO cigar is the closest I'll get to smoking a expensive Davidoff cigar. And little more info on the talk I had with my California cuz.

I found this Manion shavette online that uses a full DE blade no need to cut. I am still getting use to straight razors and this shavette is a little award.

My uncle of 82 yrs old passed way last week. So we had a some what family gathering and relatives from around the US come to Texas.

This is me at the temple very early 9 am so not many people there yet.

There are not a whole lot of blade choices for injector razors. But the blades are at least being made and not overly expensive.

This is my other flavored Nub cigar. This cigar has a nice aroma and taste.

This is my last of a 5 pack of Nub Nuance cigar. Not a fan of mint flavored cigar. This cigar does have a really nice aroma. And my 2 cents on Avengers endgame.

The Nub Nuance cigar is a mint flavored cigar. I do not like mint cigars but the This Nub cigar had a great armoa.

It took me 4 years but I finally got the Arko shave soap. It's a good affordable shave soap with a generic soapy scent. I am using the Supply V1 handle with their v2 base plate. Good razor and good shave soap.

I ordered the Supply mild and aggressive baseplates for thheir v2 razor. These also fits the v1 handle which I have.

I am smoking Ave Maria Argentum cigar while talking on a few subjects. This is a full body cigar with great taste.

After using this cheap razor to shave with. I can not recommend buying this razor. If this will be your first razor buy something else. Now, the Vi John shaving cream is a good shaving cream. Not the best but good enough.

This here the 2nd razor from Ming Shi. I cheap Chinese made razor for the Chinese market and not meant as export. It is suppose to be a copy of the Gillette twist to open adjustable razor made way back in 1962-1963.

I plan to do a 3 week shave test on the Rockwell Model T razor. So far the razor is great as advertise. I found one glitch with the razor which I describe in the video.

This is a higher end cigar. It is a mild tasting cigar. I bought a 20 count box of Rocky Patel vintage 1992 years ago. I have been slowly smoking them. Good cigars overall.


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