Smoking a Montecristo Churchill cigar out in the evening heat. Camera goes haywire again in the heat.

These are the power packs I have used over the years. I even tried a solar power pack but until solar technology gets better I think it just a gimmick.

These are just the very basic workout supplements I use. My main thing is workout recovery and to help minimize down time from injuries.

Smoking CAO Heritage cigar, avoiding bugs and chit chat

Smoking a CAO La Traviata. I believe the name comes from Italian. Good mild cigar to smoke on a hot humid night.

Smoking a CAO Columbia cigar out in the night heat.

Smoking a CAO with no line name on the label but it has a nice cedar wrapping.

Smoking Macandudo Cru royale cigar. Talking more in recent evens over the weekend

Smoking Nub hanano cigar and giving more of my 2cents on recent mass shootings

Smoking Nub Cafe cappuccino and my initial take on the EL Paso shooting

Smoking a Nub Connecticut a mild Cigar for a hot evening.

I called this Kamisori my naked Japanese straight razor. I am also using a Arko and La Toja combo shave soap.

Smoking a Cohiba black label red dot cigar

Smoking a Macanudo gold label cigar on International Red PIll day

Smoking a Diesel uncut cigar on a hot evening. The uncut line is full flavored.

This is a used New Azuma Japanese kamisori straight razor. I got this razor from a UK gentlemen who cleans and refurbishes Japanese straight razors. So far I am liking this style of straight razor

Smoking a Punch torpedo cigar and enjoying the cooler weather

Smoking Java Maduro and my issue with flavor cigars being to humid.

Smoking a Punch cigar and discussing if you really do need VPN to brow the web.

Smoking a Punch bare knuckle cigar and talking about news

Smoking a small cigar by Monte Cristo which is also made by AJ Fernandez

Smoking ManOWar Little Devil Cigar. This cigar is a smaller gauge then what I like to smoke but it's still a good smoke.

Smoking a Punch rare corogo cigar, catching up on recent news and events.

Smoking avo cigar by Davidoff and talking about current events.

This is a Macanudo Nicaraguan cigar. This brand has been around forever I just have not gotten to try it our until this year. Great cigars as others have attested to.


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