After five years I upgraded to the newer TP Link AC1750.

Another good mild cigar on a hot summer day with more porch talk

Smoking a Drew Estate Java Maduru Cigar. This is a java flavored cigar and a very strong cigar. And more porch talks.

Geo.F.Trumper is a English shaving cream. Any Shaving soap or cream out of London is pretty much a good choice.

This is a smaller cigar then I usually smoke. Padron cigar are a higher end cigar so if you find some on sale buy it. and porch talk

I recommend both of these anime

This cigar is a mild smoke an overall good smoke on a hot evening. And porch talks.

Berserk is a medieval fantasy based anime with blood and gor. Blood Lad is a demon supernatural comedy.

Smoking a Punch rare corojo cigar. Porch talk.

Overlord is a fantasy mmo type Anime.

This here is a short clip of the anime Gabriel Dropout.

This is a comedy supernatrual Anime.

This is a mild cigar, good smoke on a hot evening. More porch talk

These two anime are supernatural but no blood nor gore safe for 14+.

Smoking a AVO cigar and more porch talk.

This is the Art of Shaving sandalwood shave cream. This is the last shave for this jar. The Shave cream is pretty much used up.

Smoking a Macanudo cigar with nor porch talk.

Moyashimon is an anime about a college kid who can see bacteria.

This is an obscure anime form 2004. All I have to say is motorcycles and cows.

This is Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Sangre De drago. I had to look it up, Sangre De Drago is a herb from South America and is used in lots of remedy especially diarrhea.

Smoking my last if 5 Nub Connecticut cigar and porch talk.

Smoking a Cohiba yellow band red dot cigar and talking about whats on my mind.

I have been say in videos that masks do work and don't listen to the Gov and paid medical professionals telling us it doesn't.

This video was from the NY times. It shows a man attacked another man in China town NY.

Now that it has made it's way to the US. Lets see how us Americans cope with this pandemic.


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