Smoking a Padron cigar. This is a high end pricey cigar. Talk about getting migraines and my continue win10 BSOD issues.

Smoking a unknown line Diesel cigar. Talking about Ron Coleman bodybuilder. 70th An of Comm takeover of China. more on impeachment

Smoking My almost gone Java Maduro cigar. More on Hong Kong Protest over the weekend. I talk a little bit about the Joker movie.

I bought Neem Oil Sprayer and a all natural insecticide spray to see if I can get rid of pesky aphids that are killing my bean plants.

Smoking a Macanudo gold label cigar. Talking about ADL, UK home invasion,

have not sued my Timesless Razor in awhile. And the shave soap is Stirling's Varen witch is another Fougere scented shave soap.

Tried smoking a Cuban Honey truffle cigar but the draw was so bad I had to put it down and instead smoked AVO heritage cigar. I discuss Chicomm - Chinese communist buying up American companies. Climate gate, Hong Kong protest.

Smoking a Nub Habano cigar. More info on how St. Greta got to the UN climate conference, mass attacks with knives and fire.

Smokign a CAO Columbia cigar. More Co2 myth talk. Was the bad guys in the Dark Knight really bad for wanting to reset society?

Smoking a Nub cappuccino cigar. Discussing CO2 and cow farts.

Smoking Nub triple roast cigar. talking about more new Texas laws, money transfer, Asians being socialist and communist minded.

Smoking a Nub macchiato cigar. Another Nub cigar with a really bad draw,

Smoking a Nub single roast cigar. This cigar does not have the aroma of a flavored cigar. Also discussing red flag law passing congress, Minnesota's Somalia diversity happiness.

Smoking CAO moontrance flavored cigar. Catching up on news.

Smoking a Java Latte cigar for weekend smoke

Smoking Num fall harvest cigar. This is the first Nub cigar that was a bad draw till the end.

Using the Muhle R41 V2 with another fougere scented shave soap. My opinion on the Muhle razor is they should make their razor handles solid and not hallow.

Smoking a Ave Maria argentum cigar and some political talk

Smoking a Ave Maria immaculata cigar and talking about social credit coming to US

Smoking Cuban Honey Truffle speaking about citizenship test and other issues.

Smoking a COhiba black label cigar and talking about recent events

The boycott worked Gillette lost $8 billion. Gillette will never make another DE razor. There no money to be made in a razor that last forever. This Gillette slim I am using was made in 1963.

Smoking a Nub Connecticut cigar. It's a light cigar too not strong. I could smoke 2 if I wanted.

Smoking Greycliff G2 cigar. This is an affordable but highly rated cigar by consumers.

Smoking a Diesel uncut cigar. This is a strong cigar so be ready.


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