I am smoking a CAO Steelhorse cigar and watching live coverage of midterm elections. Midterms is were more older voters go to the polls but this time I think more young voters got out there. And CAO steelhorse is a dam fine cigar, little on the strong side.

During October is when you will see lots of Circus and carnival roll into town. This was a small circus in a mall parking lost.

I have been using 7mm generic punch for years and has been searching for something more. Here is the lotus 11mm gunmatel punch. Very sharp and Works as intended.

My personal ghost stories. Similarities between east and west ghosts and Halloween customs

Yes folks it's midterm election time again. Get out and vote for your state representative and local officials.

This is just me randomly talking about movies and such. Also testing the Vecture AC800 1080, 2k and 4k seeing if there is a difference. 4k takes too much memory and time to up load so I will not be doing to many 4k videos.

This action camera is great for a dash cam use and walking around. It's small so its not as noticeable. Only draw back is mic could be better.

Only tried this one stick but this cigar had a very bad draw. Taste was nice and rich. but I could not enjoy the cigar due to the bad draw. I tried poking it but that did nothing. I will try another one before calling this cigar a no go.

This afternoon youtube went down for a very long time. I don't think its due to hackers but more than like a data server or a few data servers went down. Could also be a main switch went down due to the length youtube was down a piece a hardware most likely broke.

I got this camera to use as my new youtube camera hope it works out.

I got Stirling Soap company's creed cologne lines. These are not knockoffs so you will not be getting a creed cologne box or bottle, but this is Stirling's interpretation of creed.

Hope this video helps other trying to use their AUX port but can't because their Mercedes has a iPhone connection hooked up instead.

I should have bought TOBS Sandalwood cologne earlier. It's a spot on scent for the TOBS sandalwood shave cream. Since it's a EDC longevity is about 3 to 5 hours. Great for a after shower or after shave.

What I got here are two Creamo Cologne. Blue cedar and Cypress and Leather Oud. Both smell ok nothing extraordinary. I recommend both base on the low price and they smell ok to my nose.

This shave soap is made by declaration Grooming and the scent is by Chatillon Lux. It is a very green grassy scent. not quit vetiver but in that same genera. I like it and would recommend it.

Trying my camera setup on my porch. Hope this turns out ok.
And me giving my opinion on current political climate.

After watching Dinesh D'Souza's documentary Death of a Nation. Just giving my thought. I recommend everyone watch this movie.

My thoughts and opinions on Dinesh D'Souza's new documentary Death of a Nation before I go see the movie.

Part 1 is me trying to install the Kuryakyn trident ISO pegs but I ordered the wrong adapter. This particular peg takes the tapered adapter.

This shave soap is made by Declaration Grooming and scent provided by Chatillon Lux. The soap in the container does not smell the same as TSm Fougere aftershave salve but once lathered up it smells great. Good overall shave soap.

First shave video after I moved to my new home. L&L After the rain is a Bison tallow shave soap. It's just as good as beef or emu tallow.

Smoking my pipe and talking little bit about guns

I know I have not done a shave video in a few weeks. This soup is Van Yulay's interupation of Creed's Rayol Oud Colonge. It Kind of smell like it Creed's Rayol Oud. Over all great shave soap.

Smoking Cohiba red dot and giving my 2 cents support for the NRA

Me smoking and rambling on about socitey and gun rights.


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