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In this video, I discuss why we need to protect freedom of speech from the increasing attack, which it has come under in recent years.

In this video I discuss anarchy.

In this video, I discuss how the number one factor for a nation's success is its people.

In this video, I discuss the protests in Hong Kong and my thoughts on the matter.

In this video, I discuss how Franco ruled Spain under his fascist dictatorship.

In this video, I discuss the reasons why you should ditch your console for a pc.

In this video, I play scram a free to play battle royale available on steam, no commentary and sorry about the lag.

In this video, I discuss the benefits of using multiple social media platforms, oppose to a couple of mainstream ones.

Is this video, I discuss the extensive surveillance by the state and why you should be worried.

Sorry about the mic problems and the fact that I stated that Venezuela was a continent, oppose to a nation still hope you enjoyed the video if you did
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In this video, I discuss why it would be a bad idea to live forever from a philosophical standpoint.
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My first real recording of a video hope you like it

NON-POLICIAL JUST PRESERVING HISTORY. I'm not the original owner or creator of this video, all rights and credit go to the respected creator, this was deleted from youtube so thought I would upload it here.


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