I finally beat this game's second loop. i did it because i wanted to see if that would make any differences to the ending, i was so dissapointed to see it doesn't change anything. The ending is a bit different in this version for some reason. i kinda don't like it. This version of Renegade SUCKS by the way, Not recommended.

A rather nice port of OutRun.However,unlike many other home console ports,this one supports analog controls which actually works great for this game since the arcade original used similar controls.It actually made playing the game easier for me due to the quick and precise movement.Sadly it doesn't seem to have any options to change the brightness or gamma for the colours.The biggest feature of this version however is that by holding A+C while pressing left or right in the Japan and Overseas layout setting,you can play the game at a fairly smooth looking 60 Frames Per Second which is a nice bonus.I don't know why it has to be hidden through a code though.And finally,If you play the stand alone japanese version, you get arranged versions of the soundtracks. most of them sound pretty nice.Hell,I think the arranged rendition of Magical Sound Shower is so good that i was dancing to it like the Sonic from that 1991 japanese Sonic the Hedgehog 1 commenrcial after i won haha.

I do like this portable version of this game, and yeah, it also has the Ferrari Testarossa, yay.As much as i like this version however, i do have some issues with it,specifically with the controls and physics.
Controlling the car just feels too precise and slippery.and the physics often work against you,and needless to say,they're not as good as the arcade or some of the console versions as a result.Maybe they tried to simulate the feeling of using the steering wheel from the arcade version,but it just doesn't work.
Sometimes you lose all speed just for colliding with the other cars or the trucks, or you get pushed to the side of the road which often makes you crash with something.That's why i don't recommend to surpass the other cars on tight areas.
Technically speaking however,i do love how the game uses the GBA's scaling capabilities.most other versions rely on using different sized versions of the same sprite to simulate scaling and movement.
Also,Outrun is probably the best game on this collection despite it's flaws.The other games are overall terrible versions of these classic Sega arcade games.

I've been in the mood to play some Smash Bros.Again.I decided to go back to this game and try out some gameshark codes with it again.I finally found a code that loads Final Destination(Master Hand's Stage)on Vs Mode. It doesn't seem to allow you to use items though, and the background doesn't animate because that's what causes the game to crash when trying to load the Final Destination stage on Vs mode since the background is animated based on how much you hit Master Hand.the more you hit him, the more it changes.I would like to find a version of the codes for the japanese version though, cause i like to play that version instead and i'm pretty sure these codes only apply to the US version of the game.

I like the darker colour palette in this version. I also like the exclusive musical track called Step On Beat, it's not great, and it doesn't replace Magical Sound Shower for me, but i do like it.

I forgot to mention that the iOS/Android version of this compilation also has the same emulation issues.

For some strange reason i love this version of OutRun.It was a shame they didn't include it on either the PC-Engine Mini or the TurboGrafx-16 Mini.I assume it wasn't included because Sega didn't want to give any of their games to another Mini competitor since they released the Megadrive/Genesis Mini.this game wasn't included on the MegaDrive Mini though.Or maybe it has to do with licensing issues regarding the Ferrari Testarossa in the game.If that's what happened then sorry but that's not an excuse.They could've replaced the Ferrari with a different car just like they did with the Dreamcast version of the game.

Repeated Tragedy/Level 1 song arrange by:Tsu Ryu and Sailor Raika
Burning Hero/Level 2,Noble Struggle/Level 3,Determination/Level 4 song arrange by:Alluro95
Level 5 music arrange by:Akineko

It's just a small mod i made to the game.

Kirby Green Greens Theme cover by:SwordBolt
Megaman BombMan Theme arrangement by:Levi Buffum
Super Mario Bros.Underground Remix by:Jay Reichard
Metroid Brinstar Theme arrangement by:King Meteor
The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy Intro Theme
Kid Icarus Underworld Theme arrangement by:Erik
I honestly don't like Megaman's sprite design in the NES games.i get it's iconic and all,but it doesn't match with how he looks in things like current artwork or 3D models of him.And yeah i know,this game has a 16-bit custom version of Megaman's sprite,but Super Mario Crossover already did that.I like his redesigned Wily Wars sprite more so that's why i edited his sprite,and i'm pretty happy with the results so far.

Originally Recorded 11/04/2020
Secret characters footage recorded 01/06/2020
I tried this version of MK2 a while back.I thought it was pretty good despite lacking some music tracks,having constant screen tearing,and some pixelation issues(i think those graphical issues are caused by DosBox though)and i remember the only thing i kinda didn't like was the music.However,when i learned about soundcards/modules,i re-visited this version to see if it supports more than just SoundBlaster/AdLib audio,and it does.This game supports Roland SC,Roland LAPC-1/MT-32,and of course,Gravis UltraSound.I didn't really find any playthroughs of the game were people where playing with other soundcard besides SoundBlaster,so i figured,why not make a playthrough of this version of MK2 while showcasing how it sounds with GUS.I might do another playthrough to show off how the game sounds with the other sound options.

I was trying some Jaguar games yesterday,and i came across this problem.

I originally started working on this video project in the middle of 2019.

It was suprisingly hard to track down this version of SSF2,but here it is.This version is kinda how SSF2 would be if it was made on a CPS1 board.When it comes to graphics and animation frames it's pretty much arcade perfect.It is a bit different sound effects wise cause i'm pretty sure some SFX are not on the original arcade version.And i belive these new or unused SFX were also used on the GBA version of SSF2 Turbo so that's kinda interesting.
The bad stuff about this version however is that it has kinda long loading times.And i swear that there's lag when pulling off certain special moves which i think it's a problem that was also present in the arcade releases of this game.What i mean by it is that half the time,certain special moves won't work even though they should.In particular,Vega/Balrog/Claw won't do the Flying Barcelona attack(You hold down for 1 second and then press up and any kick button to execute it)the move were he jumps left or right,sticks to a wall for less than a second,and jumps into the opponent with either an attack or to grab him/her depending on how close you are when you press a punch button while in the air.I was so happy when it actually worked because in most cases,it just doesn't work.I can do the Sky High Claw and the Rolling Crystal Flash just fine though.Man,talk about curses.Oh well,even with all of that,this version was more fun to play than the MS-DOS version.

I do like this version of Raiden.Yes,it's not the best version out there,but it is playable enough,at least from what i was able to play.I was a bit dissapointed that this game doesn't support Gravis UltraSound or Roland Sound Canvas for that matter.I mean,it does "support" Roland SC,but just like i said in the video,the audio of this game wasn't meant to be played with a Roland SC in mind so it mostly sounds weird or just terrible.

I do like the revamped graphics of this version.However, most people including myself think the colour palette used for the re-worked graphics is too bright,so i fixed that with the magic of video editing.I also added some arranged music, aka,i wanted to do a "What if Raiden on the Atari Jagiar had a Jaguar CD version" type of video besides just showing how the game would look with a darker colour palette.I think it looks better,but you might disagree.

This a Korean developed game that was released in the west by the name of Blade Warrior,but because there's already a PC DOS game with the same name,i just call it Zyclunt instead.I actually wanted to make a video on this game way back in early january,but i lost the motivation to do it because i wanted to do a full playthrough with the Windows version,but it lags constantly so i couldn't do it(God i hate Windows 10)Now i went back to the game with the DOS version.It's the demo though.Maybe someday i'll play the full version.
This is honestly a pretty fun and good looking game with decent music.I like how there's a lot of things you can do like running,attack combos,block projectiles,it's almost my kind of game.My only complain(with the demo at least)is that you can't choose an easier difficulty setting.Sure,i beat the game without dying,but that doesn't make me forget how tough this game can be on Hard.

I had this game lying around for quite a while,but i never bothered to play it until now. It's a fun little game. It's short but addicting.i did enjoy the chiptune music too.

Speed:3 Difficulty:Easy 3 Music and Akuma portrait added during the editing process.
I was testing how easy the easier difficulty settings are until i came across Akuma. In this version of the game,Akuma can actually appear randomly as well,not just with the usual method.
Also,i like how Akuma shows up in this version. He fights Bison until he loses,and that leads to Akuma fighting you.I think that's cooler than Akuma showing up beating Bison while the whole screen is in white.Though,in any case,the Akuma intro kinda sucks in most of the western releases anyway because they removed a line of dialog from the original japanese release that Akuma has before you're about to confront him.
The other thing i wanna mention is that for some reason,Akuma doesn't have his theme song on this version,even though he is included in the game.The song i used is from the 3DO And PS2 version of the game.

Originally recorded 22/03/2020(Except for the footage where i'm fighting Ken and Guile,in addition to the Continue screen)
I got a lot to say.This version is pretty good overall,but i can't stop thinking that all they did was port the code of the SNES version to the PC.It really reminds me of the Super Nintendo version,just with a wider aspect ratio.All of the graphics are the same(although,the background graphics were horribly streteched..)Even some of the sound effects are the same as the SNES version cause they have that echo effect you often get with SNES games. Some SFX however are from the arcade original which is nice.

Sadly though,this version isn't as good as the SNES version content wise,despite being based on it.It lacks the Time Challenge and Tournament Mode from the SNES,MegaDrive/Genesis,and FM-Towns versions. I actually grew up with the SNES version of SSF2,and i remember having so much fun with those modes,so it's too bad they didn't keep any of those modes for this PC port.

The biggest difference however,is in the music.The music can sound different depending on what soundcard or sound module you're using.This game supports SoundCards like MT-32,SoundBlaster/AdLib,and Tandy 3 voice music.Here i'm using Gravis UltraSound(Or GUS for short),which most people don't use when playing this version on videos,either because they don't know how to setup the sound,or because emulating Gravis UltraSound on DOSBOX is kinda my case,there's a couple issues i've been experiencing with most games when using GUS.Some songs tend to slowdown on specific parts or,in the case of this game,sometimes the instruments get stuck and they won't stop playing.

The GUS renditions of the soundtrack is..a mixed bag cause some songs sound ok,but others just sound bad or mediocre,and most songs always have a lack of proper drums.But i think this isn't the soundcard's fault or the emulation of it.I think it's the compositions themselves because no matter what sound i used,some songs sound very off here and there regardless of the soundcard i'm using.So yeah, the music is pretty much mediocre.Now,i don't know who developed this version,some sites say,Capcom developed this version,but i just can't belive that,it might have been RoznerLabs or Eurocom,i don't know.All i know is that whoever made the music did a kinda poor job at it,just like the PC port of Megaman X,Another Capcom game.

Gameplay recorded:26/02/2020

Just a video project i have.I don't know how much it will take me to finish it.


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