Port of the GameBoy game Ninja Gaiden Shadow from 1991 converted to the ZXSpectrum in 2018.It was meant to be a GB port of the NES game by Natsume,Shadow of the Ninja,or Yami No Shigotonin Kage for the japanese Famicom,but then Tecmo(The owners of the Ninja Gaiden IP)acquired the publishing rights and requested the game to become a Ninja Gaiden game that acts as a prequel to the first game on the NES.personally i don't like the whole prequel thing.besides,the arcade Ninja Gaiden game was already a prequel i belive,and on top of that,there was yet another prequel to the NES game called Ninja Gaiden X made in 2004 and only released in japan,but that was just a very short mobile game.

Overall i do like this homebrew version.It adds some decent colours to the game,and the way the controls were adapted works fairly well once you get used to it.And there's also a key configuration option,which in my opinion,every spectrum game should have.So yeah,you shouldn't really have any issues to play the game.

Here's some negatives i found though:The input lag from the original game is still present(Yes,the original has input lag)
There is no intro cutscene,and there doesn't appear to be a sound test code like the original version which sucks cause i do like these renditions of the songs,and i would love to listen to them outside of the gameplay so the SFX don't mute the notes of the music being played if you know what i mean.

But despite all of that,it's still something i would recommend,definitely give it a go if you can.And even though it's free,i honestly think that DarkHorace,the person who made the port,should recieve a reward via donations for his effort.

I think the game is mostly fine but i would much rather have the game in a 16-bit look and also with Ryu having the abilities from games other than the NES ones.

I did this one purely because i do like playing as Alucard in this game,It feels good being able to do multiple sword swings quickly.

I apologise for the kinda bad video quality and framerate,it's just that my PC doesn't like Unity made games too much.Also,i don't know if this game has sound or not on this demo,but if it does then i guess i messed up the settings.I thought this game was mostly based on Pokemon,but at least when it comes from this demo,it's kinda like Zelda.Is it bad?not really cause i did have some fun with it.the puzzles you have to solve are not that hard to figure out.i did have a bit of trouble with the last puzzles,but i eventually figured those out too.I also never found myself starving for health,the game is pretty well balanced on the RNG of the item drops from the enemies i find.The graphics are pretty good for a demo,it does seem to use the graphical assets of the Unity engine fairly well.

Negatives:The character models don't look great when it comes to the faces.They don't match with the artwork used in the graphics,probably because the artwork was made by someone else,not the programmer.The combat is kinda clunky.I wish Aki had more sword combos.The personality of the characters is kinda rude and with a questionable behaviour,which can make me not care about them,but it's not terrible overall.And on the bright side,It's also not generic either.

But hey,it's just a demo,it's undeniable that improvements are going to be made.

I apologise for the frame drops,the kinda bad quality,and the somewhat slopy gameplay,i usually play better than this.

Sorry for the small rant here but 2018 was not the best year for me quite honestly,and 2019 Wasn't the best year for me either. Meh,who cares?i never really have any expectations for any year,they all suck for the most part. Anyways, i hope people enjoy this video showing what i was playing this year.

The Original description:"My commentary on Tdak1128's commentary on Gamedude's Kirby review. And to answer you're question, no, that thumbnail is of Tdak1128, not me. And to answer your other question, I'm on nobody's side in this commentary.
Link to Tdakd1128's commentary (The Video Is Gone)"

Here's the free album:

I love this dang song,and i was pleasantly suprised when i saw that there was a better version of it, except that while most of the FM instruments are the same as the original,this version has a better choice of instruments overall,while the instruments themselves sound a little more polished.
Also,sorry for the kinda slopy gameplay. I was playing safe by not going too fast on curves,and i kinda wanted to get it over with.

There's not much to this game, just 1 level. It was actually supposed to be funded on kickstarter i belive and finished, but sadly that didn't happen.Too bad because i did enjoy this game,and i was hoping to see a full version of it.

This is another one of those games i grew up playing. Though,because i played Snow Bros. before this, i actually already knew what game this one is based on. However,that doesn't make it a bad game mind you cause i do like many things about it. The music,the graphics,the gameplay,it's all fairly good. The music itself even uses the Commodore64's sound at times.
If there's something i don't like about the game is that when an enemy is very close to you,there's almost no way to fight back because your shots don't appear close to you,i don't know how to explain it.And also,the final boss can be kinda cheap with those icicles he throws at you. sometimes you gotta hug the walls to dodge them,otherwise you'll get hit with no other way to avoid the attack.
There's also no continues in this game so you can't really afford to be reckless.Thankfully it's not a long and very hard game so i don't mind the lack of continues.

It's an ok game. There's a variation of this game callled Xmas Gift that has some minor differences, and in my opinion,a better tittle screen,shown in the thumbnail.

Spoiler: Yes i did it. Yay i'm an Action Game Master!

Total Deaths:30(Including the ones that didn't made it into this version of the recording, but not counting the deaths of the 2nd maze)
This tooked me almost half an hour.

This wasn't going to be a playthrough actually,i was going to just show off the character briefly. However, because i noticed i was doing a bit better than before, i decided to keep going. Also, sorry if there's no Music, i wanted to include the music from an older build of the game cause in my opinion it sounds better, but i didn't find it so i couldn't add it into the video.

I never played Darius but i did enjoy this version. I assume it's pretty close to the original arcade version aside from the display since i do know the arcade version displays the game with 2 screens,or sometimes even 3.

The Game:
It's an allright game overall. I do have some issues with it though. the main one being the fact that while it is possible to run this game on a smartphone, you can't really play it because it doesn't offer any kind of touch screen controls so that's dissapointing.

I don't know if i like this game. It's definitely Tolerable if you can get used to how the clunky controls work, I'm not saying it's a terrible game,just not as good as other brawlers on the Megadrive.

Not the most amazing game i ever played,but it was fun nonetheless.

It's a fun little christmas themed fan game.The end message gives me nostalgia cause I think i do remember my new year's eve from 2006,it was pretty fun.And i'm pretty sure i went with my family to a river and swim and a picnic i belive,that was also fun.

This video got a copyright claim on youtube for the footage of me playing GrenadeMan's stage,i'm not kidding. So that was annoying cause not only it wasted my time,but also it pissed me off.
Note:I'm not playing these games via the Legacy Collection in any way so don't let the usage of the borders of that collection fool you.i added them during the editing process.Also, i putted the MM7 footage for later because i didn't play it for long.I'm kinda picky about how i like to play these games.I recommend playing the japanese version of Megaman 7 along with an english patch that translates the game properly(shown in the video)there was also some stuff that was removed from the international version belive it or not.
The Saturn Megaman 8 has extra content in addition to some added graphical effects.The FMVs look worse here though,but that's not a big deal for me.So yeah,those are the reasons why i wouldn't wanna play these games on the 2nd Legacy Collection.

This video got a copyright claim on youtube belive it or not,even though the song used should be a fair use work.
Does anybody knows why they added these differences?Post a comment if you wanna talk about it, i would appreciate that thanks.

Looks like it's gonna be a decent game.the only issues i can think of gameplay wise is that i stuggled at aiming stuff from above by shooting up and that you can't control the height of your jumps.There was also a couple moments while playing were i feel on a pit that i didn't know was there.And lastly,shooting feels kinda clunky,i can never consistantly shoot the way i want and i wish you could shoot a bit faster.But all of that doesn't matter much anyway cause i still had fun playing and i would definitely buy this game cause when it comes to graphics and music,i think they can both be pretty outstanding as a whole.

Played By MegamanZX51.

Sorry for the kinda jerky scrolling at some places, i'm not sure what causes it. I wanna say that all of the credit goes to the original creators of the animations and the colour pallete, all i did for the most part was to modify the colours for some of the animations.

I do like playing as Ryu Hayabusa in this game. Here i'm showcasing how i replaced his sprites for one with a much better 16-bit colour pallete.Too bad Ryu was scrapped from the recent versions of this game.Please add him back if you can Fusion Team cause i do have fun playing with him despite the annoying glitches and bugs that he has.


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