A remake of a deleted scene from the Dukes Of Hazzard movie from 2005. This one took hours to film and 1 hour to edit but the over all work was worth it. I hope you all enjoy.

Dukes Of Hazzard belongs to Warner Bro's

All mods used belong to their creators

So I was told that Pyramid Head from Silent Hill 2 was in San Andreas so I decided to head to where he was supposedly located and out of nowhere he appeared!. I though he was fake in this game but I guess I was wrong.

So I was looking through some old files last night and I happened to find so more mod videos that I did back in the day but never uploaded. And when looking at the video I realized this video was dated back in 2011,a year after when I did my very first mod video on San Andreas which had Piggsy from Manhunt. Sadly besides this video and the Piggsy video,this video was the only one that I found that was old but I am still looking for other hidden gems of mine. Some of you may wonder why I haven't uploaded these back then. Well to tell you the truth,they were crap. I didn't like the result of the final product so I never uploaded them but I figured for old times sake I would upload it. Overall guys I hope you all like the video.

I did upload this on YouTube yesterday but decided to upload it here as well.


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This BitChute will mainly be used for me to upload friends videos they don't feel comfortable wanting on YouTube and this will also be my alternative site to upload my own content if something happens to YouTube.