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Got a small batch of Brandy in and figured it was time to do some old school brandy drinks. Nice and simple and even the hard work of shaving ice for the punch can be done by machines if youre just a little too lazy or just dont like handling ice too much. Understandable given the cold weather now.

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A quick two for on this one with a beautiful Bay Breeze and a cool and refreshing Grasshopper. Hope you guys enjoy the video and get your drink on. Dont have too many though. Drink Responsibly.

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Just a short quick thing to celebrate Americas love for a classic Irish Coffee. I throw down a classic alongside a Baileys Coffee for all to enjoy with a little bit of a snipe at Greg from How To Drink. I love the guy but he disrespected the Irish Coffee.

If you want to see someone with a decent camera butcher an irish Coffee by using CANNED CREAM!!! then check out How To Drinks video from last week -

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Lets all sit back and relax and get over our colds or touches of the flu or various plagues etc with the help of a hot Toddy. A great and simple drink to get you back on your feet after life knocks you down.

Toddy clips taken from a compilation of Yogscast clips -

Wanna see a Toddy done better? Heres Greg at How to Drink doing one -

And in case you need more recipes Dan and Rex of the Whiskey Vault did a video using a few different methods too -

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I sit and drink a nice and cool Frozen Daiquiri made with darker ingredients. Its time for some dark jamaican style rum golden syrup lime juice and crushed ice. Lets build this bad boy up and knock it back.

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