Time for some really bad M19 drafting. Gotta play to learn and get dem cardz so lets give it a bash shall we?

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The new She Ra abomination is now out and fans are absolutely slamming it. Critics and Social Justice types are lauding it for its faux progressiveness and its shoehorned so-called diversity but it has alienated every long time fan of the show. I was never a fan but my better half was and so after a chat with her about it I decided to say a few words here.

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She Ra Transformation:
Modern transformation with classic intro:

Clips from official teaser "Facing Katra":

Ben 10/She Ra:

Images of new character designs taken from Official Twitter:

Improved Spinerella promo image:

Classic images taken from Google Image Search.

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Just messing around in MTG Arena. A little constructed using the basic decks and some messing around with my own rampish Simic deck that fails MISERABLY. I never said I was good at games....

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