What's the difference? One portrait of Ben Franklin.

Spent a rainy Saturday morning fixing broken stuff.

Ordered a Click unit Nov. 14 2017.
Replaced under warranty Dec. 12 2017.
Replaced by Randy's with Charm unit Aug. 6 2018.
Replaced under warranty Aug. 23 2018.
Sept. 8 2018 second Charm unit quit working.

You can lead a horticulture....

A rabbit appeared in the middle of the driveway in the early hours of August 5th.

The crows became unusually noisy at 3:30pm on Friday, 3 Aug.

It's more junk from!

This guy spends four minutes going through the recycling bins just off camera. Bugsy says he prowled every car in the lot before leaving.
Face reveal at 4:44.

Our canine neighbor returns with a friend.

Do you have the skills required?

Contact info on the About page.

Humans are parasites, again.

Humans are parasites.

Bugsy's Air Force tracked the target all day, enabling us to catch the stealthy young pup on video.

Solving mounting issues on the $20 rear-view camera.

A rent reduction led to some frivolous expenditures on

Trash begets trash, but this guy is excrement.

When I said I eat nails, I meant it as a metaphor.

From 4/20/2015. No, he's not stoned; he's just an idiot.

An overnight survey of the Piper's Creek opossum population.

Around 9am on the third of May 2018, the last surviving member of the Possum family ran in front of traffic, but failed to join its kinfolk in the afterlife. Thanks to the drivers who gave the poor idiot a brake.

Spring is here, and the Mallards have returned.

From 2015. No audio. Unless you find gross incompetence amusing, skip this video entirely.

Caught on the security camera around 9pm.

Noticed a kid flinging carrots around in the parking lot. It doesn't look like a good time to me, but he gave up a lunch for the experience.

I'll take this as a sign to wash the truck another day.

A package arrived from

Let's try and guess what's inside.


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