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Insomnia chronicles. Keeping busy making stuff.

Used a burnt-out 19" monitor and a $16 spool of LED to make a fake sunroof for the cavernous panel truck. Seemed like a good idea at the time.

Taxpayer-funded adventures to the far side of obsolescence.

Bright lights and loud noises... and new doorpanels.

8pm Saturday, September 07: Autumn asserts dominion over Seattle with a spectacular light show and a brief torrential downpour.

Static view of parking lot during an almost 2-hour lightning storm, 4X speed for brevity, 9th Symphony for pretentiousness.

End of Summer progress report; attracting wasps with RSO.

Saturday, 24 August 2019
Raccoons return to ravine 0130hours.
Coyote plays in traffic 0230hours.
Raccoons leave ravine 0400 hours.
Raccoons return to ravine 0500hours.

The pup has grown.

Thursday, 18 July 2019. This was recorded at 5pm during Seattle's evening rush hour, and the crows were making enough noise to drown out the traffic on Holman Road.

Around 3pm on the 5th of July, Bugsy yelled at me from the parking lot to ask if my camera was on. It wasn't, but I quickly rectified that oversight. Toward the end I'm laughing at Bugsy's efforts to get the raccoon to pose for a photo.

Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day.

I shouldn't make videos while tired and hungry. This might make more sense with the sound off.

Sunday morning, Feb. 10

I made the untimely error of joking to a midwesterner about being clever enough to live in a tropical paradise, where we almost never see snow and sub-freezing temperatures...

...and weather gods hate smugness.

I dreamt the Seattle Police called at ten minutes to midnight to inform me the 911 phone system was broken... but that's crazy. Why would they annoy every single resident with their technical issues and draw attention to the fragility of the system we rely on for our security....

An unusual amount of activity from the neighbors.

What's the difference? One portrait of Ben Franklin.

Spent a rainy Saturday morning fixing broken stuff.

Ordered a Click unit Nov. 14 2017.
Replaced under warranty Dec. 12 2017.
Replaced by Randy's with Charm unit Aug. 6 2018.
Replaced under warranty Aug. 23 2018.
Sept. 8 2018 second Charm unit quit working.

You can lead a horticulture....

A rabbit appeared in the middle of the driveway in the early hours of August 5th.

The crows became unusually noisy at 3:30pm on Friday, 3 Aug.

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