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After I exposed their Isaac Kappy ARG this guy starts harassing and threatening me. Now, my channel magically has 2 community guideline strikes from videos that were already reviewed by YouTube, and I am now suspended for a second time in a matter of two weeks. I have NEVER had any strikes at all against my channel before this. THESE PEOPLE WORK FOR YOUTUBE!!! Look into his eyes, this guy has no soul, he is a satanist.

Apparel - Lol, what a pathetic excuse for a human being. You can strike my channel all you want, it can be completely removed for all I care. It's personal now.

Part three of the "Pedogate" video series by: Mouthy Buddha. #pedogate

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Democrat Divided States Of America. Is this what you want? #TRUMP2020

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A meme video of some of my best memes. Please SHARE and help us wake up more sleeping minds.

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This is the "ShadowGate" documentary by: Millie Weaver.

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Shocking video that’s being BANNED all over social media. The media and these politicians are sickening.

Decoding a post from Tom Hanks. #yandex #srcusa

Discussing the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell.

#radicalislamicinsurgency #WAKEUPAMERICA

Are ANTIFA leaders being rounded up by federal agents? Let’s hope so. #domesticterrorists

Discussing the REAL reasoning for these riots. Launching an attack on our policing to impose a global policing force created by Obama and Loretta Lynch.

Discussing current events and the way Candace Owens is being treated by her own people for doing nothing but speaking truth and factual information. #currentevents #candaceowens

This is Senator Ted Cruz questioning Dr. Epstein regarding big tech censorship. MUST SEE! MUST SHARE! #censorship #google #youtube #twitter #electionmanipulation

This is my first reaction video. Decided to make it to congress kneeling to pander to the black community, their voter base. #congresskneeling #nancypelosi #chuckschumer

Discussing the racial hatred in the media and leftist hate indoctrination. #racism #racismsucks #wakeupamerica

This is a message from President @Donald J Trump. #healingnothatred #unity

Murdered in cold blood by a "protestor" who was rioting and looting. CNN & MSNBC are SILENT!
This happened 4 hours ago and NOT ONE MENTION of it on their Twitter pages. #RIPDAVIDDORN

Hillary Clinton introducing George Soros at a lecture in 2004. George Soros admits to meddling in USA elections even in 2004.

Video of pallets of bricks being intentionally inserted into areas where “protests” (RIOTS) are taking place. Wake up America!

Discussing the bias reporting of CNN & MSNBC in order to fuel the racial divide. DISGUSTING!

This video is showing the blatant hypocrisy in how they operate with guidelines and removing videos for harassment and slander. Coincidentally, they are JUST NOW removing these videos after 50 times I reached out to them. Why? I would imagine the executive order from the president has something to do with it. Could be that I publicly stated about my pursuit of a class action lawsuit. What do you think? #communistyoutube


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