More drywall onto the ceiling.

A bunch of trim is dependent upon this install.

Done really fast.

Last one. Promise.

Solution for an awkward situation.

I'm being a whiny bitch here, but hey.

That was easy.

Been meaning to get this done for awhile.

Yup, up on the roof again.

Making up the difference between two dissimilar floors.

No offense to hillbillies

Comparing 1/2 the span to the amount of deflection works out to 0.2% sag. Seems a trivial amount to me.

This is take #12. It is what it is.

How we finish the flooring at the stairs.

Making the flooring in one room match up with another room.

Yes, it's the weekly dose of cat video.

It's a matter of aesthetics, darn cable.

Another episode in the saga of the flooring job.

One way or another, this leaky fitting needs to be fixed.

Tiny adjustment to an imperfect floor.


The need for speed.

The struggle is real.

Getting the ceiling ready to hang some drywall.

Drills are so much fun.


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