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Attempting to avoid repainting the ceiling.

Mucho trim remains to be cleaned and installed.

There is always tomorrow.

Lo and behold, the darned house managed to grow over the past 100 years.

A process I greatly dislike. However, I realize I would never be happy with the end result if I skipped this miserable step.

Conceding to refinish all the in-place crown. I got so much time into this room already, what's another week?

Bashing away with a hammer.

Undecided. How far do I go with this renovation? At what point is it good enough?

Ceiling is done. I have too much effort into this restoration to risk screwing it up after completion.

Finally getting around to finish painting a restored plaster ceiling.

Another mud video. Paying the price for past mistakes.

Explaining why in this case I opted for the very expensive stuff instead of going cheap. And lamenting about the high cost.

How an amateur can achieve professional results. Or at least, how I chase it.

Because inquiring minds want to know.

Finding another problem.I refuse to give up on this wall. I kinda see it as a test of the skills I have learned.

Still fixing this awful wall. Casting shadows shows where work is still needed.

Trying out an environmentally unfriendly product. It works well but in good conscience I will not use it again.

Fixing sins of my past. Employing techniques I have learned in the past few years.

Heading into the weekend. Wanna have stuff in order so as I can pursue what I wanna do next.

Fixing a fuckup.

Really screwed this up. It must be redone.

I was happy with the previous product but cannot find it anymore. Dang it anyway.

Losing air. I suppose I should be grateful that I have an air compressor to deal with this problem.

How to get the full effect of the hammer swing.


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