Took it this far, may as well keep the ball rolling.

Many coats of mud, 2 coats of paint. Here is where it is thus far.

Eco friendly paint stripper.

This is how I look for flaws. Also how I minimize hazardous waste. Because we want to be eco friendly.

Moving a heavy refrigerator.

Restoring an old door.

Preparing the kitchen for cabinets.

I've trouble focusing on just one thing, thus, here is something else to distract me.

Better to admit to a mistake than to stubbornly deny it.

Maybe someone will find this useful.

I have preferences

Been distracted from this for awhile, now back to it.

Using a couple of loaner tools to get the job done.

Repurposing previously repurposed material to alleviate clutter. Waste not, want not.

This turned out better than expected.

Hacking away at the floor with a reciprocating saw.

Need to address just one more thing before walking away from this ceiling insulation thing.

I'm thinking these seeds are duds.

This ceiling is wearing on me.

Framing for what comes in the future.

Another using up what I got video.

It's better than nothing.

The horror

Abandoning an old idea.

The geometry becomes more difficult.


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