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For sure X-rated... with X-men too.

The Congress Person Alexandria O-C

More Gender Neutrality

Spokesman of the Future

Ana Guevara

No Curvature on Flat Earth

Serious Stuff.

- Czech Twins

SaMANtha Power Exposed

The Shoulders of Giants

Who Were Born in the 1700s (18th Century)

Singing: "You're Not So Pretty Now"

Painted MTFs?


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Forwarding old videos from MrE, who had two channels on youtube early in 2018. No one had any information about him later. A user on youtube wrote that he was waiting for the strikes to expire, but when both channels were gone a strike shouldn't matter anymore? He said in a channel announcement that he would look for another platform. But then never did? And it turns out, the last month he has chilled and made new music... ! Is now "Transpocalypse Now" on youtube. So he's back, kind of...! Although many feared for his wellbeing, we should just continue to mock the Tranny Tyranny.

Some quotes from MrE:

Tranny on the left, tranny on the right. The hands are not on the hips? This one hasn't been to tranny school. Or didn't complete it. Even my cat's getting upset..
Wide shoulders, wider than the hips. Big ol' feet, long arms. Who has the child bearing hips?

Who's a tranny? Raise your hand, please. Thank you!
Mouth the size of Texas. No waist, no hips. Look at the way she's walking there... walks like a dude.
Remember, it's all about the ratios.
Can opener jaw.

She's on "Dancing with the Stars" apparently. You know where all the trannies end up, it's kind of a big, old, tranny graveyard. Dancing with the trannies, there.

My, what a square jaw you have. And prominent brow ridge. In this show they went all out, man! They got the people with big skulls and strong brow ridges.

It really makes you wanna blow up your television set, right? Throw it in the ocean, you know, and let the fish look at these trannies!

Where are your hips? You forgot your hips back home!

They gave it the facial feminization package, right?

Oh no, look at the shoulders, they're coming to getcha. The creature coming out of the sea, the beast.

Hard to believe that anyone could look so masculine, but this one pulls it off.

The faces and the names may change, but the Tranny remains the same.

I hope they won't send my cat into space [like the space chimp]

Well, I wanna be an albino squirrel, okay! [Choosing my own race and gender]

Czech Twins... they are like the twins in The Shining!

The weather woman: "partly cloudy with a chance of tranny".

Who would have thunk it?

Transpocalypse In Their Own Words - a mix of celebrities, edited by MrE:

The Tranny War on Women:
Savage Reality: Stormy Tranny and the Trumpster.
Yentl: TN on Barbra Streisand's Voice:
TN on Billy Corgan:
TN on Shades of Scarlett Conquering:

Extra Google disk: