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features interview with Harald Kautz Vella

All excerpts I could find (part one missing) please share
For the moment audio only - Im working on the video now....will not convert
The interview was done 10 years ago....

I know this has recently gone up as individual episodes, but I think this is good material for people to burn a DVD and bring a recently 'Red Pilled' person up to speed....
It contains an introduction to the real world the Elites occupy and primes them to what the Q movement is all about.
Spread, duplicate and inform!

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QAnon update and News from Hollywood Pedos &
Adrenochorme - give yourself a break from worrying about Corona Virus and worry about this instead.

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Episode 086 – Medical Martial Law

The Model State Emergency Health Powers Act

An Internal Pandemic Document Shows the Coronavirus Gives Trump Extraordinary Powers

Operations Plan for Pandemic Response

Trudeau announces restrictions on entry into Canada

Trudeau announces Canadians abroad will not be allowed entry to country if they exhibit symptoms of Covid-19

Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development (Lock Step Rockefeller Foundation scenario)

Episode 228 – How to Become a Billionaire (and what to do with it)

The Coronavirus and the New World Order. “War is in the Air”

What Bill Gates is afraid of

Ebola reporting on The Corbett Report

The Next Epidemic — Lessons from Ebola by Bill Gates

Operation Dark Winter
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Trump invokes rare powers to combat coronavirus outbreak he previously downplayed, calling it ‘war

New CDC pandemic quarantine powers enacted

Event 201 Pandemic Exercise: Highlights Reel

About Event 201

Prop Report special report Event 201 Agenda

Event 201 Call to Action (7 recommendations)

Facebook, Reddit, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube issue joint statement on misinformation

Facebook “Bug” Blocks News Articles About Covid-19 Pandemic

WHO warns of coronavirus ‘infodemic’ — an epidemic of too much information

Event 201 coronavirus plushies

Politifact “Fact Check” on plushies

Trump taps emergency powers as virus relief plan proceeds

Two temporary hospitals handed over to army medical team in Wuhan

Israeli military enters state of war amid nationwide curfew over COVID19

Italy braces for extended lockdown as COVID-19 death toll surpasses China

National Guard Deployed To Help Contain Coronavirus In NYC Suburb

Further links can be found here (Ive reached BitChutes limit)

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2020 Virus outbreak - I don't like being lied to ...more stats from a Swiss Doctor
Some excellent news here

Military Hardware moving into position all around the US
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A lot of pieces in Motion
The Great Awakening is here

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All Things Done In The Dark Will Come To The Light

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...And Now We All Get Chipped, Incl. the Newborns !!! Will You Be Silent, Will you Obey?

Voice Inside Military ~ Martial Law in USA Inc. in Two Days

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Martial law in another name...

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Here is a link to the document "The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life"

very apt for today's theatre -
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Interview From Inside China ~ Return to Normal, Business' Reopening
Interview with insider

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Great Interview Clip - Why Vax? Why do they want our consent?
Some original information in this upload so Im mirroring it.
Original Uploader : #MAGTRUTH, thanks buddy

The Great Reset ! ~ Worldwide Quarantine Begins. No One In, No One Out

I've chosen to mirror this because I think its VERY important.
These are the figures when compared to the normal growth for this virus

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Corona Virus Origins FOUND! Oh GGGGG

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Here Is WHO Will Live Or Die Via: COVID-19
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